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We have acquired contacts at 1-800 Contacts so that our reviewer can thoroughly test and evaluate the website, support, and contacts. Read on to see our full product review.

My uncorrected vision has progressively deteriorated over the years, so I take a regular supply of contact lenses very seriously. Needless to say, I took the opportunity to experience contact lens shopping online from 1-800 Contacts . I wanted to know if the website, possibly the best-known contact option, matched its reputation in terms of choice, service, and speed.

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Website: Ordering Made Easy

I found 1800contacts.com or just Contacts.com extremely easy to navigate. The site has a beautiful blue and white design and presents information in easily digestible sections. The app, which runs on iOS and Android, makes it easy to order from a mobile phone. A witty voice takes the boredom out of the process; For example, the money back guarantee is a " million percent promise", the customer service agents are "real people, very nice" and the ordering process is "too simple" – all the promises I can confirm that the company complies.

The intuitive layout helped me along the way. Start by finding your brand; enter a search string on the home page or choose to view all brands. 1-800 Contacts sells a wide range of brands (38 and up) including Acuvue, DAILIES, Biofinity, and Clariti. In fact, the site boasts of holding the largest inventory of any retailer at any given time, which means you are more likely to get your contacts faster.

Once selected, customers are taken to a page showing contacts , another search bar for brands or keywords, and additional filtering options on the sides: brands, manufacturers (Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson) and glasses. types (toric and astigmatism, multifocal and bifocal, colored and enhancing, disposable, soft and vesicular).

You can order from A to Z or for the most popular products, or just choose lenses. Once you have done that, you will be taken to a product page with a photo, description, and availability status. Note that there are no ratings or reviews like other contact order sites.

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Order: Fast

Ordering contacts online is very similar to ordering other types of items, except instead of size, customers enter their prescriptions and those recipes must go through a validation process. You can also download a copy of your prescription or simply provide your doctor's information. Either way, the 1-800 staff will contact your doctor to make sure everything is in order. Due to this, order processing can take up to 48 hours.

One thing that sets this site apart from the competition is the free online eye exams. If you have an expired prescription, you can get it renewed on the spot with an eye test, as long as your refraction hasn't changed. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions, like your age, and get a quick eye exam with your computer's camera.

One thing that sets this site apart from the competition is the free online eye exams.

Standard shipping is always free, no matter how much money you spend. I received the lenses in just five days, including the time it takes to renew my prescription. Standard free shipping takes five to seven business days. Expedited One-Day Shipping is currently available for $ 10, but these offers are subject to change.

My order arrived in an elaborate package that included a contact lens case, a pair of contact samples, and two lens cases. Everything looked good, and the box was covered in cute slogans like "sweet, sweet optical relief" and "for happy eyes."

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Customer service: excellent

This website offers first-class and friendly customer service. Trained staff is available by phone, email, mail, or live chat 24 hours a day. I asked him questions about how long it would take to get the lenses, how to refill his prescription online, and how to use the price comparison service (more on that later). Each time, my questions and concerns were resolved quickly.

Trained staff is available by phone, email, mail, or live chat 24 hours a day.

The confirmation emails kept me informed at every step of the ordering process. The only problem is that the site sends a lot of emails. I have one or more days from the first time I visit the site until I receive the lenses, and they are still available. Some of these emails are welcome, but others seem redundant. From time to time, I kept getting emails asking me to fill out questionnaires.

1-800 Contacts provides a 100% product guarantee, offering refunds for broken and sealed lenses that have expired or are not used. Customers can also receive a refund if their prescriptions change before they finish using their supplies. Delivery is free even when returned.

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Price: high, but the company has a price match guarantee.

1-800 Contacts distinguishes itself by service, speed, warranties, and cool design, but not by price. For my contact lenses (24 packs of Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus), 1-800 contact lenses are $ 152 per box. This is a high figure compared to other online stores.

For the same box, AC Lens charges $ 96, ContactsDirect $ 141, Walmart Contacts $ 140, Lens.com $ 110 and Simple Contacts $ 120. Considering you are getting an identical product, even the premium service and delivery vouchers Quick cannot justify the additional cost.

However, 1-800 Contacts has no hidden fees like some online stores and will match whatever price it finds. In my case, I simply informed the company via the chat function that I found lower prices at the above-mentioned retail stores. After a few minutes, the agent checked other sites and returned the difference plus $ 1. However, this is a hoop you have to go through to get the best price.

Prices are high compared to other retailers, but 1-800 Contacts has no hidden fees and will match whatever price it finds.

Additionally, first-time orders can often get a 10-20% discount, and students are also eligible for a 10% discount. Lower rates are available when you sign up for subscription services (contacts are sent to you at regular intervals, but can be canceled at any time).

1-800 Contacts also accepts insurance as a provider within the Blue View Vision (Anthem BCBS) network. The company is also an out-of-chain service provider for most other major insurance companies, including VSP, Davis Vision, Superior Vision, EyeMed, and Spectera (United Healthcare). To access network coverage, call (1-844-544-7878) or use the chat feature on the website. If you are not online, simply fill out the insurance claim form and send it to your provider along with your receipt.

Pins 1-800 vs. AC Lens

Although I was very happy with my 1-800 Contacts ordering experience, another website I tried, AC Lens , won for the price. This competitor is offering the exact product for more than a third less at just $ 96 per box. However, 1-800 contacts have a price guarantee, so they refunded me the price difference. This obviously adds a step, but I thought it was worth it, especially for those who might have an expired prescription, that 1-800 contacts can be renewed for free.

Final verdict

Yes, request contacts on this site.

1-800 Contacts offers a streamlined, easy-to-use platform, plus great benefits like doctors who can refill your expired prescriptions for free, and great 24/7 customer service. The only downside is that their prices are higher than market prices, but the company offers a price match guarantee.

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