10 common types of pain scale


FLACC scale

NIH / Warren Grant Magnusen Clinical Center

FLACC stands for face, legs, activity, cry, and comfort. The FLACC pain scale was developed to help medical observers assess the level of pain in children who are too young for verbal interaction. It can also be used for adults who cannot communicate.

The FLACC scale is based on observation and each of the five areas is scored from zero to two. The total score is recorded as follows:

  • 0: relaxed and comfortable
  • 1 to 3: mild discomfort
  • 4 to 6: moderate pain
  • 7 to 10: severe discomfort / pain

By periodically recording a FLACC score, healthcare providers can gain insight into whether a person's pain is getting worse, lessening, or remaining stable.

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