4 Namely, Alzheimer’s disease


Four words that describe some of the main symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease .A presents the following:

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Amnesia refers At memory loss and is often the easiest.Visible and general signs of Alzheimer’s. The memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease generally begins with short-term memory and progresses to a decrease in long-term memory .

There are different types of amnesia, including:

  • Retrograde amnesia -Is the memory loss, which is limited to the previous period before there was a head injury or before the development of the disease, such asaltics, amnesia, prevents the ability to obtain the memories that are already stored in the brain.
  • Anooregrade Amnesia It is a loss of memory present for events that arise or the information presented after a brain injury or a disease. The ability to create new memories of violation in the amnesia of Ashnegram.


Aphasia is the term used to describe the violations of the communication.APHSIA can be classified as expressive aphasia , where someone can not find the right words or can tell them incorrectly, or available as follows , where the ability to understand, receive and interpret the Language is broken.

Afasia is generally considered a violation of speech and language, but it can also include reading and writing.

when finding the right word .When Alzheimer advances to the subsequent stages, it can be meaningless and impossible to understand, and it can be difficult to determine how much of what you say is understood. Therefore, its non-verbal communication is an important aspect of the interaction between them when knowledge is not integraphem, which is much more important when interacting with: Live with dementia.You can include basic tactics as remember to smile to calm down to your favorite what is there to help you, as well as more advanced non-verbal approaches, such as the demonstration of the task you want to be completed,and not just rejection words


Approxia is a voluntary motor skills deficit.Although Alzheimer is known mainly to influence cognitive functioning, it also affects the physical capacity of the body function .How Alzheimer’s progresses, the ability to perform certain events for daily life regarding swimming and dress, can decrease.Events such as walking and food become more complex in the latest stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Due to these changes, people living with Alzheimer also have a high risk of falling and when they decline, we are Subjects to greater risks rupture of your hips .The rest as much as possible, as long as possible, can help delay some of the physical changes in the turn-on, which is developed in Alzheimer’s.


Agnosia is a violation of the ability to receive or correctly understand the information of feelings, smell, taste, tact and audition vision.For example, people with Alzheimer’s disease are often less capable of identifying odors or understand the feeling of a complete bladder.They can also be unable to recognize the favorite , since the disease progresses.es difficult to recognize or interpret visual forms is often present In Alzheimer’s disease.

Agnosia can also be an auditory, where the meaning of the hearing is not damaged, but the ability to interpret what sound remedies are violated.

The presence of agnosia is usually part of A cognitive evaluation.For example, a task in the mini mangana exam (MMSE) requires testing the tests to copy the figure of the intersecin pentagon.The complexity in this task reduces the general elements that a person reaches this test and can be a sign of cognitive violations.

Word of the medications received

ALZHEIMER’S disease has many symptoms that They can be grouped freely in these four categories.If you discover these symptoms in someone you love, be sure to communicate with your doctor for full evaluation.Although violations may be associated with Alzheimer’s disease, there are also other conditions that can cause these symptoms, some of which can be reversible if identified and treated.Therefore, early identification and evaluation are necessary and useful.

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