5 reasons why your toes hurt


We all know the scenario: you are lying in bed and about to fall asleep after a long day, when suddenly you are surprised by the feeling of cramps in your toes. Toe cramps get worse and you need to stand up and stretch to get relief. After a short period of time, the cramps subside and you are left with slight pain in your leg and the eternal question, "What caused my toe cramps and how can I alleviate them?"

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Anatomy of the foot and toes

Your foot is made up of several bones , some small and short, and some long, that connect your ankle to your toes. Many ligaments go from one bone to another. They give the leg stability.

The outer calf muscles become tendons that run through the ankle and connect to various places around the foot to move it. There are also internal muscles between the long bones of the foot that help shape and position the foot when walking and running. At the bottom of the foot is the plantar fascia, a thick strip of tissue that forms the arch of the foot.

All of these ligaments, tendons, and muscles work together to support your foot, move it, and ultimately allow your feet to do the amazing things they do every day. And in many cases, you can live a whole day or a week and not have any problems. So why did a foot or toe cramp appear so suddenly?

Causes of toe or foot cramps.

Toe cramps can be caused by many different factors. The most frustrating thing about them is that you may have one or more different problems that can cause seizures.

The scientific community has not found a single variable that constantly causes finger and toe spasms.

By understanding the possible causes of toe and foot cramps, you will be able to find the right treatment for the problem. Causes of toe cramps can include the following factors .


It is suggested that if you consume less water, you can create an imbalance of electrolytes, such as potassium, magnesium, and sodium, in your muscles.

This imbalance can lead to uncontrolled muscle contraction around the toes and feet. Interestingly, not everyone with dehydration has cramps in the legs, toes, or feet, which can be confusing.

Lack of exercise

When you exercise, your body engages and helps keep your muscles strong and flexible. Exercise can also improve balance and allow your nervous system to work harder. A properly functioning nervous system helps control lower extremity cramps by regulating muscle tone and contractions.

Poorly fitting shoes

Our feet are violently abused every day. The amount of force they need to absorb and dissipate far exceeds their body weight. Wearing shoes that are not the correct size can cause toe cramps.

Imagine how much stress your foot can get stuck in tight high-heeled shoes . Ill-fitting shoes put your feet and toes in a suboptimal position for proper function, and can resist cramps at any time .

Certain medical conditions

Certain medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis , Parkinson's disease, or diabetes , can cause changes in how your nervous system works. It can cause unusual cramps and cramps in the legs and toes. Medicines can sometimes have side effects that cause toe cramps.


As we age, our nervous and muscular systems can slowly and slightly deteriorate. In older people, less water accumulates in the muscles and tendons. This can lead to unwanted muscle contractions and tension in the muscles of the feet and toes.

When to contact a healthcare provider

If you have cramps in your fingers and toes, you should see your doctor to make sure your problem is not caused by something serious, such as multiple sclerosis or diabetic neuropathy. Both are rare, but it's best to check everything just in case.

How to get relief

If you have frequent toe and toe cramps, there are several ways to relieve them. They may include:

  • Drink lots of water . Staying hydrated can create a balance of electrolytes and water in your muscles.
  • Wear suitable footwear . Proper footwear allows your feet to move and function properly.
  • Exercise regularly and do a variety of strength, balance, and flexibility exercises . Exercise keeps your muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves working properly, reducing the chance of toe muscle cramps.
  • Eat a variety of healthy foods . Proper nutrition can ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to function properly.
  • Check your medications to make sure the dose is correct . If medical problems require medication, talk to your doctor or pharmacist to see if the medication may be causing toe cramps. (Never change your medicine without consulting your doctor.)

A study published in the journal Family Practice says that many people with nocturnal leg cramps try different treatments. The researchers found that only about 20 percent of the patients were actively treating leg and foot cramps, and that 17 different drug regimens were used in this population.

The patients were reported to have used thirteen different non-drug treatments. Bottom Line: People with leg and foot cramps try different treatments for their condition.

In fact, there is no consensus on the only correct treatment for a person.

Foot and toe cramps can occur for a variety of reasons, so trying to approach the problem from different angles can give you the best chance for relief.


Because the causes of toe cramps are so diverse, your doctor may not have much to offer you when it comes to treatment. Log in with your Physical Therapist (PT). A visit to your local therapist may be exactly what it takes to get rid of toe cramps.

Because your physical therapist is trained to study all the different biomechanical and neurological causes of your condition. He or she can develop a treatment strategy that will help relieve toe cramps and prevent future episodes from recurring.

Exercises that can be done to relieve finger cramps may include:

  • Calf and soleus stretch
  • Toe plantar fascia stretch
  • Exercises to strengthen the ankle.
  • Balance exercises

Before starting any exercise program for toe cramps, be sure to check with your therapist or doctor.

Get the word of drug information

Toe cramps can range from mild irritation to painful sensations that limit function. By working to find the factors that cause toe cramps and making simple lifestyle changes, you can get rid of toe cramps and make your feet feel good.

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