5 The best exercise in the morning


stretching in the morning: an excellent way to be ready for the muscles for the day. Stretching can help weaken rigidity in your body by increasing the bloodstream in your muscles.

Sign in the morning that extends into your daily routine is a positive way to start every day. Learn the Easy and Efficient Stretch Training Program.

Before starting this or any other exercise program, check with your health care provider to make sure that each type of exercise is safe for you. And stop making any movement that makes you pain.

Press Prone Up

Start your morning, protect your back with press press.Note that this exercise is not safe or recommended for people who have a spinal stenosis if you have a problem, check with your doctor before performing any stretching.

This type of exercise McKenzie , which helps keep your position returned to start your day:

  1. are on the stomach with your hands In the turning position.
  2. Relax your back and hips, and slowly press the upper part of the body, allowing you to return to rent.
  3. Keep this position for 2 seconds and then release.
  4. repeat 10 times.

Stretching marks can make you feel ready to solve your day. Avent about adding several others in the morning or throughout the day.For example, you can rotate the wrists and ankles in the clockwise direction and towards the clock needles while sitting or standing (not during driving) at work to avoid rigidity and help maintain your energy .

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