6 best silk pillows for hair and leather 2021


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Most cosmetic procedures consist of facial creams, whey and hair care, but experts say it is not only that you put on your body, also sleep on topics.Silk pillows that avoid hair breakdowns and softer in the skin compared to traditional cotton pillows, they can raise your beauty dream at a completely new level.

Dermatologist Elizabeth Bagar Chummand, MD, director Housshmand Dermatology and Wellness in Dallatehas tells you Getting information Drugs Sleeping -One of the most critical moments for rest and rejuvenation, and personally choose the optimization of their sleep beauty using silk pillowcases.She says that silk pillows are excellent options for those with those who are prone to acne and sensitive skin or those who want hair currents, because silk is less abrasive, and does not bring so much moisture from the face and hair ,Like other fabrics.

These beautiful pillows in the domestic segment remain fresh, naturally hypoallergenic and offer a smooth surface that will create a smaller friction with the skin and locks when you sleep.Silk quality is measured by mom, weighing tissue and pillow cases, as a general rule, on average 19 to 25 mam, the greater the softer silk number.To facilitate the uproar, we present some of the best options at the market, repaired by its skin type and budget.

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