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The bidets is an excellent toilet alternative, and some may even prefer this method of hygiene. The main feature of any bidet is a spray nozzle that produces lifting to clean your ass This is a good hygienic option to have in the bathroom, especially for those who are with mobility problems. Créeme, or not, when it comes to cleaning you, all you need is water. Kiarra King, m.d .O / Gin Based on Illinois, as a general rule, tells women: ‘All you need is water. Now, if you rinse the outer skin, you can use a mild soap, but only the water is completely good.’

As Doctor King remember, not all products or the invention works for all. Therefore, for some, adaptation to the bidet can take some time, and for others, it can not be adequate.Whether it’s a new user or avid, it is important to take the water and pressure temperature.The water can come out quite hard; He wants to make sure he does not cause discomfort, because the water is quite under pressure, explains Dr. King.Also, you do not want to use hot water, as it sends a pressure with a somewhat sensitive area.

, while the bidet can help maintain your routine hygiene, you can not and should not be used to correct gynecologized or Urological themes .The Dr.King actually suggested avoiding bidet if he has some vaginal problem. It does not have to be used to treat diseases. As always, use the instrument as recommending the instructions.

If you want you to spend less, look for new ways to keep clean, or be more friendly with the environment,These bidet bidet incorporation options are an excellent place to start the fault

What to look at the Appendix Bidé

Pressure settings

Grap yourself a time to get used to the bidet, and your level of comfort can be very addicted to the use of pressure.If you are not sure what pressure you are looking for, or you have never used the bidet before, look for an option with multiple configurations and a generous return policy.

Self-cleaning nozzle

you want to make sure eliminate your private area with fresh water, therefore,The presence of a bidet is provided by the permanent hygiene of Biodía along with its personal cleaning. This is especially important for those who have limitations of mobility and agility.


, while some bidets may require the correct installation of the hand Of the plumbing others can be customized at home, no expert is required.Most choices on our list are easily installed on your own, but you can take several attempts to install correctly.If you have an old plumbing system, or you know that the installation will be difficult for you, a store for an option that includes an expert installation.

What experts say

Water can come out quite hard; You want to make sure you do not cause discomfort, because the water is quite davidada.It, you do not want to use hot water, because it directs the water under pressure to a sensitive place. Kiarra King, M.D ., Oblinando Based on OB / GYN

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