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If you’ve ever experienced knee pain, whether from wear and tear or surgery, you’ve probably already discovered that the market is quite saturated with knee joint brace options. 

However, it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for. To help clarify the situation, learn about medications from Jim Mcgahey, a physical therapy physician who has six years of experience in orthopedics at HABERSHAM Medical center. He explained that there are usually two types of knee pads: post-operative, which the surgeon prescribes to determine the volume of movement needed for healing; and over-the-counter. 

“Over-the-counter knee pads are what you’ll usually find at the pharmacy,” Mcgahey says. “There is a wide range of knee pads to choose from, from simple knee pads to stiffer knee pads that can have a rigid metal or plastic support and hinge to allow knee flexion.” 

Mcgahey adds that one of the most common causes of knee pain is osteoarthritis. “which represents degeneration of the knee due to aging, wear and previous injuries. There is some limited evidence that suspenders “unloader” useful for OA patients. providing additional support for the injured knee.”

Here are the best knee pads for arthritis treatment on the market today.

Final Verdict

Talk to your doctor about trying a knee bandage for arthritis or try it during exercise to see if it improves your pain. There are many treatment options for arthritis, so be sure to consult your doctor to get the most suitable regimen for you. Knee arthritis is localized deep within the knee, so wearing a knee brace may not be the ideal solution for a quick fix for everyone. Start with a cheaper, breathable clothing option during exercise to see if your arthritis pain improves. If you are looking for an initial bandage, the Mueller hinged adjustable knee (view on Amazon) is an affordable way to try it out. But if you know your knee pads and want a little more support, then the EzyFit knee brace (view on Amazon) is another good option.

What to look for in a knee bandage


There are three main type of knee pads– a sleeve-like compression clamp, a metal hinged clamp, and as mentioned above, a clamp with an open cut hole for the knee. A compression sleeve bandage is good at reducing inflammation and can be good for sleeping as it will prevent the knee from moving (and extra tension) while you sleep. However, in arthritis, you usually want to find a knee band that provides a full range of motion and does not limit mobility or cause stiffness. 


Some of the most common materials you’ll see in knee supports for arthritis are neoprene, polyester, and nylon. If your knee brace has hinges, it may have some metal parts on the sides. Any fabric or material you choose completely depends on what is most comfortable for you. Traditional neoprene is not breathable, but it is resistant to high temperatures and helps provide additional insulation. A depending on how you feel on your skin or the weather outside, you can choose the type of material used. Some braces are made of ventilated neoprene, allowing for increased airflow and even the ability to absorb moisture. Lightweight neoprene can also be a more breathable option. Before making a decision, consider your needs, weather and any allergic reactions to materials. 


Most knee pads you can buy online come in a variety of sizes or fit different genders. Compression “sleeve” knee pads may need to be chosen with a more precise Size, while braces can be individually adjusted to your knee Size. 

Hinged knee pads are usually worn after surgery. “Knee pads are commonly used for protective or stabilizing functions,” says Vikram Satyendra, MD, new Jersey orthopedic surgeon. He also specializes in orthopedics. “I usually wear braces after stretching one of the collateral ligaments in the knee (ligaments on the side of the knee) or after surgery to protect the ligament repair. I also use patellofemoral appliances to improve patella tracking (patella) and reduce anterior knee pain when patellofemoral syndrome”. 

In rare cases, your doctor may suggest a custom knee brace that can be exactly tailored to your needs.

Potential hazards

According to Dr. Satyendra, ” the evidence is quite contradictory and inconclusive in terms of the use of a bandage for knee arthritis.” If you find that knee bandage really helps relieve arthritis pain, be sure to inform your doctor that you have decided to use it and carefully monitor its use together.

“In general, knee arthritis affects the inside of the knee,” says Dr. Satyendra. “Logically, unloading this part of the joint and increasing the pressure on the outside of the knee should partially relieve pain and stress. However, there is not a single study that shows that braces designed to align the leg in place and reduce pressure on the knee joints actually work.”  

Knee pads can actually make your knee stiffer, so if you notice the opposite effect a bandage should have, i.e. limited mobility, be sure to stop using it and consult your doctor immediately. “By discharging one part of the knee joint, we are now transferring a lot of load to the other part of the knee joint. If there is already arthritis in the outer part of the knee, we can aggravate that part of the knee,” says Dr. Satyendra.  

Frequently asked questions

  • “It depends on the injury,” says Dr. Vikrum Satyendra, MD. A minor stretch usually takes two weeks, while a postoperative knee bandage can take up to three months. If you notice that your bandage limits your range of motion or increases joint stiffness, stop using it and consult your doctor.

  • If recommended by your doctor, yes. Be sure to pay attention to any reinforcement or limited range of motion that results from wearing a knee brace. Most doctors don’t recommend sleeping on them, but if you need it to stabilize your knee after surgery, use it.

What the experts say

“Except in traumatic situations where you want to find knee immobilizers in a fracture, you would look for knee pads that are not bulky and that provide a knee range of motion. A patellofemoral syndrome i would recommend a sleeve instead of a real clamp with metal loops.” – Vikram Satyendra, MD, new Jersey orthopedic surgeon

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