7 Sleep Ears 2021


Do not discuss the benefits of quality dream .People who go to sleep fall asleep much more often that a person who had a vacation full at night,And the studies have shown that it is better not necessarily / to sleep is associated with the excellent cognitive function

, including better memory , Training and general mood.Even short periods of sleep, such as NAP, can help reduce fatigue and can improve mood and execution of tasks.

Provided, there are many factors that must be taken into account when it comes to creating ideal conditions for sleeping.Although what bedding you use and curtains that cover your windows to block the light, it is completely dependent on you, the sound may not be so easy to control.

It is not surprising that they vijan more and more ears to sleep (and technical achievements for them) in the market.Whether you live in a lively city with an excess of noise from the street or simply share your bed with a fellow who hoarse, the ears suitable for ears for ears can help reduce the effect of additional sound his dream.

Here are the best plugs in the market to sleep.

Our best choices

ti veterans of brand this Select the passive noise fuses to help mask the noise to help you live faster.

complete with six different volume configurations to choose from, this option available from nature functions.

It has the ability to effectively block the sounds that pass through the walls and only one hour of loading time is needed.

If you prefer simplicity, this portable option can be used more than just sleeping and should be inserted.

usable with sleeping or even swimming, these molded ears for your wives are specifically made in the form of the contours of your ear.

Ideal for smaller ear channels, they have been prepared adjusted to close the ear to ensure a more efficient noise block.

This option is expanding inside the ear after inserting to create an ideal seal, which makes them compatible with any size of the ear.

< What we like

  • 90-But the nocturnal test

  • couples with the simplest application

  • Bose Sound Library,including sleeping sounds for

What we do not like

One of the best players of the audio game, the creation of everything, from the rapporteurs and the home cinema systems in the headphones.It was just a matter of time until they fall into the sleep space. Storm combinations are combining what they call the passive noise blocking noise to help users fall asleep faster, according to Colorado Sty University.

Sleepbuds II receive up to 10 hours per charge, and three additional loads in the charging housing.They also use the automatic power / off feature to help save battery life over time, and users can configure the alarm with the Bose Sleep application.

ear: Atrial with three sessions Battery life: 10 hours


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what Like

Headset Dysflee Noise Play Pink Noise tested by researchers to relax the brain and help a man sleeping Alero. The brand describes this sound, similar to those that occur in nature, such as the whispering, precipitation or waterfall. One of the six different volumetric configurations that adapt to you and your level of comfort for the optimal joke.

Haut Piece: Atrial> Soltereza Battery life: 16 hours

What is pink noise?

, similar to white noise, pink noise -This is the type of sound that contains all the frequencies. It is no less that distinguishes and facilitates the ears, is that a higher frequency (higher) sound is less intense.The study of pink noise for sleep showed a ‘significant improvement’ of ‘stable sleep time’.

The common pink noise sounds come from nature, including the sound of the waves that break on the beach, the whisper of leaves and precipitation.

< What we likes

that we do not give

  • Nolas alarm functions

  • are not used