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Gas is a normal component of the digestive system. It builds up when you swallow air, when you eat and drink, and can form in the large intestine as bacteria break down carbohydrates such as fiber, some starches, and some sugars that are not digested in the small intestine. Releasing leftover gas that bacteria don't consume is just a fact of life – the average person releases gas 10 to 20 times a day .

However, when an excessive amount of gas enters the gastrointestinal tract, the resulting side effects are far from pleasant. Anyone who has experienced bouts of cramping, bloating, and bloating from gas knows how painful and devastating excess gas can be. Fortunately, there are many over-the-counter medications that can help you quickly eliminate excess gas and its associated side effects.

Several over-the-counter remedies help with excessive gas production, usually caused by eating a variety of foods and eating a large amount of food. That said, they don't treat chronic conditions that can be symptomatic of excess gas, such as irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease. If gas or gas pains are so persistent that they affect your ability to function normally every day, talk to your doctor about possible underlying causes and a more appropriate treatment plan.

Final verdict

When it comes to gas medication, Gas-X Extra Strength Softgels (see on Amazon ) are your best option for overall relief. Its gel formula helps to quickly relieve bloating and stomach pain from most foods. If you don't feel like taking pills, you can try Alka-Seltzer Chewable Tablets for Heartburn + Gas Relief (see on Amazon ), which offer the same gas relief in delicious gum.

Simethicone (in Gas-x) treats pain and excess gas pressure in the stomach and intestines. It works by reducing the surface tension of gas bubbles; this dissipates and prevents the formation of gas pockets. " Dr. Jessica Nuhavandi , Pharmacist and Co-founder of Honeybee Health Online Pharmacy.

What to look for when treating gas


Gas ventilation is not a one-size-fits-all remedy. The most popular gas medications on the market use different ingredients, depending on the need they fill. For example, if you are lactose intolerant, you may want to look for foods that contain the digestive enzyme lactase. If you are not sure which ingredient is best for you, talk to your doctor.

The shape:

Gas preparations are available in various forms, so if you are hesitant to swallow pills, you may want to consider other options. Gummies, teas, and capsules are some of the most popular forms, so it's easy to find a drug that you like.

Frequently asked questions

  • It depends on the gas preparation you are using. Gas-x, Beano and Lactaid "shouldn't be constipated," says Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi , a pharmacist and co-founder of Honeybee Health , an online pharmacy. "These drugs have few side effects." There are also no clinical studies showing that CharcoCaps causes constipation, and herbal teas shouldn't either.

    However, several other medications, including Imodium Multiple Symptom Relief Tablets, Pepto Bismol LiquiCaps, and Alka-Seltzer, are known to cause constipation in some people. If you experience this side effect, stop taking the medicine and see your doctor.

  • Simpler products with active ingredients like Gas-X and Beano will not help with diarrhea, although Lactaid can help as it helps improve the digestion of dairy products.

    Imodium Multi-Symptom really helps with diarrhea because it contains loperamide as an active ingredient which is antidiarrheal. Pepto-Bismol also helps with diarrhea, but with a different active ingredient: bismuth subsalicylate. Choose your gas medicine carefully if you experience more than one symptom. Not all refer to the same thing.

  • It depends on the gaseous drug because not all gaseous drugs have been studied for use in pregnant or lactating women. That's why it's always a good idea to talk to your doctor when you're pregnant before taking over-the-counter medications.

    However, according to the American Gastroenterological Association , simethicone, the active ingredient in Gas-X, is generally considered safe for pregnant women. The reason it is generally considered safe for pregnant and lactating women is because it works by breaking up gas bubbles in the intestines, but it is not actually absorbed into the body, so it is not transmitted to the baby in the womb or to through breast milk. …

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