8 best menstrual cups of 2021


Capacity: You will be surprised how much a small menstrual cup can hold. You don't need a large cup to hold a large amount of liquid, you just need to make sure it can handle your flow rate.

Convenience: Flexible menstrual cup is the best type of menstrual cup. You should feel comfortable moving around during the day without realizing that you are using a menstrual cup.

"Menstrual cups are not something that should be painful," confirms Dr. King. 'If you feel pain with them, the size may be too small or potentially too large. If it hurts so bad that everything rubs and the bowl moves, it may be too small. "

Retention: Not all menstrual cups require the insertion of an analogous tampon. But if you are going to use one, make sure it has a thick rim around the cup for extra suction and to reduce any leaks.  

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