9 Ways to improve posture and alignment for your spine


Pilates to strengthen the kernel

Allison Michael Orenstein / Getty Images

Pilates -This is an exercise system that works the entire body in alignment, with an emphasis on the use of the abdominal muscles.

introduced in the United States In the 1920s, it was a well-kept secret for several decades used in the main towns with physically complex work jobs, such as dancers.Later, the explosion of physical fitness, together with research research, and the approval of famous stars quickly vaccinated Pilates to the center of attention.

With the appropriate execution under the guidance of a qualified and experienced instructor, Pilates can be a non-excluded form to reduce the pain associated with the problems of posture and alignment. It can also help heal the injury on the back.With each exercise, Pilates develops strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. He uses a body focus.

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