Advantages of a soft diet to control the symptom.


The diet at home consists of products that are low in fibers and fat.Food products, which are lowered in fiber and fat, easier for your body for digestion and are often called under residues or soft diets . Soft diets can be useful during some medical conditions, since the products are irritated relatively to the tissues in the mouth, throat, abdomen and intestines. Soft diets are not a weight loss diet.

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When is it useful in a soft diet?

Soft diets should be taken into account only for the treatment ofSymptoms of medical main-distance issues, and as little time as possible.Common reasons why your medical care can recommend the launch of the soft diet, you may include:

  • Bacterial food poisoning : ,If it is possible to eat the soft diet and slowly return your diet for one-two days, as a tolerant.
  • gastroenteritis ,Also known as infectious diarrhea: soft diets is usually better transferred
  • Traveler Diarrheus : Soft diets They provide a bit of comfort and meals,While the general symptoms of stomach disorder can reduce your desire to eat.
  • Stomach disorder
  • Pregnancy nausea and vomiting (NVP),Also known as Gravidarum of Hyperisis or Morning Disease: There is a soft diet in more frequent and small meals can help eliminate nausea.
  • Intermediate step after stomach surgery : The soft or soft diet is often used to promote your diet after the operation before renovating A regular diet.
  • Gastrointestinal intestinal disease: The blond diet can be recommended for use with acute cases or outbreaks crohn’s , > Interest inflammatory disease , ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis .
Identification and control of crown diseases. It is often recommended to maintain a regular diet to guarantee adequate nutrition.However, due to stomach disorder and nausea, which sometimes accompanies diarrhea, a melon from a soft diet, can be allowed better.


The brother diet is a diet that is extremely made of bananas, rice, apple and toast. Although the Brat diet is also considered a soft diet, it is more limited than a diet for the soft general.The intention of the Brat diet is to limit the products that are considered ‘binding’ or provide the bulk part of your chair, which strengthens it more.Bananas that are high in Kalia are especially useful as diarrhea , as a general rule, will lead to the fact that it loses potassium. Although it can be a potentially useful diet for adults, this diet is no longer recommended. for children. You can, however, discuss this option with your health care provider if your child can not store other products. With the other case, children are recommended to maintain a normal diet.

The Brat diet should not be used in the long term, since it is not suitable enough in dietary requirements, and malnutrition will occur.


In general, the products you eat in a soft diet should not be tasting badly or simple.There are many products that can be eaten in the soft diet, which is likely to find delicious for your sky.The following categories of food and some examples of the products you may have, if you are on a soft diet:

  • Drinks: Herbal (Revolla) Tea, Water, Water , juice,Cafe Babbbae & Free Sports Drinks
  • Milk: Milk (preferably with low fat), yogurt and cottage cheese
  • Desserts: Gelatin ( with flavor or simple), jam / jelly, honey, syrup, pibra cake,scoop cake and non-columns or rebels, pudding, lodista, cookies, ice milk and tapioca
  • Fats: Margarine, Oil, Oil, Mayonnaise,Olive and Canola Oilasi as soft light bandages
  • Fruits: Bananas, apple and fruit juices (may prefer to avoid citrus juice)
  • Grains: Wheat cream, rice and food made with enriched flour,They include cakes, white bread, English cupcakes, melba toast, rolls, pasta and cookies
  • Proteins / meat: Eggs, tofu, peanut butter (or other nuts) Oil and beautiful meat (with cut-out grease), including chicken, fish,Veal, lamb and pork
  • spices: salt, cinnamon, thyme, jam , paprika, earth spices with moderation and mustard prepared
  • Vegetables: Popes and √Ďames with skins, which are baked, boiled,creamy, sliced sliced sliced in a bulk or puree
  • / UL>

    As you can see, there are many different types of products that can Having, keeping a soft diet while saving a soft diet.

    Products to avoid

    • Drinks: Alcohol, chocolate milk, coffee (both caffeades and caffeine),and caffeine tea or carbonated beverages
    • Dairy products: cocoa and chocolate drinks
    • Desserts: Desserts that contain chocolate, cocoa, or any spice,You should avoid
    • fat: Strong lettuce
    • Fruit: Raw fruits, citrus fruits, berries and dried fruits
    • Grain: Fried products, whole grains,and brown or wild rice
    • Proteins / meat: Nuts, processed, spicy or seasoned, hot, sausages and toast or eggs
    • Spices: Pepper, Chile powder, spicy sauce, sauce, garlic,nutmeg and other solid condiments
    • vegetables: raw vegetables, pepper (soft or hot),and fries

    Soft diet recipe replacements

    As you can see on the lists up, BLAND DIATE offers more diversity than you may have originally expected.However, there are some restrictions that can limit it with the use of some products that you can generally enjoy.

    • While you can eat chicken, while on the soft diet, you can find that you jump the ability to add pepper to your food. Instead, try using dry thyme on a chicken.
    • Nutmeg is a spice, often included in many desserts. Try to replace a nutmeg with cinnamon as an alternative spice for a delicious pleasure.
    • While you can not duplicate the crispy feel of nuts in your recipes on a soft diet, you can often find the nut butter, which you can use as a substitute to add the taste in your favorite dishes.
    • while you should avoid raw fruits, apple or other clean, acceptable fruits to guarantee a treatment full of fruit.
    • If you are connected to caffeine, you may find that avoiding caffeine drinks is hard to refute herbal tea, coconut water or bright water to burn the correction of caffeine.
    • , while scrambled eggs, meat, potatoes or bread, to avoid, try bake, wet or divide these products to replace fried food in food.
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