Aesthetics: Experience, Specialties and Training.


Aesthetics is a person who specializes in leather improvement.Aesthetics (sometimes written aesthetics ) are not health care providers; Instead, they perform cosmetic skin procedures, such as faces, chemical surface saws, body treatment and wax.

Thanks to the Baby Baby Boomers Partially aged, many of whom are looking for non-invasive procedures to help them seem younger, there are more than 60,000 in prisoners that the demand of them is growing faster ,That in the average rejection


Aesthetics are also called skin care therapists, specialize in cosmetic skin procedures.If you ever thought about the skin type, or if you have a problem with the solution of what type of skin care products for purchase, visit the aesthetics will be useful.

Although the aesthetic term is generally used, aesthetics is not medical practice, and aesthetics is not allowed to diagnose skin conditions, prescribe medications,Or suggest treatment for any skin condition outside cosmetic products. Detectives are limited to the execution of procedures that work in surface layers of the skin.They can not give any type of injections, as Botox or face fillings , do not take profound chemical products either. Love and all invasive procedures must be met by a licensed medical professional, such as dermatologist.

If you have an eruption, your aesthetics can not tell you what is the case or how to treat it. She can not prescribe medications either.Instead, if your skin problem has already been diagnosed, your aesthetics can offer products for skin care that are suitable for you.

Most of the aesthetics work in the salons, spas or skin skin and day of Medi-Spa .But the living room is not the only place where you will find aesthetics. Some aesthetics work closely with “Dermatologists or in the dermatology office, or through the reference system. Your dermatologist can even have a staff. can also work on medical practice , where they perform procedures that complement the procedures for their dermatologist.

Procedure experience

Although many aesthetics specialize in certain areas, and each spa will have different proposals in its menu, there are some fundamental methods for the treatment of aesthetics.

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Personal people

Outside – treatment of the signature of aesthetics.The basic set consists of a deep purification, at the front pair, exfoliating treatment, mask and humidifier or serum. You can also handle facial massage, with hand and shoulder and the use of specialized products.Facial treatments adapt to the needs of your skin and your preferences. Each aesthetic has its own unique method.


Extract is also also from most people.Its aesthetics manually eliminates not inflamed outbreaks as acne and cleans the purchase of dead skin cells and oils from their pores.This leads to an immediate improvement in the appearance and feeling of the skin and can help prevent development in the future.

power processing

The regular treatment methods of aesthetics can help erase acne advances.Exfoliating procedures, along with excessive acne products , can often eliminate mild acne and acne. moderate acne to angry strong , on the other hand, I should try to really dermatigrog at a .But you can still use the aesthetic skills for the treatment that work together with the Acke Acke products .It can also help you choose products for skin care that helps deal with side effects of acne treatment, such as additional dry skin (all it provides to your health care provider, of course).


microdermabrasion is a special And a brunette appeal offered by some aesthetics.During treatment, hyperfine crystals (or diamond sticks) are passed over the skin, carefully eliminating dead cells.The horse feels immediately softer, with excellent lines, minor hyperpigmentation and increasing pores that improve after a series of procedures.

Surface chemical saws (also known as’ lunch legs)

Crusting surface chemicals – some of the most popular aesthetics proposed procedures.During the shell, all alpha hydroxy aids (most of the time, glicoleng, lactic or salicylic acid ) is used for leather exfoliation quickly And give it a healthy brightness.When performing sequentially, this shell can have advantages against aging. Often they are called Diner, because they do not have downtime. You can make them for one hour of dinner and go back to work immediately.

Body Wrap, Masks and Scrubs

Aesthetics does not only work on the Face, take care of the skin throughout the body. You can find you from the head to the legs with a salt of the lamp or the sugar exfolions.The masks of the clay body and the wrapping for the body of algae can help soften and decorate your skin. These procedures not only force your skin to feel silky soft, and also incredibly relaxing.Aesthetics usually has a range of body procedures on the menu for you to choose.

wax and hair deletion

If you have unwanted aesthetic hair, you can get rid of it through the Hair removal, sofa, thread and laser hair removal.Aesthetics can eliminate the hair almost anywhere, and no, you will not be surprised if you ask you to take your hair from there.Bikini waxes and Brazilian waxes (elimination of all the hair for pubic hair) are quite common, probably the second only for the formation of the blades. For men, back and chest wax number one.Many aesthetics specialize in hair removal.

Tan Airbrush

Not all aesthetics offer this service, but it is becoming Increasingly popular because the public has become good tanned in dangers.This is a safer way to get a golden glitter. Sticker spraying your skin with Ultra-Sacramento Ta> Tanning Tanning . Once dry, it will have a convincing ‘tan’, which lasts up to two weeks.

Makeup request

For bridal makeup or special search for the party of Graduation, some aesthetics offer the makeup application.It is not necessary that you provide your own makeup, since aesthetics work with your own set of makeup. Early Rapans, if you are interested in this service, as good make-uprs are launched, especially during the lively spring / summer months.

Training and certification

Aesthetics must be licensed in 49 states, with the exception of Connecticut. , First you must complete 260-600 hours of study, depending on the requirements of the State, at the School of Beauty Accredited.After Training Complete Aesthetics, Transfer both the written and practical examination.The Teshestics are licensed through the State Council of Cosmetology or Department of Health.

Obtaining a license is just the first step.A good aesthetics also completes many hours of later education and seeks to remain aware of the latest events in skin care. Several states recognize the main aesthetics, those that completed greater training.

Tips of purpose

To get the results with which you are satisfied, and enjoy your time in the treatment bed, you must find the proper aesthetics for you.A good righteousness is to ask for references and recommendations from friends and family.Other good tips:

  • Look for someone who knows in the area that is more important for you (ie, the treatment of acne, anti-aging procedures, chemical products, etc.).Before reserving your destination, make the aesthetics if you have any specialty or what treatment it does most often.If you are looking for a small rejuvenation of the face, and the aesthetics have most of your day, which makes bodily treatments, you may not have experience in helping you get the best results.
  • Find someone to whom you feel comfortable rejection Each spa treatment requires a level of undressing. You should feel calm with your aesthetic, and you should teach your comfort level first.
  • Consider the cabin clock.Is it possible for once you feel comfortable? Also ask when aesthetics will be available; Many work on their own and install their independent clock clock.

The word extracted by the Meds information

While the cab proceedings are not a need for aesthetics, they are a nice way of pampering.With proper use, they can also help your skin look brighter and healthier. Make sure that you allow your aesthetics to know your skin care objectives. This will help you customize the treatment plan for you.Also remember that you generally need to take a series of procedures performed at regular intervals to obtain a remarkable improvement on your skin.

Frequently asked questions

  • Aesthetics is not a medical care provider and should limit your services to the surface care of care.Unlike dermatologists , which are MDS, they can not diagnose skin conditions or prescribe medications.

  • depends on the status where the school visits.With the exception of Connecticut, all the States of the United States require, require aesthetics to comply with the minimum number of practice hours and the typical minimum findings of approximately 600 hours.The aesthetics you want to continue a specialty, such as medical aesthetics, will have to enter the system for more hours.

  • According to the data in 2018 of the Labor Statistics Office, Hour Salary for Skin Care Specialists from $ 10.99 to $ 31.06. United States, on average, 19.82 dollars, from the point of view of annual salaries, the range ranges of 22,850 to $ 64.610, on average amount to $ 4,1230. These numbers do not take into account the advice, the Commission and other forms of compensation.

  • эстетианада.Org, the national resource for information on the preparation, public licenses and other aspects of skin care professionals, recognize two specialized aesthetics can pursue in particular:

    • medical aesthetics,Also known as paramedical aesthetics, which refer to the treatment for care skin, done in a medical situation, such as the dermatologist’s office, medical spa , clinical cosmetic surgery or hospital
    • oncology aesthetics,that requires an extended study to provide services safely for people who pass “cancer treatment , which can affect the skin, such as dryness and sleeves

  • Estética Master -This is a professional who has suffered an additional training that must be licensed to perform advanced procedures, such as medium chemical numbers, drainage lymph nodes and certain laser procedures.Solo Washington, DC, Washington State, Utah and Virginia recognize this level of upper license.

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