All about prinzmetal sensine or spasm of the coronary artery.


Printed angina, now more often called Vasospadic angina or Variant Angina, differs from a typical and classical angina in various important relationships.Its reason is different, its clinical performance tends to be different, and both its diagnosis and its treatment, as a rule, differ from classical angina.

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What is a placellular angina?

angina, not always caused by blocks,He created typical diseases of coronary artery (CAD) . The odd walls can occur in people whose coronary artery is completely clear from atherosclerotic plates .In some people, angina can occur due to a sudden spasm in one of the coronary arteries in the arteries that supply blood to your heart.

Printed on angina or Vasospatical angina, caused by spasms in the coronary artery.

The spasm of the coronary artery can produce ischemia (hunger oxygen) in part of the cardiac muscle, supplied by the affected artery and the results of angina.While angina from the Prince can have important consequences, including a heart attack and that threatens life, cardiac arrhythmia , can almost always be treated very effectively as soon as it is Diagnosed correctly.

It is not a heart attack, but you can feel like that

Pain in breasts, which people are tested with the main, indistinguishable angina of classical and typical angina, caused by atherosclerosis.As in the case of a typical angina, people with main angina often describe one or more of several symptoms, including breast delay, compression, pressure, fullness, weight or node in the chest, the Pain or the feeling of burning.Such discomfort of the chest can be accompanied by dyspnea , nausea or sweating, as well as / or blink . These symptoms are often saved for 15 minutes or more.And unlike typical angina, which usually occurs during loading or stress, transcription printed on transcription is more generally occurs.In fact, people more often experience staining angina printed on time more flavored from midnight and early in the morning.

This combination of symptoms sometimes makes people with an angina try to believe that they have a heart. attack.In a certain sense, it can not be something bad, because people who think they have a heart attack, more prone to a doctor. And the above is diagnosed with allalar printed agriculture that before it can be processed effectively.

, Which one gets the printedness of angina?

Angina Printelastall is more common in women than in men.People with this state are often relatively young, quite healthy, and generally have very few risk factors for typical heart disease, except smoking.Smoking is usually the main factor in the provocative angina in people with this condition, since tobacco products can cause arterial spasms. The vegetative nervous system can also play a role.

endothelial dysfunction , a condition in which an internal lining (ie, arteries) do not work normally, it can also be a factor, but it is not the main reason.Endothelial dysfunction is also associated with the help of heart syndrome x , the rejoinoideous phenomenon and the headache of the migraine . And, as it turns out, people with principle wallpaper are often also migrane.

The most serious consequences of printed angina are much more common in smokers, and people who abuse cocaine or amphetamines.

How the stranger principle is diagnosed

Agnus Prinematal occurs when the area in one of the main coronary arteries suddenly falls into spasms,Temporarily turning off blood flow to the cardiac muscle supplied by this artery.During these episodes, the electrocardiogram of (ECG) shows the dramatic elevations of the segment ‘ st ‘, the same changes in ECG, are generally seen with heart attacks. nitrate generally facilitates spasm very quickly, returning the coronary artery to normal.

then, the things that good well suppliers are greeted for the diagnosis of printed angina:

  • Typical chest pain in the chest,
  • It is accompanied by dramatic changes to the ECG,
  • ,that facilitates nitrate administration,
  • with normal coronary arteries, demonstrated in heart cathetterialization .

In many cases, the health care provider will not be present during the real episode of angina.That is, a person with an angina prisetal will reach the evaluation after the Aneng has gone.In these cases, diagnostic tests may include ambulatory monitoring of ECG for several weeks (searches of spontaneous episodes of angina, accompanied by ECG changes) or .(Although angina disease usually occurs at rest, approximately 20% of people with this condition can have their own angina during the exercise test).

Sometimes, however, the catheterization of the heart with provocative tests must be diagnosed that the main transcription is due to a spasm of a coronary artery, and the blockade is not fixed on the artery,Cateterization generally shows normal coronary arteries.In addition, since the placellular angina is not the only type of angina, which can be seen with normal coronary arteries , which causes the correct diagnosis to require a demonstration, which can cause the spasm of the coronary artery .

Two types of medications, acetylcholine and ergovina, are often used to try to induce coronary spasm during heart catheterization. This type of test helps find the correct diagnosis.

With a hyperventilation test, the patient is told to breathe deeply and quickly for six full minutes, which is much harder to do what it can sound when the ECG is constantly registered,and echocardiography is made to find signs of coronary artery spasms. This test is especially useful in people who have frequent episodes of heavy threshing of printela.It does not tend not to be almost as useful in those that are the episodes of which are more sporadic or rare.

Tests with acetylcholine or ergonovine are carried out during heart catheterization.Said tests provide the most reliable correct diagnosis than the hyperventilation test. In this test, one of these intravenous drugs (ergonovine) is introduced or directly in the coronary artery (acetylcholine).In people with mainly angina, often causes the same coronary spasm localized from a coronary artery, which causes its symptoms. This localized spasm can be visualized during the catheterization procedure.Currently, tests with acetylcholine are considered safer than tests with Ergonovin and is a preferred invasive provocative test.

Outlook and the consequences

Although, in general, the prediction of patients with angina principle is pretty good,This condition can cause hazardous and potentially fatal heart arrhythmias. The type of arrhythmia provoked depends on which coronary artery is involved.For example, if the correct coronary artery is involved, it can cause a cardiac unit and, if it is carried to the left front descending artery, it can lead to ventricular tachycardia.

And so far heart attacks are extraordinary with prisectal angina, they can arise, creating continuous damage to the heart muscle. The proper treatment of the main angina significantly reduces the risk of such complications.In fact, once for an effective treatment, people with this condition can expect a full and healthy life.


If you have an angina prnch-stallic, for you it will be important (like everything) to control all your cardiac risk factors.But in your case, it is especially important to avoid tobacco products that are powerful spam stimulants of the coronary artery.

Calcium channel blockers are often the first agent used for Vazospadics, additional medications can be added, nitrate can be added to the Calcium Channel Blocator .

You can also discuss with your health care provider.Using Statin Class of medications, which not only reduces cholesterol levels , but also improve endothelial function as recent data suggest that statins can help prevent the spasm of the Coronary artery.

Preparations that can cause a spasm from the coronary artery, and that tends to avoid, include a set of beta blockers and some migraine drugs, in particular, imitrex (Sumatriptan).Aspirin should be used with caution, as it can be aggravated by Vasospadic angina.

Word of the information received from Meds

Angina Prinzmetal is an unusual state that causes angina disease due to spasm in the coronary of artery.While Prinematal Transcription can sometimes lead to serious consequences (especially in smokers or cocaine abusing people or amphetamine), it can usually be processed successfully as soon as the correct diagnosis is made.

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