Allergic allergic reactions and treatment.


What are burning ants and where they found? What types of reactions can occur after the axis? How is carbon monoxide allergy diagnosed and what are the treatment options? These are very important questionsAs more than half of the people living, where burning ants are in obtaining mouths every year. Of these people who are supported, in turn, about half have some kind of allergic reaction.However, even without an allergic bite reaction, the bite of fire ants can cause discomfort and risk of infection.


What are burning ants?

Imported Fire Ant (IFA) is a type of harness,that was imported at random to the United States of America at the beginning of the 1900s. Since its introduction to the port of mobile communication, Alabama IFAS has spread to the majority of the southeastern United States and Texas.IFAS also colonizes limited areas of Arizona and California. Time in the United States has no local species of burning ants, they do not represent the same threat to people like Elisa.

How do the bites break?

Since IFAs are so common in the southeast of the United States, people are often involved in them. The probability of being a horror exceeds 50% during the year for the general population; The speed is probably much higher for those who are with outdoor pastimes, such as outdoor sports and gardening.

IFAS also reported harsh people in the room, even in nursing homes, private homes and hotels. In fact, it is believed that the elderly and people with disabilities can be an increased risk of bites from the attached creatures.

When the ardent ants meet people, they tend to be a genre. People are usually in demand several times and several ants. IFA Actually grabs the skin of people with my jaw and slows back to die.Then, the attack will eliminate its pity, it rotates circularly and again teachers. In fact, for a person up to 10,000 demons of fire.

Fiery Head and typically red or black, live in the large colonies on Earth and generally build The Kurganos.Burning ants are associated with other tuning insects flying harnesses allergic reactions

There are several types of reactions that They can occur in response to the harness of the fire ant.

Conventional reactions

Ordinary (typical) reactions occur in essentially 100% people Tired IFAS and includes localized pain, swelling and redness at the bite site.In the course of 24 hours, a blister will be developed on the harness site. This ampoule is not infected; This is caused by a component of a fire venom.The usual reaction is not a sign of allergies, but a physical response to the bite.

Large local reactions

Large reactions, but local reactions are probably Allergic in nature and takes place up to 50% of people who are terrible IFA.Symptoms include a large area of swelling, redness, pain and itching at the place of the bite, and occurs within 12-200 hours after hydration.


Allergic reaction, also known As anaphilaxis , approximately 1% of people who are terrible MFS are produced. Taking into account the common bite of fire ants in the regions where these insects live, this is a major problem. The anaphylactic reaction can be serious and even threatening of life.

The anaphylaxis symptoms of IFA bites may include any of the following:

  • sthching Allow Li>
  • allows or swelling,that was extended from the buzz site
  • the washing brain
  • dry nose, dropper sneezing or post-penal
  • itchy / aqueous eyes
  • Swelling of lips, tongue or throat
  • Difficulty breathing,Wheeking or cough
  • stomach spasms, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • lighthead,Fast heart rate infrared influence or passing

  • Panic feeling or feeling of imminent death
  • Metallic tensor in your mouth

Toxic reactions

Toxic reactions can imitate anaphylaxis, but related to A lot of bites are generally in hundreds.However, there is no allergic antibody in the toxic reaction; Symptoms are caused by a large amount of poison, which is entered.

Diagnosis of fire allergies HN ANT

As a general rule, the diagnosis of allergies in the IFA is carried out with the history of an allergic reaction to a pile of fire ants,as well as a positive allergy test. Skin tests The use of an IFA extract is the preferred method of testing allergies; Tests in the blood, such as a rash , are reasonable alternatives to skin tests.

Allergy diagnoses for burning ants should only be performed on those people to consider allergic images, or immunotherapy Using the IFA extract.

The tests are not necessary: If a person has never been terrible IFA or has never had any symptoms (except ordinary reactions) as a result of the bite,There is no need to perform any allergy test with poison.

If a child under 16 is just ahead experimenting only the symptoms of the skin (eg, urticaria and swelling) after the bite, There is no need to try allergies.This is because an orfilaxis will occur only to 10% of future insect bites.However, if there is a significant concern about a small chance of an anaphylaxis with future dead in this group, the tests and treatment for IFA allergies are reasonable.

If a child or an adult has a great local response, in which the swelling is produced only in the harness, it is generally not the reason for testing the poison or to manage IFA allergies. This is because the probability of developing anaphylaxis with future bites is only 5 to 10% for both children and adults.(Several studies show that these reactions can be reduced by using IFA immunotherapy, and this may be necessary in situations in which frequency pending, and swelling violates the quality of life or ability to work.)

The test is necessary: If a person of any age has symptoms of anaphylaxis after stable, tests must be performed.This is because a person has a possibility of 50 to 60%, that the bites of future insects will cause a similar reaction . The probability of reaction to the future bite will be reduced.Over time, but it is still 20% for many years after the last harness.

adults (more than 16 years) with skin symptoms of the whole body (hives, swelling) after IFA bites are tested and treated for IFA allergies.

Treatment the treatment of fire ants and allergies depends on the degree of response experienced in the past.The treatment includes not only control in the acute environment, but chronic treatment (for example, images) and prevention (avoidance).


The best way to avoid an allergic reaction to avoid frightening. Here are some tips:

  • hire a trained exterminator for the treatment of any known courses of IFA to close proximity; Periodic monitoring must be performed for additional infection.
  • BASS BASS, obtained in most hardware stores, can spread on a mound or large areas to avoid new infections.
  • always wear the shoes when leaving on the street, especially on the grass.
  • Pants with pants, long-sleeved shirts, gloves, shoes with stains and socks when working outdoors.

Treatment of acute reactions

Pustules: No treatment is known to prevent the Formation of blisters filled GNU.But only the pustula was formed, it should simply be clean and dry, and rinse gently with soap and soap. Pustula is not infected, but secondary infections are torn empty, very common. The deserts formed by IFA are healing for three to 4 days. The use of creams for help, such as bacitracin or indispote, and the preservation of the area of the region can reduce the likelihood of infection.

Large local reactions: Large local reactions can be treated with excessive anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Advil (ibuprofen), as well as antihistamines / A>, such as Claritina (Loratadina) or Benadryl (diphenhydramine).The ice can be applied to the area, and the area can be increased to reduce edema. Finally, the actual steroid, like a 1% hydrocortisone cream, can be applied to a local reaction object.

Anaphylaxia: The treatment of the anaphylaxis of the IFA bites essentially coincides with the treatment of full body reactions to other flying insect decoders, such as bees.This includes the use of injectable adrenaline (Epipen).

Medical therapy

Allergy or immunotherapy shooting The use of an IFA extract can cure the fire allergial ant.This concept is essentially the same as shots for other allergies to flying insects, and the same principles are applied as for the treatment of allergic allergies Zeach .

All people with the history of allergic reactions to insect bites,Including children with the skin of reaction and even those who have large local reactions should consider the problem of a bracelet or tool of steering or tool ‘‘, as a wallet card that defines its medical condition,as well as to have an injectable adrenalization form available for immediate use.Denial

MEDS Word Info

Burning Antilleans are common, affecting most people living near these insects each year.Of these people, about half will have a certain degree of fire allergies. The mining of these will be great local reactions, and although it is not necessary to be unpleasant, a specific treatment is not required for the treatment of allergies.

For those who have anaphylactic reactions, zero therapy with allergic shots is one of the forms to avoid these more serious allergic reactions .

Independently of the degree of fire allergy touched, however, an understanding of the symptoms of anaphylaxis and the preparation used by a is mandatory.

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