Alternatives to tablets for the treatment of ADHD.


ADHD is a general disorder, often process or stimulants, such as RitalLain (methylphenidate) and Addlar or Strattera .Although it is useful for many children, in fact, forcing them to take medicine every day, it can often be a struggle, especially because the Drug AdHD is available mainly in the form of tablets and capsules.

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Coffee for ADHD

, drinking coffee,Not alternative to the pills we say about Deauunque emphasizes some of the alternative methods to treat ADHD, which are dealing with some parents.

Give children with adsh caffeine, not a new idea.

1975 investigation in the US magazine Magazine American Magazine Psychiatry Looked at Caffeine, Methylphenidato (Rangeral) and D-Anphetamine (dexedrin), and found that, although caffeine is not better than placebo in the treatment of children with ADHD, both prescription preparations provided a significant improvement in much in placebo and caffeine.In general, it analyzes six controlled studies that were made on the effects of caffeine in children with ADHD in the 1970s, and showed no convincing evidence of benefit.

An article in experimental clinical psychopharmacology even assumed that caffeinely, slightly improves the productivity of surveillance and reduces reaction time in healthy children, which generally consume caffeine,But it does not constantly improve the performance of attention with a shortage of hyperactivity. ‘

It is important to understand that caffeine is also a medication. It is well known that causes exciting and cause symptoms with many people. Then, although an alternative or non-standard treatment can be considered for ADHD, it is not necessarily natural.

And this is not work, so let’s see Some other alternatives to Medicans ADHD for children who can not swallow pills.

Quillivant XR

Now there are many alternatives for parents who can not force their children to swallow pills and capsules.

No, it’s not a Jastran, Ritaline, that people talked for many years.Instead, it is a long liquid version of Ritaline available as an oral solution.

Quillivant XR was approved by the FDA in 2012 for children from 6 to 12 years old with ADHD.The recommended start dose is 20 mg, and since the concentration is 25 mg per 5 ml, which would be equal to 4 ml or a little less teaspoon.

The dose can be increased by 10 mg at 20 mg each week until it works well, or begins to see too many side effects, to the Daily dose of 60 mg.

Adzenys XR ODT

If it is too difficult to force your child to take a medication of a liquid ADHD, there is another alternative, it is orally disintegrated by a tablet.

Adzenys XR ODT is a compass-based amphetamines version, an optical version, approved for children with ADHD.

is available at 3.1 mg, 6.3 mg, 9.4 mg, 12.5 mg, 15.7 mg. , 18.8 mg tablets, the initial recommended dose is 6.3 mg in the morning, with a maximum dose of 18.8 mg.

Other alternatives to Tablets for the treatment of ADHD

Other AdHD medications that are available for children who can not swallow pills and capsules,INCLUDE:

  • > dajnzhan: ritalin parche
  • methylin:
  • methylin: liquid form of methylphenidate
  • Quillichew ER: Form of LiberaciĆ³n Extendidamethylfenidato
  • Procedure: Liquid Dextrin Performance (Dextroametamine)
  • Chew> Chewing the other: Chewing form LISDEXAMFETAMINE DIMSYILATE
  • Cotempla XR-ODT: Long-term version of methylphenidate in the form of equal tablet tablets
  • Dyanaver XR: Liquid amphetamine form
  • Evekeo ODT: Divided form of amphetamine sulfate

butRemember that it forces children to take Adderall XR or Focal XR , which are available as capsules that can be opened and sprinkled food is usually not that difficult. And the crooked capsules can be simply open and mixed with water.

Custom opportunities can be useful, however. If your child is difficult to take ADHD capsuls, even when she opens them, ask your pediatrician about liquids, ODT and forms of chewing these medications.

At least until they discover how to swallow pills.

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