Anatomy of hepatic veins.


Hepatic veins, liver deoxied blood plums in the lower sex venu (IVC), which, in turn, returns it to the right camera in the heart .Relatively more than size, there are three eternity of main, medium and right liver, corresponding to the left, mean and right parts of the liver. These structures arise in liver lotteries, and also serve to transport colon blood, pancreas, small intestine and stomach.Anatomically, they are often used as guidelines that point out parts of the liver, although there may be many changes in its structure.

When the blocking of these veins occurs, and the blood can not be merged from the liver, the rare disease, the syndrome can take the result. These veins can also develop a high hypertension of blood pressure in these weddings also arise in cases of chronic liver disease. It should be noted that this is often a characteristic of hepatic cirrhosis .

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Location of the structure

Hepatic veins arise from the central liverLobulevoy’s principal and merge blood in IVC. These veins differ in size from 6 to 15 millimeters (mm) in diameter, and are called in honor of the corresponding part of the liver, which cover.These include:

  • Right hepatic vein: The longest of the hepatic veins, the vein of the right liver and lies in the crack of the correct portal,that divides the liver into the front (front) and rear sections (rear).
  • Media hepatic vein: This vein happens in the center of the portal crack, separating the liver to the right and left lobe. It works immediately for IVC.
  • Left Vienna: This vein is found in the crack of the left portal, dividing the left lobe of the liver into the most medium and side sections.
  • List carriers: These terminal veins perform the blood drain function directly to IVC.They run from the tail part, which is connected to the right lobe of the liver through a narrow structure called a process of kind.

Anatomical variations

Variations of the anatomy of liver veins often occur in about 30% of the population. In most cases, the right hepatic vein will become.Physicians observed an early division (separation in two parts) or trifurkats (division into three) of this poison, even in some people, even with two topics of these creams in the IVC.Hepatic credit veins, medium and left do not form a single vein, but rather run separately. In addition, there may be one time, and not multiple, tail veins.

Function function

The main function of hepatic veins is to serve as a major professional of the circulatory system system.They deliver deoxygenized blood of the liver and other lower digestive organs, such as the colon, the fine intestine, the stomach and the pancreas, again in the heart; This is done through IVC. Since the liver serves as an important function of filtering blood, since it moves from the digestive tract, these veins are especially important for general health.

Clinical value

As noted above, liver problems can affect hepatic veins and vice versa.Most of the time, these veins can be affected in the cases of cirrhosis, in which hepatic tissue scars exist due to the range of diseases, including the hepatitis B , disorders of the use of alcohol and Genetic disorders,Among other things, issues. In these cases, in these cases, blood flow is reduced speed, and these veins can develop high blood pressure (hypertension), which is potentially very dangerous.

This disease is characterized by an edema in the liver, and the spleen caused by a blood flow interrupted as a result of these locks. It also increases the pressure on these veins, and the fluid can accumulate in the abdomen.In turn, this can lead to the varicose veins in that part of the body of the large veins of Bodisulle and Marhapina in the body of Surfaceand, this state leads to cirrhosis.Other symptoms include fatigue, pain in the abdomen, jaundice (yellowish skin), nausea and bleeding on the esophagus in the throat.

If you suspect you have any of these questions, be sure to check the ametic care as soon as possible.

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