Appetite regulation hormones: leptin


Our bodies have hormones that regulate every aspect of metabolism, and that includes appetite and weight control. Several hormones that affect appetite and development or prevention of obesity were discovered.There are four main hormones: ghrelin , leptin, insulin and peptide and and (pyy).

This item focuses on leptin.

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Simply put, leptin is a hormone that suppresses the appetite.It was called a focus factor for this reason. Skirrel is produced by fat cells (fats). Therefore, its level of production is, therefore, proportional to fat in the body.

, when the body fat level increases, such as leptin level, which is then used to suppress the appetite and increase the metabolic speed BasalBy falling the level of body fat, so that Leptin levels are used, and the suppression of appetite is eliminated, it points to the body that it is time to eat again. Initially, this fulfilled the purpose of preventing hunger. .Increase extent that leptin can reduce food intake, suppressing appetite, can cause weight loss; The meter of this, because Gelin can increase food intake, stimulate appetite, can cause an increase and obesity of the weight.

In 1994, a gene that produces leptin was found, known as human obesity ( ob ) Gene Zhang It was found and colleagues in mice. .The formation of bone and its role in the healing of wounds, among other things, in addition to its role in regulation of weight.

What affects To leptin levels

The researchers discovered a series of behaviors and factors that can increase or reduce leptin levels in the body.The size and frequency of food seem to play a role in the release of adipose tissue leptin.

In addition, the composition of food is important.For example, in some studies, low-fat dishes seemed to lead to higher levels of circulating leptin than with a high content of oily dishes. . He says the body when he tried to stop the food, he was broken.

Very little dream can also affect leptin levels, which leads to lower levels and a greater appetite (works at a Grehin concert, as noted above).Recommending seven to nine uninterrupted sleep clocks every night, it seems that it helps maintain leptin levels where they should be in response to food.

How can you imagine, for your ability to induce weight loss, research,Observing several ways to use leptin and their functions for pharmacological therapy continue for some time and are part of the current search for the successful anti-need for therapy.

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