As an osteotomy procedure can treat arthritis.


In conservative procedures for the treatment of osteoarthritis or other types of arthritis it is not possible to relieve pain satisfactorily and restore function to the articulation affected,It is possible to consider the joint operation.But,What surgical version do you should consider? What surgical procedure does it easily facilitate your pain and improve mobility?

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IMPROVEMENT ON VARIOUSTypes of primary surgery and understand your options. When most patients consider joint operation, they think of the general replacement of the joint. But there are other procedures you need to know.There is an arthroscopic surgery, a hip Lug, artododez (fusion) , the minimal invasive replacement for the hip and knee, the knee confidence, and, of course, the knee osteotomy or hips Here we will focus on the osteotomy.

The osteotomy explained

osteotomy – surgical procedure, which includes cutting bones. The surgeon eliminates the wedge of the bone located near the damaged joint.It is assumed that the procedure will lead to the displacement of the weight of the area, where there are damage to the cartilage of the square, where there is a more normal or healthy cartilage.

In osteoarthritis , the damage is usually more significant in the internal part of the knee. With the knee osteotomy for internal knee osteoarthritis, the surgeon eliminates bone Outside the lower part of the leg, near the knee.As a result, the patient tilts the mass of his bodies to the outside and from damaged internal cartilage.If the osteotomy is performed for osteoarthritis of the outer knee, the process is based, and the bone is cut off on the internal side of the lower part of the leg near the knee.

During the osteotomy procedure, the surgeon also converts tibia (Shinbone) or thighs (HIPS) to improve the knee alignment.

Ultimately, the procedure allows you to weigh it more uniformly through the cartilage of the joint. The osteotomy repeats the joint, transmitting the mechanical axis of damaged cartilage.As soon as the Klin is eliminated, the surgeon brings bones that remain together and use pins or staples to ensure them. The immobilization of melted or internal plates is sometimes sometimes used for stability.

Who is a candidate for osteotomy?

As a general rule, people who are less than 60, active and overweight are considered appropriate candidates for osteotomy.The patient should also be:

  • damage to the unequal joint
  • urgency,That is set
  • there are no signs of inflammation


Discuss it that the surgical procedure is not always easy or clear. There is no way to expect from how the final result can help.

The advantages

  • Eliminate the pain
  • can delay the progression of osteoarthritis


  • can take the connection is not symmetric
  • leaveThe general replacement for joint collaboration work as a possible

It is important to understand that the general replacement of collaboration after osteotomy is more difficult for the surgeon.Ordinary surgical complications are possible with osteotomy.


Depending on the complexity of the procedure and resistance of a separate patient, crutches are needed within 1 to 3 months.Patients can also have melt or tires for 4-8 weeks. Physiotherapy, strengthening of standing and walking exercises are part of a complete rehabilitation program.Although some surgeons predict that the return to full activity is possible in 3 to 6 months, others argue that it can take until the year to adapt to the corrected knee position after the osteotomy knee.

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