Atopy and atopic disease.


ATOPIC is the term used to describe an IgE-mediated IgE IgE inside the body after exposure to external stimuli.

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The difference between Atopy and Allergies

Most of us become familiar with the term ‘Allergy ‘.”We understand that this is an exaggerated body reaction to an external stimulus. Allergies cover a wide range of reactions.Atopy, on the other hand, refers to the genetic predisposition to the diseases in which IgE antibodies are carried out in response to a limited impact on the surrounding triggers, which generally do not bother other people. Therefore, all atopic reactions are allergies, but not all allergies include daring answers.

Two words are often used indiscriminately, although doctors use the word allergies in clinical practice, often often use words allergies.

Atopic diseases

The following list contains the most common types of atopic disease:

What causes a atopic reaction?

When a person who has an atopic diffusion allergen, IgE reaction occurs, which causes immune and blood cells for the release of substances, such as histamines that cause various physical changes in the organism.These changes can affect the blood vessels, stimulate the secretion of mucus, affect the functioning of the muscles and create inflammation in the cells of certain parts of the body.

With Atopy, genetic factors are generally involved, although environmental factors seem to play a role both at the beginning and in the maintenance of symptoms.

Common activators

As seen, many triggers for Atopinieset: / P>

Symptoms too It can be caused by contact with certain chemicals,Certain types of tissues and other irritating environmental substances.


As you will see that many of the symptoms of the attached file.These are those that communicate with an allergic reaction:

  • allows, welts, scale or other signs of skin irritation
  • itching eyes,Nose or leather
  • Stagnate nose
  • water sneakers
  • sneezing

The following symptoms indicate anaphilaxis , which can be produce life and, therefore,Require immediate medical attention:

  • Wheezing,Difficulty breathing or any difficulty breathing
  • fast or slow heartbeat
  • Any sign of mental confusion or loss of consciousness
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