AutoFagi: Function, how it works, cycles, types


You can think of autofagy as a natural program to process your body.Since the Latin word, which means ‘self-sufficiency’, the auto-phase is a natural process that includes the destruction of unnecessary or damaged components in the cell and meeting them as building blocks for cellular repair or the formation of new cells.

AutoFagi helps keep healthy cells. This can occur during sleep and other short-term periods or be released by some medications.

This article explains the four steps of self-phase, its advantages and what happens when this process is defective denial

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Autophagy has important effects that occur both inside and outside the cage.

Inside the cell, auto-phage can help:

  • Decrease oxidative voltage Sili load on the body caused by unstable molecules (free radicals),that can damage the cells
  • sustainable genes
  • Improve the transformation of nutrients into energy
  • increase the removal of waste

Out of the cell,Autofid can help:

  • reduces inflammation
  • that improves the balance of the neuroendocrine system, which is associated with hormonal substances,Affecting nerve activity
  • Immuni system support cancer detection
  • increases the removal of the aging cell

It was believed that the capacity of the cells in the part with the help of selfpagacy,It is considered to be with age, promoting the aging process.

Conditions that violate normal self-spoil processes can cause chronic diseases.


AutoFagia can help eliminate cellular waste and keep stable genes inside the cell. It can also help get rid of aged cells and reduce inflammation in the body.

How the autophagy works

The cytoplasm is a liquid inside the cell.During the self-employment, the cytoplasm and the performance structures of Organanessmalls with specific functions rexisted.

This process saves your body in balance, or on homeostasis, for self-exploratory cells that no longer work Well.

AutoHGY usually begins the hunger of nutritional cells.This includes insulin and glucagon, hormones created by the pancreas, which are important to regulate blood sugar. . Glucoon points to your body to use glycogen in your liver to increase blood sugar.

It is believed to insulin suppresses automophagia, and glucagon can activate the process.

AutoFago cycles

As soon as the auto-phagium is activated, the process occurs four stages: kidnapping, transport, degradation and use.

Auto-phagia processes are important to maintain a balance. At a given time, any of them or all can be used to meet the needs of the body.

. It extends and finally applies cytoplasm and organelles, which will then be broken.

This double membrane becomes a body known as autophagosome .

As a general rule, the content is chosen that makes your paths within the autopotografi. However, autophagosomes can be selective and start the auto-phase when there is interaction with certain proteins in the cell.


A LYSOSOME – This bag – As an orgenerela, which contains enzymes, proteins that cause biological processes. They can be used in the destruction process.

Auto-phagosomes can not be connected directly to the lysosome, so first connect at a speed between the structure called Andorosome

. The result is called amphisma , and can easily join the lysosomes.


breakdown, known as degradation, you can start after How this will happen after this merger.

When connecting to an amphysia, the lysosome produces enzymes known as hydrolase . The hydrolase worsens materials that were in original autophagine.

This structure, full of broken cellular material (amino acids), is now known as autolysosome or autofagolysosome .


After exporting the automatic cells, and in the Cellular amino acid You can then use liquid,

This step is ultimately associated with the nutrients of the hunger cells.

The use of broken products ultimately requires byamino acid for

glukconiesis , the process in which the body forms glucose, or the Sugar, not reliable. sources.

acid cycle (TCA), which is when they are reworked to form new proteins.


AutoPhange interrupts parts of cells in amino acids, which can be reused for fuel or in the formation of new proteins.


Until now, this article described the macroauthagia, which is the main type of autophagy.The autophagy and autofyy autophyy and the autophyym can be used indiscriminately.

but there are also two additional types:

  • Micro-auto-phase It seems that macro-autoprophas, except that you do not use the phagefoof.Instead, the lysosome extracts the content of the cell in the fact that it can break the contents in the amino acids for reuse.
  • , mediated by Chaperone Autophagia : A more specific method of directing the orientation of degrading.Spear proteins are associated with other proteins to help in folding, a cellular process that converts them into a three-dimensional form so that they can function correctly.As its name indicates, Chaperone’s proteins also collect these other proteins and help transfer them through the lesositoma membrane, where it can worsen in the amino acids for reuse.


has many potential health benefits. Therefore, there are many studies dedicated to the activation methods of this process.

, in particular, there is an interest in identifying ways of stimulating the autographs to help neurodegenerative disorders that damage the nerve cells and compounds, and also suppress autophagy in those with cancer.

The perspective of exposure to self-employment also refers to many people due to the possible anti-aging properties of the autopood and increase the metabolic effects (namely, breakdown and the use of food as energy).

Neurodegenerative drug disorders

The future of auto-phagia to treat diseases can be promising.The researchers are trying to determine the ways to light or shutdown selective autophage with some medications.

Some neurodegenerative disorders, such as the disease Parkinson, have genetic links associated with self-phase dysfunction.

Start to see if they can stimulate the auto-phase in people with the following conditions:

Treatment of cancer

Cancecicis is also associated with abnormal autophage, but not due to genes.

Autophagy has cellular properties that are trying to prevent cancer formation.However, as soon as the tumor is established, it is believed that autophagy helps you protect the tumor to destroy with normal processes that your body should combat cancer.

Possible methods investigated to treat cancer to inhibit self-discharge are directed apart from the leased party.

passes without food, whether inside and off (periodically) or for longer periods can cause self-phase.

This does it by exhausting it the cellular nutrients.Then, auto-phagia is activated to create amino acids that can be used as a source of energy to maintain cellular function.

Most of the lender studies are limited to animal studies, so it is still not clear what duration and frequency of positions can be useful or harmful to people.Nor is it clear if you can really use it to help expand someone’s life expectancy or help prevent or treat certain conditions.

For example, animal studies show that the publication can be useful as a supplement to cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy To protect normal cells and potentially make it more efficient.However, research is needed to see if these results apply to people.

Until now, a preliminary study suggests that the short-term position during the treatment of chemotherapy is usually safe for people, although complex.

In addition to post-post, DietSthat includes a low carbohydrate consumption to deprive the body easily accesses sugar.AutoFID can be activated to participate in the generation of amino acids, which can then be used to provide energy through glucongenesis and the TCA cycle, since carbohydrates are not available.


Researchers study medications that affect auto-officials as possible cancer procedures or neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.Also interest in learning how lifestyle methods, such as post, can be used to support self-employment during treatment, such as chemotherapy, or to promote healthy aging.

Related conditions

Autophagic genes (ATG) were defined for the first time in the 1990s.

Since then, Tsaries were associated with many disorders, especially neurodegenerative disorders.

Some disorders associated with abnormal abutophagia functions,Include:

  • Static child encephalopathy with neurodegeneration in adulthood (path): This neurodegenerative disorder leads to the accumulation of iron in the brain,Delays in development in childhood and severe disability in adulthood. The gene associated with path affects the formation of automophagosomes. . This means that both parents must pass it through a child that will affect.The united gene affects mature autophagosomes and worsen. Hereditary Spasical Parapas (also called hereditary spasing paragliding) is another recessive genetic disorder, which is neurodegenerative and affects the lower extremities.While the role of the auto-phase is not fully understood, the associated gene worsens both the formation of autophagosomes and the fusion of the autophagyage with lysosome.
  • Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder and depends on different disorders.In this case, it is believed that the gene linked causes the selective degradation of mitochondria (cellular structure associated with energy production) by autophagy. This is called MITOPHAGY .
  • Li> Krone Disease is a bowel Inflammatory disorder. There are several genes that are known to affect self-filing, since it is related to the disease crohn .However, the same genes are also associated with many other processes. It is clear if Crohn’s disease is a disorder associated with self-purpose, and if possible if possible methods of autofage therapy.

Senda is the first unlikely disorder, which will be identified as it is associated with self-purpose dysfunction.This became important to identify the role of the autofagus in the potential for the treatment of other neurodegenerative disorders.

How the automatic fashion dysfunction of the accumulation of brain glands in those who are still unknown with path are concerned.


There are genes associated with the auto-phase (ATGS) that can interrupt the normal self-paraling process and are associated with many disorders, such as Parkinson .


Autophagy is a key process that retains the cells of your body in the proper balance, taking higher or damaged components in the cell and recycling.The recycled parts are converted into amino acids that can be used for fuel or for the formation of new proteins.

Automophagia dysfunction is genetically associated with certain neurodegenerative disorders that affect the nervous system and its compound.

AutoFagi can help protect against cancer.But as soon as the cancer tumor is installed, you can actually protect cancer cells in some cases.

Researchers observe the fact that medications or lifestyle, such as pole, can be used as support treatment methods that are designed in autofagge.

Word of the Meds information received

The autophagy studio is a developing field that has the promise. There are many more to learn.

Always contact your health care provider if you plan to try it post or other dietary shifts to promote autofig, especially if you have any health condition or any medication.They can better determine if it is safe for you, and helps you get adequate nutrition.

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