Barbed ash: advantages, side effects and drugs.


Barbed ash, commonly known as Colleva Northern Slash, is an herbal additive, which is often used to treat stale pain , , arthritis , problems of blood circulation and much more. Some even suggested that it has anticancer properties.


Barbed ash comes from the family of the plant Rutaceae, the Englishweight Alfilw plant grows as shrub or tree,That can grow up to 26 feet tall. The factory has dark brown branches with thorns, which up to half inches longer than the name of the barbed ash.

Sprinkles of Espinosa Ash Shrubs / Tree have a strong smell imitating that from the lemon shell. The small lush buds are red and smelling, and green yellow flowers appear in the spring before the leaves appear Dark greens.At the end of summer, fruits mature, rotating its original green in reddish brown.

Barbed ash for Missouri.It grows in most state regions (with the exception of the Ozarka region), as well as in other areas in Oriental North America.Usually, it is found in wet ravines, scrub and forests, as well as rocky lanterns of highlands and open trees.

There is also an Asian version (which has some of the same properties as the barbed ash) and the scheduled ash.

It also knows how


Historically, many indigenous American tribes used spinal ash as medicinal herbs.They used the infusion of the crust to relate to everything from the pain of the skin on their backs, as well as the cramps, the fever, colds , lung conditions, dental pain, hurla hurts , pain from childbirth and colic in babies. .In it, he defined a spiny ash as a medicine for pneumonia for cholera , cholera , typhoid ,

millspaugexpled In your book, the action was quick and permanent …The barbed ash acted as electricity, so sudden and diffusion was its influence throughout the system. I consider that the tincture of the barbed ash is superior to any form of medication I know.

What a barns isol used for?

The barbed ash is generally used to promote blood flow throughout the body, especially for the treatment of rheumatism. rheumatism (including various types of arthritis) is any disease associated with pain and swelling or inflammation of joints, ligaments and muscles.

Barbed ash helps improve rheumatism and relieve joint pain when inhibiting hormones called prostaglandins .

Barbed ash, as numerous features and advantages dictates:

  • agent anti-day
  • antifungal agent
  • antineuseal agent
  • Anti-Tors ‘Properties’
  • Appetite Stimulator
  • Lympathic Traffic Stimulator
  • Carminative (Relief)
  • Digestive Help
  • diaphorphic (induces sweat to reduce fever)
  • dysentery remedy
  • chemable agent,Removal
  • linimento (which is used to reduce muscles)
  • Rubfientiente (improves blood flow to small vessels) (wet and strengthens the body)

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The thorny core containsAlcaloids are vegetable compounds containing nitrogen that cause physiological actions. The release of alkaloids is morphine, quinine and much more. The barbed ash also contains an analcade, which causes a sensation of sensation in language and mouth.

This may be the cause that the barbed ash was usually used for dental pain, although there is no non-convincing evidence of clinical research for Show that barbed ash safe and effective in teeth relief.

Help stimulate tissues that lead to the expansion of veins and improving circulation.

The barbed ash also has an efficiency of the ripple. It means that when used on the skin, volatile oils produce redness. , causing dilatation capillaries and increased blood flow. .

Clinical studies

Although barbed ash has traditionally been used to treat many common diseases, there is very little evidence of clinical studies to support these complaints.

Among the existing investigations, the 2017 studies, published in the magazine traditional and additional medicine , showed that the barbed ash has an antifungal property, it can be useful to treat an infection Soft fungalMore research is needed.

Main investigation published in 2001 in Fitotherapy studies reported that northern barbed ash has cytotoxic properties And he could kill a person leukemia cells in a test tube.Despite being found, there is no evidence that it has the same effect on humans.

Possible side effects

There are no well-known main side effects of the use of pimples when used in doses that are recommended.Unlike some herbal medications, it results from low toxicity in the liver.

Barbed ash known in rare cases to cause allergies, including a serious reaction, all body, known as anafilaxiss

anaphilaxis is considered a medical emergency.Call 911 or seek emergency attention if you develop signs of Anaphylaxis ,Including:

  • Heavy eruption or urticaria
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • EDEMA throat or language
  • difficulty breathing
  • hheezity or fainting
  • Chestfain

Interactions of the interaction

There are no known contraindications for the use of union ash. But as the grass was not studied widely, it does not mean it is 100% safe.

Talk to your health care provider before taking any herbal medication. Breile women and breastmaid mothers should avoid using a barrier ash as a precautionary measure.

people in anticoagulants Like coumadin (warfarin) the use of a barbed ash should be avoided, since it can potentially increase the effects of the Diluent of blood, causing light bleeding and bruising.

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Dosage and Preparation

There are no recommendations for the proper use of blockage.Ash in any way. In the quality of the general rule, do not use more than the recommended dose specified by the manufacturer.

The thorny kore of the ash is sold in capsules, extracts, in collisions , powders, dry crust packages.Spinal ash capsules are easily found on the Internet and some natural additives, often at 400 milligrary doses (MG).

Dry core and dust are commonly used to make tea or decoction.Some herbalists recommend submerging a teaspoon of spiny ash or a crust in a cup of boiled water for a medicinal tonic.

What to look for

The provision of quality is difficult with herbal media, because, therefore, some manufacturers represent them for independent tests. The practice increases slowly, however, check the label to see if the product was reviewed by an independent certification body similar to the US pharmacus (USP), Thumblab or NSF International.

Certification does not mean that the product works, only the fact that it contains the ingredients on the product label and that are not impurities.

Purchase herbal products This certified organic also helps ensure safety, cleaning and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children take spinal ashes?

There is not enough medical research on the use of barbed ash in children to support any

can be taken when breastfeeding?
No. It is not enough to know about the safe use of blocking the ash when breastfeeding to recommend its safe use.

The ash work of barbed good for dental pains?
No essential results of clinical studies to show evidence that barbed ash is safe or effective in treating dental pain.

Word of the Meds information received

The barbed ash is considered to be in some to have powerful healing benefits.Medical research does not support many of the claims; However, this does not necessarily mean that barbed ash does not work or that is insecure. It simply means more research.

However, you should never use a spiny ash or any other herbal additive as a replacement for standard medical care if you have a condition that requires treatment.

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