Benefits of fungi poria


poria ( poria coconuts is a type of fungus. It was used for 2000 years in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) . Next to the Rope Corcorice , this is one of the most common traditional remedies in China.

Poría attracted the attention of the researchers. It shows the promise as a treatment for cancer , Alzheimer’s disease and much more.

The dose part of the fungus is a thread under the lid.You can buy Dry Poria or in the form of a capsule.

In this article, you will learn what study it is, so it is known about this as a treatment, what side effects and risks are possible, the typical doses, How to prepare it and what to look for. in the product.

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    Poria Sódentvarias Sustancias that Pineans thatThey contribute healthy healthy, including:

    • polysaccharides , that, as you know, improve the immune function
    • triterpenoids ,Class of connections with antioxidant effects

    Fungi have several useful events, including:

    • Antitumor
    • Antioxidant
    • Antioxidant
    • Anti-Turning on
    • Immunomoduling

    What poria can be useful in the treatment:

    Some other uses have less evidence, but show promises.

    Alzheimer’s disease

    Preliminary studies show that mushrooms poria can help fight Alzheimer’s disease.

    The ears in 2021 in the mice showed that iron helped the brain with a transparent beta-amyloid (A) of the brain. A is that what forms the plates that cause Alzheimer’s symptoms.

    also improved intestinal health, which is important in Alzheimer’s due to the axis of the cerebral intestine, the final result was that it was better improved cognitive function.

    is based on previous studies that showed that the poria extract decreases oxidative voltage on bioplic cells obtained from Rats

    At that time, the researchers proposed p.Cocos can help protect the brain from toxic effects a. The most recent research does not only confirm this, but offers a mechanism.


    Several studies offer porch, You can have antitumor properties. It can help fight or prevent certain forms of cancer, including:

    study in 2018, informed about p.Cocos showed the ability to kill cells in four cellular cell lines of lung cancer.

    Study 2020 found that the antitumor effect of the medication has improved and it is also extracted from the sustainability of drugs, which can be a Problem in people with cancer. / P>

    Another study 2020 showed a compound of mushrooms poria (fatty acid) dead by cancer cells of the chest . The researchers noted that the parateric acid can be used as a low equipment treatment.

    Other studies have determined polysaccharide (type of sugar) on the pedio as a potential antitumor drug.

    Fungus also, apparently, makes changes in the immune system, which helps attack cancer.

    These are all laboratory or animal investigations. We will need human tests to find out if poria is probably a safe and effective cancer treatment.

    Mushrooms poria can be effective against diabetes Type 2.

    Investment 2011 Years, researchers extract found P.Cocios blood sugar levels significantly reduced in mice. SUPPORTED TRITERPENS, which is believed to improve insulin sensitivity, for this purpose .

    2016 study showed the mixture of herbs, including resistance to reduced insulin by poria in rats <

    in theory,Taking the power supplement poria can reduce fluctuations in blood sugar in people with diabetes or resistance insulin . However, you still have to demonstrate in the investigation.


    poria is a fungus used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine. It is studied as a potential treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes and various types of cancer.

    Other advantages

    Other potential advantages of Peria less studied and even in laboratories and animal tests. Additional studies must be done, but research continues to promise these ends.

    • Depression : Fight against depression Increasing serotonin and dopamine ,Reduction of inflammation in the frontal cortex
    • DIGESTION PROBLEM : Improves intestinal health, Restores GUT FLORA , Protects against chemotherapy damage
    • Disease cardiac : Protects from <> atherosclerosis , reducing inflammation, cholesterol, triglycerides , and Oxidative voltage
    • Hemorrhagic fever : improves the immune response against the Marburg virus , which causes hemorrhagic fever;Considered as a vaccine
    • Hyperpigmentation : Used in the subject,Reduced melanine reduce the freckles and reduce the skin
    • Li strong> Insomnia : Improves sleep through stocks in the calming Necrossransmith Gaba
    • damage : Protects from damage to infection or other)
    • Hepatic toxicity : Protects against the damage of acetaminofen and BAILE Hepatic Diseases
    • Osteoporosis : reduces bone loss and bone marrow changes in postmenopausal osteoporosis
    • Skin aging : reduces damage to oxidative tension (aging) to the skin,It can be effective in leather for care (

    Possible side effects

    while Poria was used for centuries that do not say it safely.

    It lacked that research was carried out, especially in people to evaluate the side effects of poria. Little is known about security, long-term risks or possible interactions with drugs.

    Accessories and herbal agents are mainly unregulated in the United States. It is not necessary to go through the pharmaceutical products tests.

    If you are experiencing any side effects (for example, vomiting or diarrhea ) after drinking poria, let your health provider know.

    It is not known much about the safety of mushrooms, during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you are pregnant or come out, you can make an error on the caution side and avoid poría fungi in any way.

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    Dosage and Preparation

    Recommendations for the dose are not installed.Greheoms. The following show low levels of toxicity, means that a large amount is required to cause an overdose.

    But also the profile of side effects of poría is usually unknown to rejection

    when a tablet or a poria capsule is usually dosed anywhere from:

    • 500 milligrams (mg) once a day
    • 1200 mgTwice a day

    Nuncasupects the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations.

    The pre-packaged granules are generally included in the bag that is mixed with boiling water. The taste is described as sweet, but soda.

    To prepare a tonic without granules, you can rotate the fungus in boiling water.

    Some people even make disguise, soups and mushroom rice cakes recovered or powder. Transformation of the medication into culinary treats.


    poria shows some promise as a treatment for many conditions, including depression, heart disease, liver and kidney damage and osteoporosis.Little is known about the side effects and addiction to drugs, but studies show that the level of toxicity is low.

    The standard doses are not installed. I never take more than the label says.The astute enters the capsules and granules to put on the water. Some people prepare it in food.

    What to look for

    The products used in traditional Chinese medicine can pose security problems because they are regulated so weakly.In the past, the products were corrupted by heavy metals, pesticides and even drugs.

    When buying supplements or powers of poría, choosing known brands that are voluntarily represented to test an independent certification body.How to:

    • uspharmacopeope (USP)
    • international NSF

    The certification of the additives based Herbs increases and accepted by some main manufacturers.

    The certification guarantees that the product contains that its label says it is free of the contamination. It does not guarantees security or efficiency.

    ourselves of food and medicines (FDA) Bars of manufacturers of dietetic supplements of food or deceptive complaints of drugs or other health benefits.These types of applications can be the red flag that the company is not authorized.

    If the purchase of imported fungi, do not assume that they are safe because they reach a sealed container. If there are signs of mold or humidity, close immediately.


    Poria coconuts was used in TCM for 2000 years. This shows the promise such as the treatment of numerous health states, especially disease, cancer, cancer and diabetes.It can also have advantages for digestion, insomnia, depression, osteoporosis and aging of the skin.

    The Peria Safety Profile has not yet been installed. Toxicity, seemingly low.Report any negative side effects for your health care provider.

    You can take poria as a capsule or tonic or put it on food. Look for products tested by independent laboratories.

    Word Get information Meds

    It’s easy to think about natural products like ‘safe’. ‘However, they can cause side effects and drug addiction, such as pharmaceutical products.

    do not reject the usual treatment in favor of poria or other alternative treatments. You can have terrible effects on your result, especially when it comes to cancer.

    To protect your health, include your health care provider in all your treatment solutions, including porch and other natural products. You can identify possible problems based on your General health and what medications you accept.

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