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Online pharmacy services allow people to skip the line and have prescription and over-the-counter medications delivered right to their home. Even better? Many of these online pharmacies also offer significant savings on medications. Some patients may still prefer to speak with pharmacists in person if they have any questions about their medications, but most of these online pharmacies such as PillPack, Honeybee Health, and Capsule also provide pharmacy assistance via email, phone, or live chat. If you want to reduce costs and make home delivery more convenient, you should pay attention to the services of an online pharmacy.

Compare online pharmacies

Online pharmacy Availability Accept insurance Delivery cost
Health blink
Better overall
All 50 states and the District of Columbia Yes It's free
Best, second in the bee health category 44 states and territories No It's free
The best for the whole family
Shipping to USA and Puerto Rico Does not accept insurance outside of Canada 10 USD
Pill pack
The best to collect
All 50 states and the District of Columbia Yes It's free
Send my recipes by mail
Best for free shipping
49 states and the District of Columbia No It's free
The medical warehouse is the best option for temperature-sensitive deliveries The 50 states No Free for orders over $ 15
Doctor Solve
Best for referrals
Shipping to USA and Puerto Rico Does not accept insurance outside of Canada 10 USD
Best for New Yorkers
Delivery to New York, Austin, Boston, Chicago and sister cities, Minnesota. Yes It's free
Best Amazon Pharmacy Newbie 45 states Yes It's free

Frequently asked questions

  • The best online pharmacies are accredited by the National Association of Pharmaceutical Councils and licensed in every state in which they do business. They require a prescription for any controlled substance and have a licensed pharmacist to answer questions, not support staff.

  • Online pharmacies can be divided into the following categories:

    • Mail order pharmacies operated by Pharmaceutical Benefit Managers (PBM) on behalf of health insurance companies or health care providers.
    • Independent online pharmacies that operate exclusively on the Internet, nationally or internationally.
    • Click-and-go pharmacies that are an online extension of a real pharmacy or retail chain.
    • Illegal pharmacies that are not licensed to sell in the United States put you at risk of selling counterfeit or contaminated drugs.

  • Research shows that between 30,000 and 50,000 online pharmacies operate in the United States, while many others operate abroad. The vast majority of these do not meet FDA standards and federal or state drug laws.

  • Research shows that one in three people living in the United States has used an online pharmacy, taking advantage of benefits such as:

    • Convenience
    • Save time
    • Lower price
    • Selection range
    • Bulk Purchases
    • Confidentiality

  • As convenient as online pharmacies are, they also have disadvantages such as:

    • Safety – Since some online pharmacies are "blind," you don't know where they are and you may end up buying dangerous drugs.
    • Sanitary inspection . Online pharmacies do not go through the same inspections as regular pharmacies.
    • Drug Interactions – Changing pharmacy can lead to serious drug interactions if drug information is not disclosed.
    • Confidentiality . Privacy policies may vary, and some pharmacies may not protect your medical or financial records.

  • According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you can identify a safe online pharmacy if:

    • Require a prescription from a licensed physician or healthcare professional.
    • Licensed by your state council of pharmacy.
    • Ask a government licensed pharmacist to answer your questions.
    • You are in the United States and have a valid mailing address.


An internet search will show a long list of online pharmacies. When you choose one for yourself, you focus on finding the specific medications you need. We looked a little further and evaluated the following factors when ranking the online pharmacies included in this review.

Credibility. The National Association of Pharmaceutical Councils can verify the legitimacy of online pharmaceutical pharmacies in the United States. NABP offers Digital Pharmacy Accreditation , formerly known as Verified Online Pharmacy Sites (VIPPS). This ensures that the pharmacy complies with national pharmaceutical standards, as well as state and federal laws. NABP's Canadian counterpart is the National Association of Pharmaceutical Regulators . Both organizations, as well as some organizations in other countries, participate in the Verified Pharmacy Website Program, where all verified websites have a proper .pharmacy address to ensure their safety. Just change the .com or .net address to .pharmacy. If the site does not load or redirect, it is not part of the program. The Canadian International Pharmaceutical Association also licenses and certifies pharmacies for drug distribution in the United States and Canada. Trust has been the top priority in our qualification strategy.

Savings and Benefits: All online pharmacies will advertise savings over retail prices, and some may offer additional benefits, such as price match guarantees and referral bonuses. is a helpful resource that allows you to shop and compare prices at reputable pharmacies around the world. Prices that appear to be significantly lower than on this site may be suspicious and could indicate that a fraudulent pharmacy is operating. goes so far as to have one of their own licensed pharmacists review orders for any prescription you purchase through any of the reputable pharmacies on their site. Pharmacies with this double check feature have been given a higher priority.

Pharmacist Access – You must have direct access to a pharmacist, not service personnel, if you have questions about your medications. Sites that indicated their pharmacist was available, preferably 24/7, received higher ratings.

Delivery – Delivery is an important consideration. If shipping costs exceed your actual drug savings, it may not be worth it. Shipping costs must be clearly stated. Also, it is important to ensure that packages that require temperature control, such as insulin, are shipped properly. Programs where this information is not clearly stated received a lower rating.

Mailing Address – You want to know where your medications come from. For example, don't assume a drug comes from Canada just because Canada is listed in the pharmacy's name. It is important to find a postal address that confirms your location. Online pharmacies were not considered for verification if their websites did not have a corresponding postal address.

Prescriptions: A pharmacy that offers you prescription drugs without a prescription is a red flag. This is illegal. Pharmacists cannot diagnose your condition and have no legal authority to prescribe drugs. Don't assume that completing a medical questionnaire or answering questions in an online consultation entitles you to do so. Sites that offer over-the-counter drugs were excluded from this review.

Additional reporting by Stephanie Valera .

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