Bipolar disorder: signs, symptoms and complications.


Bipolar disorder , previously known as maniacal depression, it is a mental health disorder characterized by emotional ends.People with bipolar disorder generally experience increased or irritable mood periodically and increase energy (known as mania or softer hypology) and periods of depression. You can also experience mixed episodes that share the characteristics of both mania and depression.

These periods are higher and lowest more extreme than the usual humor changes.They are a remarkable change in the normal mood of man, energy and behavior and behavior, and at least a day to weeks.

Bipolar symptoms can start at any time throughout your life, but most of the time, for the first time, it appears from 15 to 24 years.

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There are several different types of bipolar disorders, which vary in your seriousness.And the specific total characteristic is the presence of mania or hypologia. In most cases, people with bipolar disorder are also experiencing periods of depression.

Bipolar disorder 1

A distinctive feature of bipolar disorder 1 has one or more manual episodes.

During manual episodes, people greatly increase energy and often reduce considerably the need to sleep. They may feel that they align, at the top of the world or extremely irritable and prone to hostile flashes.

Although many people with bipolar disorder 1 are experiencing periods of depression (low mood, despair, loss of pleasure and fatigue), episode Depressing is not required for diagnosis.

People with bipolar 1 sometimes also have periods of hypologiate. And most of the experience stretches the normal or neutral mood (extractive) between episodes. / P>

less frequently, people with bipolar oscillations repeatedly between mania and depression. This is known as a ‘fast bicycle’.

Bipolar 2 disorders

To diagnose bipolar disorders, a person had to have at least one episode of the main depression and an episode of hypomania. Between these episodes, many people with bipolar disorders 2 return to their operation and regular mood.

Goloman can be nice.This is the time to increase productivity and creativity, which do not affect human relationships or the ability to function at school or at work.Therefore, for people with hypologiate, it is often difficult to recognize that their mood represents the problem.

Most people with bipolar disorder 2 do not become the doctor’s attention until They are depressed.This fact can force bipolar disorders 2 difficult to diagnose.

In addition, people with bipolar disorder 2 often also have a use of Anxiety or disorder of the substance.These joint conditions can further complicate their diagnosis and treatment.

Cyclotem disorder

Condition of cyclotettone disorder with less extreme humor than other bipolar disorders. People with cyclothic disorder are experiencing frequent humor changes characterized by depressive and hypomanic symptoms,But these mood swings:

  • do not meet the complete criteria (listed below) for the episode of hypomania or depression


  • occurs for at least half of the biennium and can notStop tips months extends during this biennium

Other types

Bipolar disorder is sometimes caused or aggravated (deteriorated) with certain medications, such as steroids,Interferonbased on the drug of lesodop (Parkinson’s disease, drug) and some antidepressants and antitular preparations. The use of medications or alcohol can also cause symptoms of mania or depression. / P>

Communication between the use of drugs and alcohol and bipolar disorder is complex and, often , bidirectional, since patients sometimes use medications and alcohol as the form of themselves -medicam.

Mania symptoms / HIPOLOGY

HIPOLOGY AND HANGY are periods of abnormally increased, expansive or irritable and greater energy.

While many people experience mood, mania and hypologiate changes, more radical deviations of normal human mood, sleep and behavior and more stable than the usual mood that leads from days to several weeks.These changes are present in great or all day, as well as pronounced enough to surround them.

Symptoms of mania / hypomania

Diagnosis of mania or hypologia requires presence and perseverance in three or more of the following symptoms:

  • , expressing inflatable or grandimage
  • ,Have a remarkably reduced sleep need (feels well rested after a few hours of sleep)
  • is more talkative than, usually, being too noisy,Or talk fast
  • availability of thoughts and career ideas
  • be very distracted,Thoughts and conversations scattered
  • focus extremely on the objectives (at school or work or sexually) or have physical excitement and anxiety
  • practicing risk behavior ,Swelling without taking into account the negative consequences (for example, for expenses in expenses that have sexual distrust, betting or risk financial solutions)

to be classified as hypomania,These symptoms of mood should last at a minimum of four days.To be classified as mania, the symptoms must last at least a week, to be quite serious to cause a remarkable deterioration in functioning or serious enough to guarantee hospitalization.

Although the symptoms of hypologiate and mania are overlapped, they are different conditions. The mania is heavier than the hypologiate.Unlike hypologiate, mania violates social relationships and a person’s ability to work at school, at home or at work.

Mania can also lead to psychosis a break from reality, which includes hallucinations (see, listen or smell things that are not there) or delusions (things of faith That they are not true)

Depression symptoms


Periods of mania or hypologia are the defining characteristic of bipolar disorders.Despite this fact, people with bipolar disorders tend to spend more time from depression than maniac or hyman.

General depression symptoms include: / P>

  • deleted or mood under
  • loss of interest or pleasure after pleasant actions
  • fast weight and appetite changes (weight gainOverdive of more than 5% of inten)
  • Sleep problems increase agitation and nerve energy
  • Inability to think, concentrate,O Take decisions
  • feelings of useless or excessive or inadequate ‘li>
  • about self-harm or suicide

people with bipolar disorder More likely to contact to get help during suppression.When they show manic symptoms or hypomaninos. Your representation symptoms are often closely reminded about people who use the most common mental health disorder, characterized by despair, depletion, problems of the Dream and loss. Pleasure.

Manual episode or hypomano with mixed features

People with bipolar disorder sometimes experience periods with characteristics such as an episode and manic depression or Hypoman.These periods are sometimes called mixed episodes, mixed mania or mixed states. For example, , you can feel sad and desperate, but full of restless energy.

according to the fifth edition of ‘statistical and diagnostic mental disorders’ ( dsm-5 ), manic or hypomanian episode with mixed characteristics corresponds to the criteria for a maniac or hypomanian episode, more has at least three of the following characteristics:

  • of depressive or low mood,It feels sad or empty
  • loss of pleasure or interest in events
  • slowly or speech
  • fatigue or energy loss
  • feelings They are useless or excessive wines
  • Recurrent thoughts of Deatho Suicide

Bipolar disorder in children

Bipolar disorder is less common in children and adolescents than adults, but was diagnosed with children like 5.

Almost all children and adolescents have emotional outbreaks, mood swings and demonstrate complex behaviors.The difference between normal behavior and bipolar disorder is found during the duration and degree of humor exchange.

In bipolar disorder, extreme moods are compatible for several days and are accompanied by radical changes in energy levels, need to sleep and human capacity to focus and think clearly.The change is heavy enough to get worse the ability of a child or adolescent to interact with others and function normally at school and at home.

In addition, the symptoms of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents are sometimes overlapped with a hyperactive attention deficit disorder ( ADHD )), alarming disorders, other mood disorders or behavior disorder. As for adults, careful and exhaustive evaluation of trained mental health professional is important for adequate diagnosis.


there It is not a medication for bipolar disorder, but many of its negative symptoms and side effects can be softened or prevented by a cautious constant psychiatric treatment.Unprocessed bipolar disorder can lead to serious problems, including: / P>

  • Disorder deterioration and exhaustion Symptoms
  • Psychosis (a break with reality,Involving hallucinations or delusions)
  • Drug abuse or alcohol
  • Damaged relationships
  • Financial or legal problems
  • Participation in a crime or violence
  • Failure at work or school
  • suicide orI try

Common conditions

People with bipolar disorder often have other physical care and Mental for health.These diseases can sometimes worsen the symptoms or complicate their treatment. It is important to obtain these other problems with diagnosed and manageable.

When you see your doctor

If you or your beloved man show signs of mania, hypologiate or depression, seek medical help.With the help of fast and adequate treatment, you can control bipolar disorder, and many of your damage is avoided.

If you or your favorite person experience signs and symptoms of violation of a psychpssic gap with reality that are associated with believers who do not correspond to reality or are seen or listening to things that are not an integral part ,It is a medical attention that requires immediate medical attention. Publish 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Word of drug prepared

Bipolar disorder: cerebral disorder, which requires adequate psychiatric treatment.Early and adequate treatment improves long-term results and can help administer and prevent the most serious consequences of this disease.

If you suspect that you or your beloved, it has a full bipolar disorder And careful medical and psychiatric history is required for diagnosis.People with a bipolar disorder, as a rule, first refer to medical care during a depressive episode, and many are not available with the main depressive disorder, and not a bipolar disorder.

Mediation not only delays adequate care, but can also worsen directly the mental state of the person.Made alone, the standard treatment for serious depression, antidepressants, such as serotonin capture inhibitors (SSrs), can cause a manic or hypomanian episode and can cause thoughts on suicide. .Or feel tall or published, and any other sign of mania or hypologia when trying to help.

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