Blockers of calcium channels for hypertension.


Calcium channel blockers are the usual class of used preparations that are used to treat high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat.) Calcium causes a strong abbreviation of muscles in the heart, and also causes the narrowing of the muscles on the walls of the artery.The calcium channels are operated by reducing the amount of calcium, which flows into cardiac muscle cells and the cellular walls of the arteries. This causes the relaxation of the blood vessels.When your blood vessels are not limited, your blood flows easily and leads to lower blood pressure .


Calcium channel blockers can also reduce the Central frequency and reduce the effect of the pumping heart.They are used to reduce cardiac work for people who have pain in the breasts of angina. Calcium channels can be used together with other medications to reduce blood pressure.

The study of all available evidence of JNC 8 (Joint National Commission 8) demonstrated an advantage in the use of calcium channel blockers in certain groups,Especially for the initial processing of high blood pressure in Africanamerican people.The recommendations for the treatment of hypertension in blacks offer the beginning of the initial processing of blood pressure by the calcium channel by the calcium channel or tiazide diuretic, even in patients with diabetes.

however, the authorities agree that it is a decrease in blood pressure, which is achieved, and is not a specific drug or medications that are used, which reduces cardiovascular risk in people with hypertension.The optimal treatment of hypertension must be individualized for all.

have different types of calcium channels

There are three different classes of calcium channel blockers, which include type L, dihydropyridine, and Em> not dihydropyridine. Each class has different characteristics that make them suitable to treat certain conditions. Dihydropiridines are used to treat high blood pressure, more often than other classes of calcium channel blocker.This is because they work well to reduce blood pressure and vascular resistance. This kind of drug usually ends with a suffix ‘-pine.’

Other calcium channels, including diltiazen and verapamil, are used to treat quick heart rate and angina frequencies.Calcium channel blockers are sometimes prescribed in combined forms with static drugs or other arterial pressure medications.

Examples of calcium channel blockers

  • Verapamil (CALAN, Verelan)
  • Amlodipine (Norvasc)
  • Diltiazem (Tiazac, Cardizem,Dilacor)
  • nifedipine
  • amplodipine y benazepril (llorel)
  • amlodipine y atorvastatina (CADUET)
  • amlodipine y valsartan (exfrito)

Advertencia OfCalcium Canal Bloqueos

When you receive calcium channel blockers you need to be sure that your health care provider knows all your medications and current additives that calcium channel blockers can interact with othersConnections To reject products , including juice, they can interfere in the metabolism and excretion of these medications that can lead to high levels of hazardous medications.If you are taking calcium channel blocker, you must wait at least four hours after the adoption of medications before consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice.

Magnesium, which is a nutrient in certain nuts, bananas, spinach, color, brown rice and crushed wheat cereals, has the natural effects of calcium calcium calcium blocker, so if your diet Includes rich products in magnesium,Check with your health care provider to determine if any adjustment is needed. does not have to smoke when you get a calcium channel blocker , as this can lead to a potentially dangerous fast heart.

Side effects associated with calcium channel blockers

there are a series of side effects of , which may arise with calcium channel blockers,But all patients have all patients, and the benefits of therapy exceed the risk of side effects.These possible side effects include headache, constipation, dizziness, heartburn, nausea, swelling in lower extremities, fatigue and eruption or redness.Side effects associated with calcium channel blockers with a smaller probability occur in elderly patients. Patients may also experience a low level of blood sugar.If you notice any side effects, consult your doctor before stopping the medication. The presence of medication suddenly has a good idea. Your health care provider may advise you alternative, including reduced dose or different medications.

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