Blue lips: characteristics, causes, diagnosis and treatment.


With certain medical circumstances, people can get a bluish shadow to their lips. Blue lips can be a form of cyanosis , medical term for blue bleaching of skin and mucous membranes.This can lead to insufficient oxygen available in the blood of the region.

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Symptoms of the blue lip and cianosis

with blue lips,Take your lips to take a blue or blue two-way color, which seems unnaturally. Cianosis is obtained from the word cyan, which means greenish blue color.

The different types of cyanosis may seem different in humans with different leather flowers.For example, it may be harder to notice someone’s blue lips with a dark tone of the skin, so it is important to check it even more carefully.

Blue lips are often found along with cyanotic changes in color to other body parts. It is likely that this is seen in the areas of the body that have a thin layer of the skin with a lot of blood vessels.For example, you can notice a bluish coloration in the following areas,and:

  • language
  • the keys
  • nose
  • finger tips and finger

Some people have a blue discoloration in most of their skin. Invention.This is called central cianosis , and generally indicates a medical condition that should be treated urgently.

peripheral cyanosis is a type that usually simply affects hands and legs, generally because blood vessels in the area decreased in diameter (in response to a problem as intensive cold ). Blue lips, most likely, will occur with the central type of cyanosis than with the peripheral type.

Cyanotic changes, such as blue lips, may arise suddenly, negative in other circumstances can occur more gradually.The color of the blue lip should disappear after consideration of the main medical problem.


Blue lips and other forms of cianosis They are diseases themselves.Rather, they are indicators that there is an important medical problem. In general, this indicates that part of your body does not receive enough oxygen, which is a serious problem. Blue lips can also be caused by the impact of a very cold medium.

Red blood cells in your body use hemoglobin for the transport of oxygen in all tissues. When they release oxygen, change the configuration of hemoglobin, which is a bit darker.In general, this is the reason for cyanotic changes, such as blue blood blood, traveling around the area is not as high in oxygen, as it should be usual.

Medical reasons for blue lips

In general, blue lips and other cyanotic features can be found in people with different types of medical problems.

, the problem of a heart valve or other heart type.

Serious lung problems are another potential problem.Many different types of pulmonary problems can cause blue lips and other cyanotic symptoms. Some examples include asthma, pulmonary embroceration, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) or pneumonia.

Another reason is a serious problem with the central nervous system. If the brain causes a person to breathe less often than usual (hypoventilation), it can cause blue lips.For example, it may occur during the overdose of the drug, TA> the tonic-clonic seizure or the large bleeding inside the brain.

Some other potential reasons include:

rarely, blue lips and other cyanotic characteristics can be caused by the effect of toxin (such as silver salts) or certain medications, such as Amiodar.This circumstance called pseudocyanosis does not indicate a problem with the amount of oxygen in circulation. / P>

Even if it is concerned, the blue lips do not necessarily indicate that Part of your body suffers from harm to not have enough oxygen.

For example, the baby born with certain types of heart disease can have blue lips and lower than normal oxygen levels that are transferred in the blood.However, they can still obtain enough oxygen to tissues so that nothing is damaged.

Other mechanisms in the body may be able to compensate the problem at least temporarily (such as the increase in red blood cell products) .

On the other hand, the lack of blue lips (or other cyanotic symptoms) does not necessarily mean that a person has enough blood oxygenated with blood all The parts of your body.

Diagnostics of the main box

If someone has blue lips, it is important to quickly investigate the main reason.Depending on the situation, it can not be a real threat to an emergency situation, but it must be rapidly qualified. All that causes the question of having to consider the problem.

The evaluation of professional health preparation depends significantly in the medical context of people in the history of past medical problems and current symptoms.The medical examination can also provide key information about the heart, lungs and other important body systems.

It is important to review the body for other areas of cyanosis using good lighting.Other areas inclined to cyanosis should be reviewed, such as language, internal part of the mouth, and hands and legs.It is also important to verify the changes in the shape of the fingertips (suitable calls), which can mean the long-term problem of reducing the oxygen transported in the blood.

Many tests can help your health care provider determine how much your blue lips indicate extremely. These tests can also give advice on potential terrain.Some of them may include:

The narrowing of the diagnosis will depend on the specific clinical situation. Blue lips, which are present at birth, often a congenital heart defect.In an adult with chronic medical care, such as COPD, it can be a sign that their state of health has deteriorated.

In babies, the generally harmless state, called acrociasex can lead to blue tones to weapons and feet.It is temporary, and you should leave when the baby is isolated. AKRCYCIANIASIS Sometimes it can affect the area around the mouth, but generally the blue lips are not found.

Treatment of the basic cause

The treatment will differ according to the main reason.It is important to make sure that the breathing road is clear and that a person can breathe and get enough oxygen in his body.In some situations, man will have to breathe in additional oxygen, or you may need support with the fan to help them breathe.

For a problem, how “Innate cardiac diseases , surgery can end.Other reasons you will need other procedures, such as antibiotics for pneumonia or diuretic drugs for people with heart failure.

when call 911

you should immediately call 911 if your Lips become blue suddenly.You should also request immediate attention to serious symptoms, such as

  • Difficult breathing
  • chest pain
  • dizziness or fainting

If your lips gradually turn, and have a known medical condition that can take it,Log in to the system quickly with your primary health care provider.

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If you do not go fast in response to heat, blue lips are usually a sign of a medical problem that should not be ignored.If you have severe symptoms with the fortresses of the lips, look for an immediate medical activity.

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