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Bone scan, also known as bone of scintigraphy, is a nuclear visualization technique, in which a small amount of radioactive material is introduced in its vein,To emphasize the areas of damage or diseases of the bones. Inclusion of the connection, call tracking, is carried out in cells and tissues repair.Bone scan is a relatively safe and useful procedure for the diagnosis of a series of bones, including fractures, infections and cancer.

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Try Purpose

Bone scans can be requested,If you are experiencing inexplicable bone pain or have signs of the isimpts of bone disease.Among some reasons why your HEALTYCARD provider requests bone scans:

  • to evaluate bone injury, which can not collect
  • to accurately determine fractures,that are difficult to find
  • to study the inexplicable bone fracture ( pathological fracture )
  • determine the age of destruction
  • to investigate The painful pain in the extremities, ribs.or spine
  • to estimate the bone infection detected by other tests
  • to evaluate the damage caused by arthritis and other bone disorders
  • to determine if the flow blood should be the blood flow dice was blocked
  • To set the presence of a primary or secondary bone
  • to pass the conference
  • to monitor your response to the treatment of bone disease

Utility for diagnostics

CONSEL Bone scanning, nuclear medicine technology can quickly determine the damage area using a specialized device called a gamma camera.The Gamma camera is designed to capture internal radiation patterns and translate them into a two-dimensional image.

Bone scan is an extremely sensitive test that even minor violations in bone metabolism can detect.It is essential for the study of bone cancer, including secondary cancer ( metastatic ).

Between the conditions, the bone scan can help diagnose, monitor or characterize:

The bone scan is carried out regularly after certain cancer diagnoses for the bone metastase test before The previous test.

Advantages and disadvantages

The bone scan has advantages and disadvantages.Among them: / P>

  • The bone scan will produce images that are much less detail than the tomography Scanning positron -missions (PET), but it will also be much less expensive.
  • , while the bone scan is very sensitive in detected defeats and other bone anomalies, the images are not allowed and may require additional investigation with the pet, calculated tomography (CT) > magnetic -Resonant display (MRI) or boepsy bones .

Risks and contraindications

The bone scan includes the use of a radioactive plotter, more frequently a substance known as Technetium-99m, which is injected into the bloodstream.

Although this can cause anxiety, the irradiated radiation level is extremely low, much less than what it would be subject to the CT fault also has relatively short preparationLife (approximately six hours), which means that it will be issued from your system for one to two days.

The gamma scanner itself does not radiate radiation.The only side effects associated with the procedure (in addition to discomfort, in the need to lie even for a long period of time), are associated with radioactive tracking.

You must advise your doctor medical attention if you have a heart conditioner or accept any heart. This does not exclude it from the test, but this means that your condition should be monitored during the procedure.

In general terms, nuclear medicine of any kind avoids pregnant women. If you are more difficult, your health care provider may learn other diagnostic options.

Women who are breastfeeding must first in front of the test, then interrupt breastfeeding within 24 hours, pumped and reject that breast milk.If you are breastfeeding, you can have an offer in booking 24 hours after the test. It is observed and close to your baby after your exam does not represent any risk to them.

Side effects of the injection

SIX The most common side effects associated with technetium.99 m (more than 1% of patients occur): / P>

  • Pain or swelling at the injection site
  • Taste changes

  • chest pain or discomfort
  • Fast heart rate
  • Forgirl Change
  • Heart rateIrregular

Possible probable side effects include blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, itching, frivolity when lifting ( postural hypotension ), nausea, vomiting and weakness.According to the appointment of information about the management of food and medications, the allergic reactions to the technoethium-99m are extremely rare.

Before the test

The bone scan does not require an excellent preparation for your part.As soon as the appointment is scheduled, your health care provider will go through the procedure and advise you on what to do to achieve the best results. However, there are some things that are useful to learn in advance, so you can be prepared.


The bone scan is A process that consumes a lot of time.After the radioactive plotter is supplied intravenously (iv) injection, you must wait two to four hours to ensure that the chemical is completely distributed in your body.During the waiting period, you can stay in the hospital or leave and return.

scan can take 30 minutes to an hour.If your health care provider requests a three-phase bone scan (used to identify fractures, I have not seen in other visualization studies), the initial scan will be passed during the IV infusion, per second after the infusion and the third three hours.

Depending on logistics, you may need to postpone all day. If you decide to go during the waiting period, be sure to return no later than 30 minutes before your scheduled scan.


The bone scan will be carried out in the nuclear medicine module The hospital or in a specialized test.Reject a room (called scanning room) is equipped with a specialized scanning table and two parallel gamma, each of which has approximately the size of a very large ice chest.

What to use

should undress for the procedure. Although the office will have a place to keep your clothes, wallets and mobile phone, it is better to leave any unnecessary valuable ornament or things at home.

Food and beverages

does not need quickly before scanning the bones.You can eat your regular diet, but you may not want to drink too much, because you will need to drink four to six water glasses immediately before doing scanning.

If you are taking bismuth-containing medications, such as Ashes-BaseMol or Kaopectatt, stop taking them at least four days before the test, as they can interfere with the visualization. Your health care provider can prescribe an alternative if necessary.

( Medical insurance

Important in Avance Meet Common expenses, including how much it will cover your health insurance and what your joint payment will be and the sudden costs are enrolled.The test will invariably require the contracting of insurance that your health care provider office can present on your behalf.

If coverage is denied for any reason, ask your insurer under a written reason for denial.Then, you can take a letter to the insurance insurance insurance consumer protection office and ask for help.Your health care provider should also interfere and provide additional information to your insurance company on why the test is important.

If you are not stopped or insufficient, talk to the laboratory to see if there are payment options monthly

What to bring

In addition to your identification and health insurance cards, you can bring something to entertain if you plan to stay waiting for you .If you plan a lot to be on your computer or mobile phone, be sure to take the cable or power charger, perhaps even headphones or headphones.

If your child has scanning the bones, bring toys, sandwiches, blanket, nipple or something else you need to take the child. You can register in advance to see if there is a daycare in place or a room Games, you can use it during waiting.

Other considerations

After completing the scan of the bone, you should be able to take home yourself.In the unlikely event, you blurred vision, irregular heartbeat or any other side effect, talk with medical personnel. They can advise you when you are sure, or someone should pick it up.

During the test

The day of the test, after the entry and confirmation of any insurance information, you can ask you to sign the form of responsibility,Which indicates that you know the objectives and risks of the procedure.

Before scanning the bones, the nurse or the technologist will consider his history of disease, including his state of pregnancy and any medication he can take.

Pre -Testra

Before the actual analysis can be performed, the radioactive merchant must be entered.This is done in a sterile room IV as follows:

  • after being located on the table, a nurse or a technologist insert the flexible catheter IV to Vienna in his hand or hand.You may experience fleeting, smaller pain when the needles are inserted.
  • Trazer is entered into IV, during which you can feel the cold feel, get on, but most likely do not hurt him.From the beginning to the end, a decent process takes about 10-15 minutes.
  • can move freely until the tracker circulates in the bloodstream and begins to be absorbed into the bones.During this waiting period, it must drink four to six water vessels to rinse any excess of the plotter, not absorbed by the cells. You can eat and do something else as you want during this time.

If you plan to leave, allow the nurse or technologist to know. He or she can tell you when you need to return. Registration with reception when you do it.

Throughout the test

The bone scan is performed around three hours after injection. When it was time, it led to an exchange room to eliminate all your clothing, jewelry, glasses and removable dental techniques.After changing the dress in the hospital, you will be asked to request to urinate the last time to eliminate both the remaining transfer from your body.

By entering the scanning room, it is on a scanning board a technologist.After that, it must remain absolutely absolutely, since the scan series is taken from the head to the legs.

With the remote control, the technologist moves the photodegraded and under the signals and below your body on the tandem to see the image on the video monitor. The position is sometimes changed to obtain a clearer image.

The bone scan is not noisy as the magnetic resonance, and is less likely to cause claustrophobic, since it will not be placed in a closed space (as it would with the exploration of MRI or CT).

The technologist starts in the room all the time.If you feel any discomfort of the lies, let the coach know, especially if you have a pain or pain in the existing joints.

If your child submits to scan, you may need to stay in the room for Keep them calm.Some image divisions will have televisions with the programming of children so that the child is distracted.

After testing

you must be careful when lifting from the scan table, as you will lie down in your Back for a long time.It is better to get up in the elbows, wait a minute, pushing you a sedentary position, as well as the moment, but until you jump before jumping off the table. This is especially true if it has low blood pressure or existing pain, leg or hips.Tecnetic-99m injection can also cause a drop in blood pressure, which can leave it frivolously.

After completing your scan , You can ask you to wait until the technologist passes the final view of the images.If you need additional images. , You can ask you to come back. Do not let them worry about you. Most of the time, what is not, is simply because the resolution of the image was not sharp enough or the positioning of the camera, the necessary adjustment.This does not mean that the technologist found something anxiety.

After the technologist tells you that the scanned images are acceptable, you can return to your usual clothing and leave it. Check that you have all your things.

Home, call your health care provider if you experience unusual symptoms or side effects, including irregular heartbeat, chest pain, fever, chills or vomiting.

Despite the injection of the radioactive substance, it will not be detrimental to all those who refer to kisses, or stay next to you. Sexy communication is also safe.

Interpretation of the results

Day or two After trying your health care provider will consider the results with you.The report on the visualization of nuclear medicine will include copies of the explorations, as well as a detailed description of the conclusions.

The purpose of the study is to identify the areas of abnormal metabolism of the bone.There is an image that represents all its skeleton can contain ‘darker hot spots, where the crawling molecule accumulates. This indicates an abnormality, which, depending on its size and location, can provide your health care provider to what happens.APHIEF, lighter ‘cold spots’ can leave a reduced blood flow or certain types of cancer.

, when the bone scan can precisely determine the abnormality, the image itself is not diagnosed (which means that you can not tell us which is the problem ).Clinical examination should be required supported by additional laboratory tests and visualization to make a final diagnosis.


Subsequent tests can be ordered if abnormality is detected.Depending on the suspicion of reason, it is possible that blood tests, bone biopsy or more complex visualization forms, such as photon emissions of a single photon of a computerized tomography ( SPECT ) For deep bone.

Word of the Meds information received

Bone scan is a valuable tool for diagnosis, as in terms of its cost and sensitivity.While the test has limitations and invariably consumes the complexity, the complications are rare, and can usually return home or work without any prolonged side effects.

If your bone exploration shows hot spots, try not to assume the worst. Keep in mind that for all its advantages, the bone scan can only say if something is abnormal; He can not tell you what an anomaly is.

On the other hand, if the scan is clear, but still has symptoms, tell your doctor and see what other test options are available.If your healthcare provider can not help, look for the second opinion and request that you send your records to a specialist in your destination.

You can also request a copy of the report for yourself., which can generally be delivered to a digital format.

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