Bottose nose run: anatomy, function and treatment.


The bone of the lower nose is a connected conjugate bone, which is found on the side wall of the nasal cavity. It helps filter and moisten the air we breathe. Conhae Nasal (Neet Concha) is also called turbinites.

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The lowest nose rays are a pair of bones, with a blow on both sides,Separate the medium and low nasal meat, or the nasal cavity.

They are often described as ‘sponge’ bones. Although the excellent and medium nasal puffs are technically part of the ethnic bone, the lower nose horse forms a fully separate bone.


Together with excellent and medium noses, the lower nose ring works to filter, hydrate and heat the air we breathe, avoiding cold air from achieving the lungs.Conhae Nasal is able to achieve this by increasing the area of the cavities of the nasal cavities.

advanced, these bones are lined with mucous membranes that contain waves.Cilia is small hairs that work to sweep the mucus and filter the garbage at the previous hand, where you can swallow, (instead of entering the lungs).

The blood tamps, the lower nasal support coatings are heated and hydrated the air before it reaches the lungs.

Related conditions

Blood vessel lining Nasal semen can be inflamed and increased, which leads to an increase in the production of mucus.

The nasal end is increased (the hypertrophy of the turbine or the simply enlarged turbines) can be temporary or chronic depending on the root cause.Superior respiratory infections and ordinary cold breaths are usually guilty, and can periodically experience a temporary increase in your nose throughout your life.

Symptoms of the enlarged nose Shell may include:

The reasons for the increase in turbinatov, which may be more chronic nature, may include serious allergies, (especially environmental allergy To the mold, pole or dust) and chronic sinusitis.

Some people can be born with a big nose horse.The increase in the nasal end is often in conjunction with another condition called device copmum and the operation of repair of these conditions is often performed simultaneously.

The parasympathetic nervous system supplies the nasal end and any medication or therapeutic process of the disease, which affects this part of the nervous system, also It may cause symptoms such as nasal congestion, nasal secretion,NASAL PUBLISHDROGPER AND BY HAPPY ACCOUNT.


Extremely accounting nose wheels, such as phenylellin and oxymetazoline , are often used to reduce these symptoms caused by an increase at the nasal end.However, they should not be used for more than three days in a row, however, to avoid bouncing congestion . The oral bias, such as pseudoephedrine, may be better options if you need to use demons of more than three days.

The treatment of allergies may include the use of controllers, avoiding triggers, antihistamines or immunotherapy . The persistent (chronic) dysfunction of the turbine can affect up to 40% of the population, therefore, it is a very common state.

Surgical reduction of the nasal end

Such preparations, such as increased agents or antihistamines, could not control the symptoms of chronic turbine dysfunction,Surgical reduction of the nasal shell.

The surgical decrease Nasal Concha is a fairly common operation, which can generally be done on an outpatient base.

The procedure is generally performed using an endoscope. The surgeon enters through the nostrils, so the external cut should not be made.The bone parts, the mucous membrane or both can be eliminated when they try to reduce the size of the lower nose.

Since other problems of the nose and breasts often occur, simultaneously with an increase in turbines of other procedures, including Saint-Plastic or etmidectomy, often performed simultaneously as a reduction in the turbine.

Other surgical methods

Other surgical methods can be used to perform the resection Of the lower nose semen, but they are not the same as required by the use of expensive equipment.This may include the use of cryosurgery, radio frequency ablation or surface thermal ablations. The surgeon can not decide which technique to use until the procedure can completely visualize the nasal end.

After surgery

Deleting a nasal end too low, it can make your ability to exaggerate the air that We breathe and results in a state, called dry nose syndrome or empty nose syndrome.

After surgery, to reduce the lower marrow, you can expect to have a greater pain and burn on your nose or breasts. There is also a bloody nose for several days.Your medical care or nurse will give you detailed instructions on what to expect and how to take care of yourself after the operation. You must take care of the following instructions.

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