Brazilian rear lifting: what to expect on the day of the operation

Brazilian rear lifting (Gloplasty) has two parts: Extraction of fat, which will be transplanted into their buttocks (harvest) And these fats are injected to create a more complete, more regular reverse side (vaccination).

The two parts are performed during a single operation, and the production and placement areas are discussed and planned in advance during consultations on the preliminary procedure.

Georgiy Datsenko / Getty Images

Before the operation

When you reach the operation, it will be set to become any form,He was asked to fill in advance. You will also be asked to sign the form of consent.

There will be an area where you can change to a hospital dress and store your belongings.If you forgot to give up using jewelry or makeup, you will be asked to delete it at this time.

Member of the output team will consider the disease of it, as well as or not the proposed preparation stages (for example, not eating or drinking after 12 a.m If the instructions for the preparation of your surgeon were not respected.