Breast cancer: anatomy, function and treatment


Young glands are on the chest of people and other mammals . Adjusted the endocrine system , the milk glands react to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and following gender .Mammary glands are responsible for feeding , also known as milk production .

breast cancer , which occurs often or ducts , is the biggest threat to health Statistically 1 in 8 people breasts with breast will develop breast cancer in their you lives.Other conditions that can affect mammary gland include Matitito Mamary , cysts , lumps and ectasia .

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Milk producing glands are in the breast.They develop in pairs modified sweat glands .

mammary glands are present in all people to be born , regardless of gender assignment .Only those who have a touch during puberty breasts and developed, with a touch during puberty mammary glands and will not develop the breasts.

The outer chest has a raised nipple and the area surrounding the region, called Areola.Then chest 15-20 Ironweave cuttings , branches in a circle of the nipple.

Dairy milk ducts paid small sections of tissue located within the lobes , the lobes remains .On called teat , the milk ducts to increase milk to collect , and then narrow again , where each channel is opened regardless of the nipple.


Hormones play an important role to guarantee the main function of the mammary glands, milk production.

Estrogen plays an important role in the expansion of the milk ducts , forcing them to expand to spend more milk. During puberty , the hormones estrogen and growth cause milk glands to grow and develop .During pregnancy, equal to an increase in estrogen and progesterone , milk ducts grow , and breast augmentation.

Prolactin promotes the development of the mammary gland and milk production . progesterone helps a lot growing up in preparation for feeding to feeding , as well as increases in blood vessels in the chest after ovulation , contributing edematous breast swelling and tenderness. A> Oxytocin causes milk extraction of iron.

With the decline in estrogen production at menopause around , the breasts are reduced ,Making the breast to appear softer and less full of

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Breast cancer

Female breast cancer is one of the types of more common cancer that affect 1 in 8women. People who withdrew their breasts for any reason ( including surgery top or prophylactic mastectomy ) , have a lower risk than cisgender woman.

Hormone therapy can alter the risk of breast cancer of breast cancer in men and transfeminin and not in replacement therapy hormonal, it is much less common , but it is not.Transmasculine people pubertal blockers have a level of risk of developing breast cancer similar cisgender men and people transfeminine not on the basis of gender confirmation of hormone therapy were .

Breast cancer can start from several parts of the breast, including the mammary glands, dairy ducts and other tissues.The , breast cancer left undetected can spread to other organs through the blood and lymph node system.


milk occurs near after menopause .Ectasia is a milk duct non-cancerous enlargement . Not always cause symptoms, but sometimes it can manifest as chest pain and swelling , discharge from the nipple or nipple , which stops .

ectasia not always require treatment, but sometimes it may be necessary antibiotics or surgical removal of the channel .


fluid filled in the breast , benign .Breast cysts develop in the milk ducts and are very common in recent years . Around 1 in 4 breast lumps are cysts . It is causing cysts known, but may develop as a result of hormonal fluctuations . fibrocstices breast changes

In addition , a tumors and cysts, breast lumps may indicate fibro – cystic changes.fibrocystic breast changes is a common benign field , a disease that affects people , especially before menopause . It is characterized by tissue breast lumps .

This condition was previously known as fibrous cystic diseases of the breast, but most doctors lowered the term disease in favor of changes, since this is not really a disease.


Mastitis is an infection that occurs in the breast tissue. It most frequently affects women who are breastfeeding.Mastitis caused by bacteria that enter breast milk through a channel or cracks on the skin.

Symptoms of mastitis include mammary swelling, pain, redness, fever and pain In the form of flu in the muscles.At home, the treatment usually resolves the mastitis, but in some cases it may require antibiotics. chest pain chest pain can occur as a result of things , including hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, infections , breastfeeding , and sometimes cancer.Depending on the cause, chest pain often can be treated at home .vazhno , however , it has a permanent or severe pain and all lumps evaluated the health care provider .


Clinical breast examination and self- portraries tests used to be considered a gold standard for early detection of breast cancer .But lately , the American Cancer Society ( ACS ) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC ) recommending stopped due to lack of evidence found early breast cancer .

Even without a breast self-exams monthly , most people are familiar with their breasts and often change notice or packages through normal activities such as showering or dressing.In this case, the clinical breast examination is performed often.

During the exam, the health care provider breast examines clinical appearance of breasts and palpate the chest with the finger tips for feeling violations .

MampoGrogs -Reoplacement Cofre.Durante mammography, you will face a specialized X-ray facility . The technician will place your breast on the plate and then bring another plate to press his chest. And finally, the technician takes a picture of the chest .This will be repeated at the top and the side in both breasts .

You can recommend a mammogram to detect a lump that you or your doctor discovered a chest. They are also used as a screening tool for detecting breast cancer .

Obstetricians American college Gynecologists recommends women at average risk of developing breast cancer not to get mammograms every day of the year, after 40 years and no later than 50;Exploration should at least until the age of 75. Breast biopsy can be done when a small sample is required for laboratory tests.A needle biopsy is performed by inserting a needle into the breast to remove liquid or cells ( known as fine needle ) , or greater , hollow needle to extract small amounts of tissue samples ( known as punch biopsy ) .

Sometimes , ultrasound or MRI is used for guidance . If necessary to eliminate most of the tissue or mass , it must be removed or estimate , surgical biopsy , also known as loaded biopsy.

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