Breast cancer: signs, symptoms and complications.


New Bulk without pain, swelling and changes of the skin on the chest can be a warning about breast cancer.

breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women, so the knowledge of the symptoms of breast cancer is important. /a> However, the disease rarely causes symptoms until it reaches relatively late preventive tests, such as mamigrogens decisive upon receiving Early diagnosis

Black women would bleach disproportionately with breast cancer.Not only black women are more likely to get and die from breast cancer, but younger black women are more likely to be present with a negative triple subtype ,What is more aggressive and associated with a higher mortality rate

This article analyzes the symptoms of cancer Breast, as well as concrete details about how breast cancer affects black women.

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Frequent symptoms

Breast cancer generally has no symptoms, especially early of stages,When a tumor is small, difficult to notice, and it is easy to treat, emphasizing the importance of annual mammograms for early detection.

The most common physical signs of breast cancer in black women are an indolar bulk.Most hits are benign, and some women can even get used to feeling new emerging windows on time, but any bulk that feels more difficult or differs from the rest of the chest should be reviewed by the health care provider.

Each breast feels different.There is no typical or normal chest sensation, but some changes in its breast can be breast cancer warning signs,Including:

  • New lump on the chest or armpit (armpit)
  • Thickening or swelling part of the cofre
  • Room of irritation or apple skin
  • Redness or flexible leather in the nipple area or chest
  • Tendedepel or pain in the nipple area
  • nipples discharge, except breast milk, including blood
  • Change size or shape of mom
  • Chest area

Find a new bulge on the chest can be afraid,Special Breast Cancer runs on your family, but not all packages are breast cancer. The fibrocystic state of the thorax and cysts are common causes of packages.

Monitoring for additional symptoms, such as fever, bloody discharge of a nipple, inexplicable weight loss and localized redness and pain can shed more light in your condition.Regardless of the case, contact your health care provider immediately if you experience any new change in the chest that concerns you.

Symptoms rare

Some unusual symptoms on the search include: / P>

  • Implining: Leather starting to remember orange the peeled can be implicitquetumor is developing under it.
  • Lowucking: If you develop a deepening of the breasts, when your hand rises, it is cleaned when you install your hands, you can hold Chest, sometimes a fine sign of breast cancer.
  • Swelling, redness or darkening of breasts: Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is an aggressive form of breast cancer, which may be Present with symptoms that are immosmer infection.
  • Change size or shape: uneven breasts and changes in the size of the natural thorax, but rapid changes in form and size can be an early warning sign of cancer mother.
  • Health checketics failure immediately.
  • breast pain after menopause: is rare, but it can be an early sign of breast cancer.

Inflammatory breasts of cancer symptoms (IBC) and black women

Black women 70% more often develop IBC , that white women.If you are experiencing lower symptoms on your chest, contact your medical care provider immediately,To avoid life-free complications: / P>

  • painful edema
  • redness
  • Damage in the breast / li>

Readings group

SomeCancers are sensitive to estrogen hormones and progesterone, therefore, the growth of cancer cells can be limited to the use of drugs that block the hormone.All breast cancers are falling into one of the following categories of hormonal status:

  • Positive estrogen and / or positive positive breast cancer: are treated with preparations of Hormonal Therapy Be below theEstrogen levels or block estrogen receptors.
  • Hormonal or negative hormon receiver (HR + / HR-): HR + Breast cancer cells can be treated with estrogen, progesterone lock or medications Blocking progesterone with estrogen.GR-tumor cells do not have estrogen or progesterone receptors that regulate growth, so they do not react to medications that block hormones.

Black women more often than white women to have HRS that do not react to hormone locking medications.In fact, an important national study showed that black women under 45 are 70% more chance of developing breast cancer than white women of the same age, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Black women are also more likely to have aggressive characteristics of tumors, such as more distant anti-alocalized diseases, large tumor sizes and more mutated cells ,Emphasizing the inclusive research of necessity that analyze the differences in the biology of the tumor between races and ethnic sciences.

Some other breast cancers have cells overcoming growth is passing, promoting protein, it2.The growth of cancer HER2 + cancer cells Breast can be inhibited by IT2 blocking medications.

Black women are more likely to have their breast cancer, and according to the American Cancer Society, twice, it probably has a negative triple breast cancer than white women in the USA.

Negative triple breast cancer:

  • -negative estrogen receiver
  • Progesterone receiver -Negative

Negative breast cancer is a significant contributor to the mortality of black women, since it is the most aggressive and resistant to the treatment of breast cancer.

Effect in black women

Many black women are not present with the symptoms of breast cancer.The fine signals, such as the blackness of the thorax or the smelting of the skin, can be signs of breast cancer warning, but black women tend to have a dense breast fabric, which can mask these signs.

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to stay at the top of breast health,It is important for:

Black woman and triple-negative breast cancer

Black women have twice as a possibility of being diagnosed with triple breast cancer Negative than the white and Hispanic women.

Negative triple breast cancer is more difficult to treat and is more likely to return. Higher women are also more likely to have large tumors that require more treatment courses. The effect of negative triple breast cancer in black women can be destructive.Its aggressive nature often does not provide enough women’s time capable of adapting to their diagnosis, symptoms and treatment modes.

Negative triple breast cancer is extremely fatal, and the rate of five-year survival is 12% in the diagnosis at the end, compared to 91%, when they are early and localized.It highlights the importance of detecting mammography and early detection in black communities.

) When you see health provider

you will find a new package, and do not feel like the rest of the chest.What should you do?

If you have a story of cyst, mastitis or fibrosis, you can feel obligated to take expectations.An approach,But the following changes in your packages can be especially in relation to and should offer you that you see a medical service provider:

  • Changes on the skin on a wildcard
  • Integral expansion or bloodless discharges change
  • changes the size of the comc

The sooner the breast cancer will take, it is most likely that it has to defeat it,But black women are more likely to be delayed in diagnosis and attending an improved disease for many reasons, which are out of their control, such as unequal medical treatment and access.

Evaluation of black breast cancer

Some studies have shown that fewer black women and treated properly, which will lead to higher mortality.

Even with operating diagnoses, there are several barriers for medical care,As:

  • the financial strain have not been aggravated

Black white families in the United States, which can lead to a delay in the initiation of treatment.It can have broad and destructive consequences. However, the studies also showed that black women are much worse than white women, even when socioeconomic differences are associated.If you have suspicion of breast cancer, consult immediate medical care.

Access to care

Black women are susceptible to high risks to achieve and die for breast cancer, and early detection does not occur enough to stop it from what happened.

According to the American cancer society, 65% of white women are diagnosed at an early stage against only 55% of black women;And almost double, since many black women are diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of the steps against white women.

Survival rates are dominated by early detection, so obtaining an annual mammogram is paralyidity for black women, starting with 40. The recommendations make it possible. To vary, however.USA.The target group of preventive services recommends making a biennial detection of 50 to 74, , while The American Society of Breast Surgeons takes an even more aggressive approach,The recommended risk assessment is actually carried out at the age of 25 / p>

obtaining a mammogram of up to 50 years: this is a separate option that should be based on its risk profile.Regardless of the case, lack of insurance, misinformation and medical care is easy for medical care, it should never be interposed on the way you get the need for preventive services.

Some health care providers may be undecided to resolve breast cancer with blacks when they come with other conditions. The inequality of health is so common that it may seem that there are too many conditions for discussion.

Remember that you have the right of information about your general health care, and not just a condition that has led you. An open and honest dialogue with your medical care provider simplifies easier to have The necessary discussions.

according to a recent study,Three barriers more often reported to mammography:

  • fear cost
  • fear of mamamamrasdolor related
  • Fear Get bad news

System problems, such as lack of insurance,Concerns about payment capacity, does not have medical primary medical care, and vision doctor’s prejudice is another level of difficulty in the unreasonable situation.

Some factors associated with a lower mammamogle ending fee include:

  • Age less than 60
  • Health plan membership Less than five years
  • Family income Less than $ 40, 000 per year.
  • Latest Immigrations
  • Residence in the field

There is no black woman without mammography, is there any pain , bad news or rejection of costs to meeting with the other, can facilitate your fears,And many providers will work with you to compensate for your mammography cost.

should be done more to face black women where they are.Patients to receive reminders by mail and social networks, as well as telephones, as well as telephone reminders who use live subscribers or automatic calls are excellent ways to increase the detection speed.Ask your health care provider to provide these services for you if they are no longer.

Dog cancer discussion guide

Get our guide to print for your next destination doctor to help you ask the right questions.

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Even if you do not have signs or symptoms of breast cancer, the search for culturally competent and credible medical care,What you can configure it with routine visits will help soften the risk of developing breast cancer.

Frequently asked questions

  • , there is no evidence that conventional thorax selfinganization leads to a decrease in death or increase the diagnosis of breast cancer, most of the health care providers approve breast substances,Especially in black women, because it is important for them to know their breasts.

  • While black white women have the same symptoms, black women more likely will have a triple negative and inflammatory breast cancer ,What can you submit with:

    • chest pain
    • darkening of breasts
    • fast changes in the size of the chest
    • Strongly Indolido Comm
    • Yamli or game point drain juices
    • BreastsInflamed, they are red, swollen, and soft

  • talking about breast cancer with your health care provider can be difficult. For some women, these conversations are easier with the female provider, but this is not always the case.Remember that you are the one who took the conversation, and that your health care provider should provide advice, information and listen ear.

  • It is not perfect a mammamogram test.Mammograms are between 80% and 98% are effective when breast cancer is detected. Some researchers believe that the rooms are even lower for black women .Black women tend to have dense breasts, which can complicate detection results in a mammogram.

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