Breast wound during pregnancy: causes, time and references


When your periods are late, and your breasts are swollen and Gentiles, two main opportunities are seen to mind: or is experiencing a common symptom Premonition Syndrome (PMS) or one of the first signs of pregnancy .

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You are trying to actively conceive actively, know that the difference between them can be useful.As a general rule, his chest becomes sick from three to five days before the start of his menstrual cycle (if at all) due to the increase of estrogen and progesterone hormones and the progesterone.As soon as your period begins, any mammary disease must disappear.

If you are pregnant, your chest can feel more sensitive than ordinary pain that comes with PMS. You can also notice that your nipples are softer or sensitive.

How are your approaches to a period of time, you can expect your chest to rise in size and integrity? All the above is the result of hormonal changes , when your Body is prepared for housing .

During pregnancy, there are many personal, emotional and physical changes forward. These include uncomfortable symptoms, such as breasts in constant growth and ultra-sensitive levels sensitive to ultraensitive levels.Move forward, helps to understand why your chest changes, what is right (or not) and how to deal with discomfort.

Here, find out what you need to know about sick fabrics during pregnancy and how Lidate with them.


WITH The principle can thank your hormones for breast pain during pregnancy.After conception, your body starts at HyperDrive to prepare for breastfeeding with jumps on pregnancy hormones, including Estrogen , and Progesterone and prolactin.

As a result, the bloodstream to your chest goes up. Westers of milk pipelines begins to grow, and your chest takes additional fluids, fabrics and fats. This may mean going to the profitable cup of several.His nipples also become more and change color so that the child is easier to see and snatch (if he decides to breastfeed).

Considering the amount of rapid changes that your body is happening, it is not surprising that many pregnant people experience growing pain.The presence of these hormones can also simply make your breasts and nipples feel more sensitive.


You can notice Pain in the chest and nipples as soon as one to two weeks after the concept. This is what you can expect from Trimester to Trimester.

FIRST QUARTER: weeks 1-12

In the first weeks after the concept, you can experience more delicate, breast From breast and nipples. You can notice that your breasts are completed, and your nipples are also sticking.

Because your whole body in the middle of the main transformations, you can also expect it to be surprised by some serious fatigue. Good news: tenderness and chest depletion often disappear when your pregnancy progresses.

Second Quarter: weeks 13-28

During the second quarter, your chest continues more and more and more than you should buy more, more support supports.You can also notice more remarkable veins under your skin, dark nipples and trees (area around your nipples) and stretching, developing in the chest, stomach and hips.

Earlier 16 to 19 weeks, his chest could start younger, aqueous and yellowish leaks. Something to wait impatiently: You should start feeling that your child moves.

Third Quarter: weeks 29-40

How do you approach? The great day, can expect more suitable chest, sore nipples and a body and babies constantly in growth. If its breast has not been taken, could begin to specify Mosper.However, sometimes they are also. In any case, it has nothing to do with your ability to breastfeed.

When should I call a doctor?

Some discomfort in the chest and nipple are normal with pregnancy.However, consult medical care as soon as you can for these symptoms:

  • Heat the pain of the breasts
  • bloody or clear discharge that comes from your nipple
  • Bulk on the chest
  • Signs of infection, such as redness,Hold down fever

Sacred breasts and nipples are really a common experience when you expect there to be no lack of home for consideration.

Here are some to try:

  • Buy a new bra . For additional support, the exchange of BRARS Lace Boats for the full coating for the full coating of soft cotton holders with wide straps, a thick turn under the breasts and easily adjusts the closure.The size of your bra can climb several times, so do not hesitate to ask a specialist in a suitable support to help make sure it has the correct size and style for your needs.
  • / Strong>. If the movement is especially annoying by its soft breasts and nipples, think about using a sporty bra or sleep bra when you go to sleep in a 24/7 relief.
  • Leave them one . It is likely that it already does everything possible to avoid unnecessary pressure on your chest. But make sure your partner or partners are also in the cycle.Let them know when it worsen and what they can do to help alleviate discomfort or at least avoid greater irritation of their chest or nipples in the bedroom. The application of a frozen gel or an ice pack on the chest can help relieve swelling and pain, temporarily reducing the flow of blood and winning nervous activity in the area.Just be sure to keep a thin towel between your chest and everything is frozen to protect yourself from skin damage.
  • Take a shower or soothing bath . sometimes warm can help relieve tension and relax chest muscles. If possible, adjust the shower in the soft setting or use the wipe to lock the water sprayer from the blunt nipples.Carefully wash the nipples with warm water. Soaps Computer gods who can dry the skin and further irritate the area.
  • Add chest .If your fastener’s lining will depend on you or your nipples, you will start to run, try to protect them with loads. Press from disposable paper or cotton washing, you can create a beneficial buffer between your chest and bra.
  • Ask for revaluation options (OTC) . If these solutions do not reduce it, ask your medical care that your medical care is taken by OTC anesthesia. such as tilenol (acetaminophen).


As fatigue, stretch marks and hemorrhoids, sick breasts are a conventional part of pregnancy.Soft breasts and hypersensitive nipples are uncomfortable and something inevitable. But the discomfort can be manageable with some advice from the people who were there before.

Word From Get Information from Meds

By moving pregnancy, trust your support network. Or join the support group for future parents, if you feel lonely or you need to distract someone.

If you are worried about any change or pains in the thorax or nipples, do not hesitate to contact your medical professional. In the way you should expect a little discomfort, there is no need to suffer in silence.

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