Bronchokovonstriction: Review and more


broncoconstrictionStiction is the adjustment of the smooth muscles bronchi and bronchioles (respiratory tract), causing the amplification of the respiratory tract and Prevent air movement in and from the lungs.The Bronchokonstructure is characteristic of asthma , as well as pulmonary diseases, as emphysema, viral infections, stress and other health problems.

The Bronchokonzrix can lead to an emergency respiratory situation, as an attack asthma , which should be considered with inhaled drugs to facilitate symptoms.Future entry can be avoided by medications, avoiding the trigger and / or other methods of treatment (depending on the cause).

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Bronchoquistriction types

SUNCTION OF THE SOLOL IS a symptom of many medical conditions,But more often it is associated with various types of asthma and asthmatic conditions.

for example:

Among other diseases of the lungs associated with susceptibility to bronchocytructures:

People with these conditions, the BonidaThestriction often causes an irritant, such as the smoke of the cigarette,The powder or other contaminant air. This is not an allergic reaction, but direct irritation of the tissues of the respiratory tract. Some other things can cause bronchoqualistriction in susceptible people.

Symptoms of bronchococcling

As a respiratory tract that carries and from the lung loan, there are several problems associated with breathing.Some can be insignificant and easy to overcome. However, if the symptoms are not resolved independently or with medications and / or not severe, they can cause serious complications.

Symptoms of Bronchociscintory for any reason similar to the typical symptoms of the asthma and include:

  • breathing difficulty
  • pear apprehension
  • chronic cough
  • wheezing

in casesRaroslas Bronchocistrisions can cause severe medical complications or mortality. However, in most cases, these episodes can be controlled with adequate treatment.

.Fruit response, the brain sends a signal that you need to breathe faster to get more oxygen.

These short and fast inhalation are characteristics of the lack of breath .Light, as long as the respiratory tract has been reduced, the need for more oxygen will be maintained. If the difficulty of breathing continues, it can lead to an oxygen deprivation, which can cause confusion or loss of consciousness.

Chest pester

chest tightness is a feeling of That he strips around his chest, which prevents him from pushing the air in the air in his lungs.You can start simultaneously with other symptoms or occur after start.

This feeling and feeling that you can not control your breath can cause anxiety that only your symptoms worsen.

Chronic cough

A Chronic cough is one that can not be calm.In the case of Bronchoquius, cough receptors are stimulated, since the respiratory tract narrows, although this happens this is not well understood.

results cough, which is dry and not producer, which means that there is no wet or slug. In exchange, the cough sounds like a Star, dry and opinion.


HOOD is the high sound you make when you breathe or exhale through Of a narrowed respiratory movement.escape after physical activity can be the first sign of asthma or EIB, especially in children.

Although this is not dangerous for the symptom of life, you can warn you that you are at risk of attack Asthma.Discuta the possibility of EIB, asthma or other problems with the easiest of your health care provider.


Process Broonquisistriction begins when something tightens the muscles along the respiratory tract to squeeze. Show the bronchi and bronchioles that reduce your respiratory tract.In susceptible people, several incentives in the respiratory tract can cause tightening.

Health providers still do not understand the complete process, but the evidence suggests certain incentives caused by multiple complex responses from their body, which are associated with specialized cells of the immune system,Blood circulation and nerves. Genetics can also play a role. . They are the most common triggers.

Allergens and stimuli

For some people, looking inoffensive materials or natural elements Seen immunological systems as foreigners and dangerous.The impact of these substances produces an antibody called ‘immunoglobulin E (IgE) , which releases chemical products (such as histamine), which causes inflammation of bronchi and narrowing that blocks normal air flow.

The common ASMA activators include:

  • cockroaches
  • mild
  • pets

The iriotic causes Bronchokonzonus through a similar biological process,But it includes other mixtures and chemical products in your body. General respiratory irritants include:

  • Environmental chemicals
  • Gas
  • smoke / Li>
  • parts
  • dust

Even if you do not have all of them, pollen and dust in the air can also disturb the respiratory tract.

Inhalation of cold air

La Bronchokonority occurs in people sensitive to fresh air traveling through your respiratory tract This is a special problem for those who are with EIB.

When you train, you breathe through the mouth when you try to attract more oxygen to keep up with the physical effort. The air in which you breathe your mouth, cooler than the air in which you breathe through the nose.

If you train in a cold medium, as in winter in winter, low temperature air can cause a reaction that causes muscles around your respiratory tract in a contract.

The symptoms of the bronchocytrain can occur shortly after the training shoot and can be worse from 10 to 15 minutes after stopping the training. Usually, they go for 20-30 minutes of stopping activities.

the studies, since the healthy people of high users Level No unnecessary diseases are known.

Other triggers

While many others incentives can cause bronchonoconstruction in susceptible people;Including: / P>

  • Viral infection: In susceptible people Viral infections, apparently, increase the activity of the sensory nerve.This leads to changes in the way the nervous system controls the respiratory tract, which leads to Bronchocistrisions.
  • Sudden temperature changes: It is believed that the extreme temperature change causes sensory nerves send signals in The vegetation nervous system, which leads to bronchocistris.
  • Gastroofagal reflux disease (Gard): In some cases, gastric acid in the esophagus irritates the nerves. In other cases, the contents of the stomach can enter the lungs.Both events begin the processes that end up with tight breathing.
  • Psychological stress: The physiological components of psychological stress can cause changes in the nerve courtesy and nervous system Central that causes Bronchroquervistion.
  • Strong emotions: Anger, fear, scream, scream, laughter and emotion, everything can take Broncokrovisions through of changes in breathing and muscle voltage. . Designed to help manage the disease.


    Initial diagnosis of Bronchocistrict based on self-esteem symptoms. Your health care provider will investigate to determine that narrowing triggers.The evaluation will include the complete history, the physical examination and the tests of the functions of the pulmonary area .

    EIB diagnosis generally requires a test for the exercise.Your doctor will use spirometry to measure the function of the lungs before and after training. The test may include checking your fresh air tolerance.

    To determine if Bronchokonority is caused by an allergen, it must be exposed to test allergies .This may include cutaneous tests in which the general allergens are placed in or only below the top layer of your skin to see if you have an answer. You can do blood tests to see how your immune system reacts when subject to possible allergens.

    If at this point, the reason for your symptoms is not clear, your health care provider can perform other tests and evaluations defined by the specific aspects of your business.These can be exams for other problems associated with light or other conditions with similar symptoms.

    Similar conditions

    Some conditions have symptoms are very similar to asthma and bronchococtionciones, but they are not really associated With them, including voice cable dysfunction (VCD) and asthma hearts.

    In VCD, limited breathing is caused by the vocal ligaments that close on the breathing paths, without tightening the respiratory tract.

    Despite the fact that it offers its name, cardiac asthma is not really asthma.This is a symptom of left heart failure, which causes respiratory problems due to the accumulation of liquid in the lungs (pulmonary edema).

    These differences are important because VCD and cardiac asthma do not respond to the same procedures as bronchoconzriction and asthma.


    The first step in the treatment of the athletic determines what is triggered and avoids. Although it sounds easy, it can be difficult.Many times you need to act as a detective, write your symptoms, habits and exhibition and are looking for links between them.

    If your activator is a different condition, such as GERD or viral infection, the treatment of this condition will probably improve your Bronchokonzric.

    If you have frequent episodes caused by stress or solid emotions, your health care provider may recommend a stress manual or a psychiatric basis.

    The diet can also affect Bronchiusticia.It was associated with a high sodium consumption, While the omega-3 tall doses can reduce the risk. In this way, See your sodium and an omega-3 supplement or get more in your diet, you can limit some symptoms.

    When an attack occurs , Rescue inhalers are the first medications used for the treatment of bronchocytriction.Using the inhaler, breathe medications on your respiratory tract.After the Bronchokronstrics episode, your health care provider can assign an inhaler that you can use in case of future attacks.

    • Sabbas and Labs relax smooth muscles than respiratory tract lines, allowing them to open again, so breathing can return to normal and symptoms to stop.In addition to the weakening of symptoms during the attack, these medications can implement the appearance of bronchocistriction implemented.

      Sabbas and Labas do not reduce the main inflammation, the non-amenity.Your healthcare provider can also assign a steroid inhalation , which is a powerful anti-inflammatory medicine.

      In addition to these general processing methods, other medical approaches that can be used,Includes:

      • leukotriene receptor antagonists
      • ipratopium

      If you are at risk Broncokrohonstriction, you should always have YourRestue IngalerHandy.It can be especially important for EIB, since bronchocystriction can be prevented using its inhaler before activity.

      Even if you are not diagnosed with asthma, you and your health care provider must develop a plan that describes what triggers are avoiding.

      If you are an athlete you do not want to stop enjoying the exercises, you can consider replacing sports sports with events that require shorter exercise outbreaks that can help you avoid bronchoquoqualistriction.

      Some simple measurements, such as using a scarf in the mouth, when allergies, a cold or mask can be of great importance in their symptoms.

      Word of the Meds information received

      While bronchocycion can be terrifying, especially the first times this happens, it has options to obtain and preserve it under control.Cooperating closely with your health care provider, adhering to your treatment regime and avoiding stimuli when it may be possible to continue breathing freely and live completely.

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