Bubble: Anatomy, Location and Function


The bladder collects and harms the urine of the body. Since the urine is performed, it moves from the kidneys and down for each ureter in the bladder.The flexible urea walls are stretched and contracted to keep the urine until it is expelled from the body through the urination.


The bladder is a triangle, a hollow organ.In men, it borders the help of the pubic bones on the front of the pelvis and the rectum on the back of the pelvis at the bottom of the abdomen. In women, the bladder borders the back of the uterus and vagina. The bladder is compatible with a ligament and connects from top to two ureters and down on the urethra.

Two internal agreements and an external external base.The base of the body helps keep urine in the bladder, until the signs of the nerves tell them to the contract and release of urine.The series of vehicles controlled by a vegetarian nervous system flows through the bladder,It is indicated when it is filled and it must be emptied

the blood is supplied to the bladder at the top of the vesic artery and in the lower part of the vaginal or vesicular arteries. The arteries, lower than gluten and generally contribute.The degree of blood from the bladder through the Vesic veins, which flow into the veins of the veins.

Irrigation that accumulates in the bladder, it is done in the waste kidneys and excess liquid.This liquid travels from the kidneys to two ureters, one after the omission of each kidney to the bladder. The first bubble serves as a tank to maintain urine to reflect or a conscious action by age and assortment.With flexible walls that expand, as it fills the urine, the bladder can be stretched in the stomach when it is full.

The bladder itself is divided into four sections .

  • Apex: This is the top of the bladder. The peak indicates in front of the abdominal wall.
  • Fundus: Bladder base
  • Body: Bladder’s main between the vertex and the item.
  • Neck: Narrow part of the bladder, which narrows and joins the organ to urethra.

The bladder is a very flexible organ consisting of smooth muscles. The placon strips of smooth muscles form muscles of detrusion, the main muscle of the bladder.Destroying muscles work with a blade to maintain or repel the urine from the bladder through the urethra during urination.


The urine bubble is an organ that keeps the urine until it is ready to free, and then helps lead it from the body.The ground will bring the urine to the bladder of the kidneys, passing through the hole for the bladder, called the image compound.

As a flooded bladder of urine, nerves send signals to the central nervous system.Somatic and vegetative nerves control the muscles of the destroyer, which contract and relax along with the sphincters of the urethra.

With its entirety, a typical adult bladder can contain up to 500 milliliters of urine in the country house, approximately 2 cups must be released every two to five hours.

Iphone, or MICTHE, is a combination of voluntary and involuntary actions adjustable to the MICTHETION SIGNAL CENTER Centerna is found in the brain guests.When a bladder is filled, and the bladder wall is stretched, the sensors send the nerve impulses to the microphone center. The result is the relaxation and hiring of the muscles of the destroyer along with external and internal urethral sphincters.

Relevant conditions

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Number Of the problems can occur as a bladder or urination.

  • Bladder cancer : This is the most common urinary system cancer. The fabric biopsy of the bladder is required to see how far cancer is distributed, and the distribution will determine the treatment.In severe cases, the bladder can be removed, and the urine is distracted with the intestines or collected with the outer device. . This leads to problems with bladder pressure and volume and can damage the upper urinary tract.This problem is the most common in children. / Li>
  • Cistitis : This term is used For descriptions of inflammation in the bladder.Inflammation can occur for several reasons, but more frequently of urinary tract infections or bladder. The funds can also be caused by other things, including certain medications or medications. It is less common.
  • CISSOCEE : This is a problem that occurs when the connectors and structures that hold the bladder become weak and BUBLE Bubble Fallsor becomes steamed .The bladder can slide, causing discomfort and other problems, such as the convexity of vagina in women. Exercises can help, but operations and other more invasive measures may be required in severe cases.
  • DAMAGE DURING THE PELVIC SURGERY : THE Pelvic operations can damage lead to areas around the bladder or nerves and vessels that help it work.Surgeons must carefully address this area to avoid damage or dysfunctions of the urinary bubble.
  • Eletuser Reflection The bladder can not hire and generally is the result of Neurological injuries or malfunction.Diabetes is a unique disease that can lead to nerves that are divided that control the muscle of delivery.
  • The Migenic bladder : Migenic bladder is the result of the overvoltage or malformation of the bladder. When the bladder is fill themselves too many, the fibrous fabric can be formed.This fabric replaces muscle fibers and causes muscle less efficient. The hypertrophy of the prostate in the men and organs of the body pelvis in women are common causes of a myogenic bladder.The result of this state is empty bladder poor and, possibly, incontinence. / Li>
  • Modern : incontinence incontinence is the term used for urine leakage or urine that is freed by chance.Implantation incontinence is a sudden desire to urinate, generally out of weakness in the muscles of the destroyer. Functional incontinence occurs when you feel the need to urinate, but you can not do it in the bathroom before canceling.The problems with incontinence incontinence are common as people get older, especially in women. Special exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles and certain medications can be used to guarantee incontinence.
  • Infection : The infections of the blade or urinary tract are common problems of the urinary tract.These infections are caused by bacteria that can lead to poor problems of emptying, compliance with bladder, deficient hygiene and much more.


There is a series of tests that can be provided to you and your medical service provider, an understanding of your bubble health UrinaryThe proof of your professional plays depends mainly on the problem you have, but here are some common tests that you can expect.

  • . To diagnose the infection through the bladder or the urinary tract.The sample will take the laboratory and is monitored for the growth and identification of bacterial or fungal pathogens. Urinary tract infection is generally treated with antibiotics.Culture should indicate the type of bacteria present, allowing your health care provider to adapt the antibiotics used for a specific type of bacteria that are present.
  • Ultrasound / bladder scan: This non-invasive test uses sound waves to offer your practice when entering Our urinary bubble.Ultrasound allows your health care provider to visualize internal organs. Your bladder is another type of ultrasound and can be used to estimate the amount of urine that is present in your bladder.
  • Cystoscopy: is a procedure that Made to take advantage of the internal gaze to your bladder. A small catheter with light, a camera and other tools are inserted into the bladder through the urethra.Your health care provider can see the inside of the bladder and take fabric samples if necessary.
  • Image studies: Image studies provide a detailed view of the bladder and other organs in the pelvis .The methods may include injecting a contrast material based on iodine and x-ray embodiment (intravenous pioneragraph) or TC scan.
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