Buy that exceeds the contraceptive.


coupled fertility control methods of contraceptive options that can be purchased without the prescription.The most surviving contraception is considered by barrier methods, which means that these OTC fertility control options work, blocking the egg fertilizer sperm.Crustal control methods are reliable, efficient and approved by the United States. Administration of food and medicines (FDA).

How to get an excess fertility control

Most of the national chains, supermarkets and pharmacies sell controls in OTC fertility, although the options that each sentence can vary.Therefore, if you want to buy advanced fertility control, you will need a way to get to the store and money for payment.If you are too embarrassed to review your local passage in family planning, or if you can not reach the store, you can also buy control at OTC online fertility.

There are no oldest requirements, so someone can buy birth control.

Purchase OTC purchase Total control online

In general, the prices of excessive fertility control methods may vary from the store for storage,But generally differ in several dollars. The costs for the OTC online birth rate are generally lower than prices in the store.

When you are looking for a control of the birth rate, remember that some methods are sold only in stores, while other methods can only be sold online.Some store shops such as Walgreens, Walmart and Goal can allow you to verify online so you can inform you in advance if you need a birth control product, it is available at your local store.You can also pay the products on the Internet and then pick it up in the store.

When your store does not have the product you want

Please note that the selection of the birth control exceeded will differ from the store for storage.If the store does not have what you are looking for, you can consult the website of the store or other website of the store. It may also be possible to try a new product or trade mark of birth.With so many options and varieties it can be fun to be a little adventurous.


Natality control methods Like hormonal contraception What is said that antiConception OTC varies from 72 percent to 98 Percent efficient.Efficiency can be expanded if you use the method correctly, or if you combine fertility control methods.For example:

  • use the spermicide with a female condom
  • Use a sponge with a male condom

just do not

A female condom and a male a condom at the same time .

Be an additional safe, buy emergency contraception in advance, only in the case of controlling the control of the cash register or forgetting using fertility control.

Methods available to monitor the combination

Here are Control options Fertility:

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