By staying at home since work due to illness.


decide if it is necessary to stay at work at work or school not always cream. Most people from time to time feel the climate, but imagine that this is happening on the day of a meeting, presentation or important examination.

can be difficult to stay at home and jump what you planned, especially if you think it can be pushed to do it all two days. It is possible that your child wants to include the task or play a sporting event, and school What is missing can interfere with it.

If you are sick, pushing you to work through a rigo, cluster, nausea, pain, pain or any other symptom is not the only consideration. It should also be for life in other diseases if you contagious .

The stay of the house can protect others, and it also gives you the opportunity to recover. If you are on the fence to stay at home or go to work, school or other action, there are some recommendations that you can help you decide.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide high patternsPropagation, one of the most common infections that can be applied to work and school. There are other temporary medical conditions that can get sick.

Protection of others, maintaining their own symptoms of deterioration, are the most important considerations when deciding whether to call patients.

factors to be taken into account when deciding if it is maintained at home or include:

  • fever : yes Its temperature is 100 F or higher, then it must remain at home. Do not return to your office or school up to 24 hours after your fever . Fever is one of the brightest signs of infectious diseases, and will appear at school or work can easily carry at the passage of what it obtained to others.
  • TOS : stay at home if your cough will be productive (brings mucus or flugyu ). A dried cough is for someone to be probably annoying for their employees to listen.Cover your mouth with the elbow when cough, and you regularly wash your hands to prevent the spread of the infection.
  • Pain throat : If the swallow hurts , breathe or speak, then stay at home. If your voice is Raspy or your throat, it only hurts slightly, then everything is to show at work or at school. Drops cough can calm the pain in the throat, helping you go through the day.
  • Nasal secretion : If you need to constantly fly your nose to save it, and then stay at home. If it is just a bit difficult, and has no problems with your breathing, then it is probably well going to work or school.Keep your hands washed when you continue flying your nose.
  • Plot : Plot itself No It represents the danger for others if it does not work at work, which requires balance, as a pilot safety guard or school safety. But if our pain is accompanied by other symptoms of infection, you should stay at home.
  • vomiting : stay at home when you vomit and within 24 hours additional, as soon as you stopped vomiting.
  • Diarrhea : Follow the vomiting guidelines, stay at home with diarrhea and for an additional 24 hours after it stops.
  • pink eye : pink eye , also called viral conjunctivitis, very contagious. Touching objects and tissues can lead to the spread of an infection, which is very uncomfortable.
  • Eruption : Most eruptions are not contagious (including dermatitis, allergies and ivy ivy poisonous ivy ). WhirePox is very tested, and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) resistant to meticiline can be fatal when it is distributed to others. Look at your health care provider to find out what your Rash is staying at home. .

Configuration of considerations

Your work settings can affect how easy you can get other people in patients.If you are ready, if you feed food, you must stay at home long enough to make sure you can not contaminate this food.

If you are a health worker or work around people who have a weak immune system, then time should stay at home Enough to make sure you are no longer contagious.

Office space, where you are separating from others, you can provide some protection. But some of us are completely isolated.If you submerge infectious microbes, a handle in the cafeteria, bathrooms, a copy machine and other surfaces you touch can go through microbes, even if you do not see other people during the day.

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