CALANEUS: Anatomy, function and treatment.


The calcine is a bone that forms the heel of the foot. This is one of the Tarrsals , the bones that are part of the legs and ankle. Calcin is the largest bone on the foot and provides the basis for all other rates and metatars.

Calcine hits the floor with each table when it works or walking. The straight fractures of Squashan and the inflammation of the Facial beam of the river attached to Calccanus are two of the most common causes of pain in the feet .


CALSANEUS is one of the seven bones of the targeted pearls that make up the leg. Calcin is a short bone, the type of bone, which means that it is approximately the same time.All Tarbales are considered short bones.

Calsaneus calculation is the largest of all rates and the largest bone on the leg.

Calcins mainly from the trabecular bone (spongy bone).The density of the trabecular bone in the calcaneus is directly related to its strength. Money and those who are with a higher bodyweight develop more bone density in the calabbam due to pressure placed with walking and running. Structure

Calcaneo is a complex Bone with a large number of different surfaces, accessories and insert points.

Part of sporler (rear) Heel.The insertion point of Achilles tendons is in an excellent aspect (above) from the back of Calcaneus.There are two bursáes (full of liquid bags that act as pillows) against the insertion point (internal) and behind (external) for the Achilles tendon. The average surface of the rear of Calcaneus is the insertion point of the LANDENANCE .

The most excellent part of calcaneus is connected to the Tarium bone, called TALUS , above it.Heel articles with calccanis on three surfaces: Anterior Talian articular surface, a medium taletic articular surface and, the largest and rear tablet surface.

The entire front surface (front) CALCANEUS CONTACTLY WITH BONE BONE, Other tariff bone.There are several additional processes (convexities) located around Calsaneus, which acts as channels and administration points for other tendons, as well as equilibrium assistance.

In childhood there is a vicinum (growth plate) present near the onion surface of the rear rope. This apophone is solidified or subject, about 15 years. In some females, it is not solidified until 18 years old.In some men, mastering does not end (simplified in solid bone) up to 22 years.


The calcine is on the back (back) of the foot, where the heel is located.This location allows Calcaneus to act as a point of support for bending and the elongated legs. Flexion is what will happen when you raise your fingers from the floor, as it will press on your leg. The extension is what happens when you click on the gas pedal.

Anatomical variations

There are several anatomical options for SQShteran, which can be seen In medical images.Some of them may be associated with certain diseases, while others may not lead to any complaints and are observed only because they are often identified by radiologists.

  • The pseudo apophlybe resistance is a partially excessive apofize plate, which appears on the radiography, as if it were a fracture. This is a normal Calcaneus option and does not require treatment.
  • The congenital coalition of Tarsala is the connection between the Tagralas, as a general rule, Calcaneus and Talus, which avoids the identified containers.The coalition can be of ossification (bone merger), fibrous fabric or cartilage extension.
  • Calcaneal Pseudocysts or Pseudutumores Calcaneal are normal variants very common in SQShshkin’s images caused by changes in bone density .Calcaneal pseudok are generally present only in young patients and decide with age.
  • The nutrient substances (hole in the resolution of the blood vessels) can be formed in the spongy dice From sqshshane.This is a normal change that is not very common, but completely benign.
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    Function Function

    Calcaneo provides a solid directional leg surface of a point.It also provides a support for expansion and flexion with the foot.

    Achille tendons are the strongest tendons of the body. These are common tendons for muscles gastrocnemio (calf) .Think about CALSANEUS shorts like a lever, but how much power is necessary for this short lever to increase all body weight. The body can do this using only one of the two Achilles tendons.

    Relevant conditions

    Obviously, the direct injury for calcaneus will cause pain. However, there are several non-volatile or repeated stress injuries that can cause pain in tall bones, such as Calcaneus.

    The pain of the heel is a common symptom associated with Caltaneus. There are several reasons for the pain of the heel.

    Calcaneal apofisisis

    Calcaneal apofisis is the most common cause of heel pain in children. It is the inflammation of the calcanic apouchis, which is probably going to repeat blows running or jumping.


    A burst is a full liquid, which acts as a bumper or pillow between areas and potentially delicate fabrics , which can bother them. Bursitis , which can cause heels or legs, is the inflammation of the Bursa, which usually occurs around the insertion points of tendons or between the articulated bones of tariff tariffs, such as Talus and Calcaneus (Chowet Talocalcaneal).

    Plant Fasteration

    Standard Fassiitis is the Most of the common cause of heel pain and leg in adults. Stontar Fassia Tandon helps maintain the lower shape (plantar plant surface). This common chest often occurs from runners and can be difficult to eliminate.


    is repeated, hitting the heel led to the development of stress cracks In Calcaneus. This is often minor cracks that cause pain in the leg.Rarely, these cracks of stress are very large, but it takes time to cure, because it is on the heel.

    Autolsing fractures

    , When the Tendon is free from the insertion point, it is known as the crack ‘.In general, the tendon is not separated from the bone, but the bone to which it is united can be released, hence the term.

    There are two main insertion points of the tendon in Calcaneus: Achilles tendons and unique fascia tendon.Achilles Tundon Rutsututes are common, but Autolc’s fractures are not. Simple Achilles tendon routures cause ankle pain or calves more than in the heel failure


    Treatment with calcaneus lesion depends on the type and severity of the injury.In general, your health care provider may try to use conservative and irritable treatment. If this does not work, it is possible that the operation should correct the injury.

    Rehabilitation depends on the severity of the injury and the choice of treatment.

    Early Fachavit treatment

    Physical therapy with stretching, massage and exercises is the most common treatment for plantar fascit. With the appropriate orientation in the methodology, many patients can treat a genuine passion at home.

    Depending on the health provider, it may be aimed at using the rice method (recreation, ice, compression and height) to receive treatment, or you can encourage the goal method ( Movement, height, push and heat).There is no clear winner between these two methods.>

    If the installation of Ptantar Fassiitis is serious, your health care provider can prescribe a support and a bus to help your Ptantar Fashia cure.In some cases, you will only use a support at night alone while you sleep to help dare the range of rank.

    Calsaneus Fracture Process

    If the bone does not move due to destruction That this means that all parts are in the right places, irriginal treatment may be appropriate.This is the most common type of treatment with patients with fractures of squid tension. Said conservative administration uses tires or keys and requires the patient to follow the heel pressure while it is treated.

    In case of serious injury and complete fractures with compensation, it is often necessary for surgical repair. Once the operation is performed, the patient is still needed to keep the pressure on the heel.In general, the patient will use tires or tires to keep the heel in the correct position and avoid the movement.

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