Can copper hands help with arthritis?


Copper Hands are compression gloves made of copper fibers. They are sold through commercials and carry the As Seen on TV logo. The ad text says:

'The temporary relief you need. If you suffer from arthritis pain or have weak hands and wrists, you need Copper Hands, a technologically advanced compression glove made from real copper. "

But will they bring you relief? While some consumer reviews have been positive, wearing copper jewelry has long had a clinical effect on arthritis . Copper wire gloves are unlikely to reduce arthritis pain in any way other than a placebo effect .

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Claims but without clinical evidence

A Copper Hands commercial featured it as an arthritis glove with the purported benefits of copper. Until 2016, the manufacturer's website provided specific information about the product's purported benefits for arthritis and other types of hand pain.

  • Copper Hands helps with arthritis, injuries, and repetitive motion pain that can occur in your hands and joints. It's also good for stiffness and swelling . "
  • ' Compression gloves apply constant pressure to the affected area, promoting blood circulation. In turn, you will feel relief from muscle and joint pain. "

No scientific research has been provided to support the claim that copper and compression relieve arthritis pain . It appears that the company may have had to change its message, as the 2019 website contained more general claims, as well as a disclaimer.

  • "Formulated to support muscles and joints, and to relieve stiffness and pain in the wrists, palms, and fingers."
  • "Designed to improve blood circulation and reduce edema *"

'* The individual results can change. The results are unusual. Studies of compression garments have shown faster relief of muscle and joint pain when worn for 12 to 48 hours after exercise. "

Note that the new wording does not mention arthritis, repetitive motion injuries , or any special conditions.

Compression can help relieve pain and swelling. It is even part of the " RIS " mnemonic device for the treatment of injuries and inflammations: rest, ice, compression, elevation.

Not only is there no evidence that copper-coated compression gloves are more effective than conventional compression gloves, the research on whether compression gloves generally help arthritis pain is mixed.

A 2016 scientific literature review concluded that all the trials it found were small and prone to serious error, and therefore the evidence is not conclusive .

Product design

Copper Hands has no fingers, allowing you to continue your normal activities while wearing them. They can be used both day and night. They have grip points in the palm of your hand

Copper hand gloves are made of:

  • 90% cotton
  • 5% copper
  • 5% elastane

Gloves come in two sizes: S / M for small or medium hands and L / XL for large hands.

Copper Hands is one of many products marketed by Telebrands, Inc. This is the same company that sells Hurricane Mop, Stone Wave, and Pocket Hose.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews of Copper Hands on are mixed, with more people giving it one and two stars than five stars. In 2014, 60% of reviewers gave it a four or five star rating.

As of 2018, this rating was lowered to 32%, while almost 60% gave them ratings of two or one star. In mid-2019, reviews were roughly 50-50% split between four and five stars, compared to ratings between one and three stars.

Five Star Reviews
Two Star Reviews

Placebo effect

The Arthritis Foundation notes that copper jewelry does not relieve arthritis, so the copper fibers in gloves are unlikely to be effective. If there is no clinical evidence that Copper Hands works, why did almost 60 percent of consumers give a four or five star rating? The placebo effect may be the answer.

This means that you can experience a beneficial health outcome simply because you are confident that a product, drug, or procedure will help you. The placebo effect may be effective in relieving pain, but this is not related to the design of the product.

If you have tried Copper Hands and believe the manufacturer has made false claims or are having problems with your order, contact your Better Business Bureau for advice.

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