Can Insomnia be an early sign of pregnancy?


Women who are at age and disposition in which it can become pregnant, may be surprised in early signs or pregnancy symptoms.Can Insomnia be one of these first symptoms or physical signals to be pregnant?

Difficulties that are falling or that remaining when replemen, common pest and unreal women are similar,So it is a reliable indicator of being with a child? Discover, how dream can change with pregnancy and it does not matter if insomnia is caused by itself, predicts the offensive of pregnancy.

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How the I dream changes at the beginning of pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy includes many changes that will affect the body of a woman.The handful of these changes can also undermine sleep in pregnancy and some develop shortly after the concept. It is even possible that some of these early changes lead to symptoms characterized by the nature of Insomnia .

Women in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy generally experience fatigue and excessive daylight . Somnolence or drowsiness can lead to a greater desire to sleep during the day, withdrawing when he sits or reddishing. This can cause a poor concentration, a deteriorated performance and even the inclination to accidents.

Somnolence affects up to 37.5% of pregnant women at 6-7 weeks and are associated with an increase in progesterone hormone level. Progesterone often leads to an increase in the Fragmentation of sleep, which can affect the overall quality of sleep.

In addition, the morning disease, a greater frequency of urinary pain, back, breast tenderness, an increase in appetite and anxiety that can also break the dream. This is a reasonable conclusion that these difficulties will disturb the ability that women remain sleeping, calling when awakening, which can contribute to insomnia if the difficulty arises.

In a week 10 pregnancy, women spend more time to sleep, with a longer duration of sleep at night and often convex during the day.It is partly due to the fact that sleep has more concerned about frequent awakening, and deep sleep volume decreases.

Many pregnant women complain that their dream is of poor quality during this period.Fortunately, it tends to improve in the second trimester before sleeping will deteriorate with the physical discomfort of late pregnancy.

can be a sign of Insomnia, pregnancy?

Even though insomnia is a common phenomenon during pregnancy, is it a reliable early pregnancy rate? A brief answer is probably not.’What is the argument against insomnia, which is an early sign of pregnancy? Consider these factors:

  • may not happen often or early enough as a useful physical sign of pregnancy.
  • Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder in general, which affects millions of people from both sexes and all ages.
  • Although it can be an indicator of early sleep disturbance in some pregnant women, it happens so often in others, that this is not a Specific reliable sign for pregnancy.

Consequently, insomnia should not trust the signal that the woman gets pregnant.

Get Help for insomnia


If you have insomnia, regardless of reason, you must strive to help you sleep better.For temporary relief, it is possible to use excessive preparations to sleep with a concentration of the drug, but they are not recommended to use no more than a few weeks. For more persistent difficulties, other treatment options can be made.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI) is an attractive option to correct the condition, without requiring by trusting the sleeping tablets, What can not be safe for use during pregnancy.This education program teaches you a set of skills that will help you to sleep better until the end of your life, regardless of the cause of insomnia.

If the sleep problem persists, look for an evaluation of a certified meeting to> Durming Doctor . If necessary, you can organize a study to identify other causes of rape, Including the presence of sleep apnea.The contributions of stress, anxiety, pain and other problems can be ordered.

Fortunately, if sleep disorder contributes to insomnia, effective treatment can quickly resolve the condition.And if you think you can get pregnant, you should take a start test for pregnancy or see that your health care provider is safe.

You can use the following discussion guide from our doctor to start a conversation with a health professional about the correct approach to treatment for you.

Discussion Guide Dr. Doctor of Dr.Insomnia

Get our guide to print for your next destination doctor to help you ask the right questions.

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