Can the scratch cat is dangerous?


Cats are good when attention is required. Its rates and landscapes can often be a mixture of charming and annoying. But in rare cases, they can also be dangerous for your health.

Even interior cats that are well cared for, can bring bacteria and viruses to your home. Scratches or scratches can mean that these microbes are transmitted to you, causing a disease .

In this article, you will learn about several infections that can cause cats. You will also find advice on how not get sick from the cat.

Scratch’s disease

Cat scratch (scratch scratch) caused by bartonella henselae, bacteria su cat rises from las fleas.Feline sheets for you, scratching him, biting, licking the wound, which could have, or in rare cases, exchanging fleas that infect him directly.

Cat SCRATCH disease is not common.About 22,000 cases are reported in the United States each year. Considering how often scratches scratches, this is a very low speed, so it is not what you need too much to worry about.

When the disease passed to people, it is generally through infected kittens. These kittens generally do not show signs of the disease, despite the infection of the bacteria Bartonella henselae .

People infected with cats can develop a red scratch. The lymph nodes can run or swell. These symptoms may appear seven and 12 days after the impact or up to two months later.

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Some people develop:

  • fever
  • fatigue
  • muscle pain and joint pain

Bartonela Henselae can cause the leather faction known as Bacillier angiomatosis. Symptoms are usually left in a month. In some cases, you should relate to antibiotics.

Sometimes this condition becomes more serious. Do not do it, that immunocompromised , especially those with HIV will probably develop complications. Solid symptoms may include skin lesions and inflammation of various organs, including:

  • brain
  • bone / li>
  • liver
  • light

Bacillary angiomatosis can be fatal for those with HIV.

cats vs. The dogs

The cat bites are often more disturbing than dog bites. While dogs can damage their skin more, cats make punitive wounds deeper.This means that the cat bites will probably be infected than the dog bites.

Other bacterial infections

Other bacteria can be transferred to you if your cat gives you.Conventional types include:

The bits serious cats are usually treated with antibiotics. Intravenous antibiotics often occur in the first sign that looks are infected.Since the bacteria of cat bites can quickly call problems, you will see your doctor directly.


MRSA , the constant strain of drugs Staphylococcus aureus, causes severe skin infections, as well as infections by heart, light and bone.

Your pets can send you MRSA if you have bacteria.There is also the possibility that the cat can lead to infection, scratch or raise it.

Naturally has MRSA and other bacteria on your skin. If your cat breaks the skin that bacteria can enter the open wound and create an infection.

You can also pass an infection to your cat. One study showed that 7.6% was tied to MRSA of the person with whom they live soon as the cat is infected, the bacteria can return after it has been restored.


Most harvest cat scratches, but there is a Problem Risk If your cat uses bacteria or fleas, which is its port. The bites are more likely caused by the infection than scratches.Contact your doctor if you are biting.

If you have HIV or, otherwise, immunocompromised, immediately attract medical care to scratches or bites to avoid complications.


Vaccines and medications reduced concerns about riots , the virus transmitted to people with animal bite.Raw, rabies can cause symptoms associated with your nervous system, such as headaches, muscle spam, paralysis and confusion. It can also be fatal.

may experience, as a fever or burning in the injury.

If the cat looks healthy, it is recommended to delete it for 10 days and observe the signs of rabies infection. You would only need to start the treatment if the cat showed signs of infection.

In the United States, cats more frequently than dogs to get rabies. It is recommended to obtain vaccination against rabies.

Prevention and protection

You have many options to avoid infection and protect yourself if you are biting or scratched.

acts directly to prevent infection:

  • seek medical attention to all cat bites. They are often deeper than you think.
  • Escape any cat bites or scratches under running water with soap.This is especially important if your cat seemed unusually aggressive or if an animal you do not know, it attacked you.

To protect yourself and your family:

  • Keep vaccines vaccines your cats.
  • Do not let the cat lick the wound.
  • Do not let the cat lick your food or your face.
  • Wash your hands before eating.
  • Sleep the sand boxes to keep cats.
  • Beware of children playing in the mud where there are cats.
  • Think about keeping your cat in the room and getting away from other cats.
  • Be careful to allow kittens next to any immunocompromis person.


Cats – Animals . They can act unpredictably and eliminate it, either adapting or aggressively. This means that it must be prepared for possible scratches or bites.

Cats can happen in scratches of cats, bacterial infections, including MRSA, and even rabies.

Make sure your cat is healthy, reduce the risk that Scratch or NIP will take you to diseases. . If injury occurs, take them seriously.He always looked scathing, and looks at the scratches for the signs of infection .

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