Can you get a monkey more than once?


Most people will only work mononucleosis (mono) once, but in rare cases the infection can return a second time. Mono is caused by the virus of Epstein-Carr (EBV), which is the type of herpes virus .Its common infection, which is estimated, approximately 90% of the US population has been infected by EBV at the time they reach the age of 35.

For many people, mono symptoms are soft or nonexistent.General symptoms include extreme fatigue , sore throat, fever and body. Many other conditions have these symptoms, so it is important to see your health care provider for an accurate diagnosis.

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Repetition of mononucleosis

Mono can repeat, because The body does not get rid of the virus,Even after the symptoms of infection, although the body still carries the virus, it is weak.

It is also called a hidden infection when the virus is unfair, stop fighting or replicating to take the cells.In fact, he goes to sleep and no longer affects the cells or causes of symptoms. This time the body continues to create antibodies to combat the virus, which leads to immuni if the virus is again active again.

In many cases, the reactivation of EBV is not related to new symptoms. The infection can be distributed again with other people.

Although it is rare, mono can remain active for a long period of time and develop in the active activated active infection Epstein-CARM (CAEBV) .

Factors of Risk for relapse

People who are particularly susceptible to the risk of mono relapse.These are those who have a committed immune system, those who have undergone organ transplantation and those who are pregnant. People with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to relapse due to the virus affect immune cells, natural murder cells and T cells.If a person has defects in these two types of immune cells, he fought with a virus, becomes much more complicated.

Other possible causes of SYMPTOMS

Mono symptoms are similar to many other diseases, so it can be easily confused portinfection with a different condition, for example,like:

  • Strep Golll : This bacterial infection causes pain Gorge, a symptom, which is common among those who have monkey.If it does not get rid, the case of the light throat can lead to inflammation of the kidneys or rheumatic fever.
  • Influenza : The symptoms that occur both in mono and in influenza, They include fever, sore throat, body pain, headaches and fatigue.
  • CITOMEGALOVIRUS (CMV) Infection: Similar to monkey, as soon as a person CMV is infected, remains in your body for life.CMV healthy people rarely cause any symptoms, so most people do not know they have a virus at all. When symptoms occur, they can imitate monkey.CMV symptoms are almost identical to those that occur in monkey, and include fatigue, throat pain, fever and swollen glands. In some cases, CMV infection can cause mono.
  • HEPATITIS A : This type of hepatic infection caused by the hepatitis virus . As a monkey, it is very contagious, but it spreads in different ways.Symptoms that can occur in both monkey), in hepatitis A, include an expanded liver, fever and fatigue. / Li>
  • Rubella : rubella is a contagious disease caused by a rubella virus. For many who have agreed on the disease, the symptoms are soft.It is believed that anywhere from 20% to 50% of the people of rubella is asymptomatic. The symptoms of the rubella, which overlap with monomonts, include fever, sore throat, swollen or increased nodes and eruption of lymphatic nail pain.
  • Malgic encephalomyelitis (s): , otherwise, known as chronic fatigue syndrome , it is another condition that is usually wrong for monkey. This is because extreme fatigue is a symptom in both diseases.Other symptoms that occurs in monkey infection include inflamed lymph nodes and sore throat.

When calling your medical care

Experiencing mono symptoms, it can be difficult to deal with C.Tho is particularly true if the Virus was activated.If you close from the mono symptoms and have previously polluted, everything is possible to call your doctor immediately to obtain the correct diagnosis. It is extremely unlikely that the infection occurs twice, it is likely that its symptoms are caused by another thing.

If you have a recurring infection, get enough rest, liquids, as well as the relief of symptoms is the best way to deal with symptoms.The preservation of your medical care in a relevant provider about the progression of the disease will help you provide you with the best medical advice.

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