Can you get STD during the dry gangus?


frottage is a technical name for what they do two people when they lose their bodies against each other for sexual pleasure. It is also known as colorful terms such as ‘burning pants’ and ‘jooroba dry’.’

When you do fruit while wearing clothes, it’s a very safe sex. The only significant risk falls from the bed.If the clothes are removed, the dry horning remains relatively safe, but it can go from certain diseases that are transmitted through skin contact for the skin .

Although STROTAGE is a relatively safe form of sex, you can get ETS when dry husband, someone because of your infected skin for your side.

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The interlocked refers to the sexual rubbing act. There is nothing unusual or unhealthy about it as sexual activity.Many couples participate in it regularly. Alarm, frotteurissms, refers to unhealthy fantasies about dry pastimes and events or participation in imperfections .

How ETS is transmitted

to understand the risks of dry hiker,It helps to know that ETS can be broken into two groups: / P>

  • Diseases, which They apply to body fluids, such as blood, vaginal secrets and sperm.
  • Diseases that disseminate the simplicity of the skin

Hleddia , chlamydia and gonorrhea can only be distributed only by infected bodily fluids, and therefore,Mainly there is no risk of obtaining them, when the hobbies are dried, they do not participate.

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However, there are diseases that can be distributed by infected skin, rubbing the non-communicable skin.These diseases include:

This type of disease can be transmitted with Different levels of lungs during Farrara, where someone is infected by the skin on their own.However, such diseases require skin contact with the skin for transmission. That is why it frottage, until the clothes, as a rule, is considered safe.

Transmission through clothing

Theoretically, it can be selected from pain open to filtration through the fabric and transmit diseases.Alternatively, but it is still a good idea to avoid aggressive contact with pain.

Even if an infected person does not transmit the disease to his partner, they can worsen their situation.The clothes, rubbing the defeat, can irritate it, risking the secondary infection or the disease that extends through the contraband .

Word of the Meds information received

If you are concerned about the fact that it could conclude a contract for STD or any type of infection, good tests are good.Some infections can lead to complications, if they do not deal with. You can find a free STD clinic or look at your health care provider.Be sure to ask any questions about which you have safer sexual practices and what your risks may be.

The visit to the clinic or your professional can also be the ability to discuss fertility control options if you or your partner are at risk of pregnancy. Be educated and ready to prevent future stress.

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