Can you overdose in Tylenol?


Tylenol, the name of the most popular commercial company for the adorable review of pain acetaminofen seems quite safe.But before freeing more compressed than those directed, realize that the large doses of acetaminophen can lead to damage the liver and kidneys. In some cases, it can even be fatal.

, who said, do not throw a bottle painted on the trash bin. But make sure that you never take more 4 grams of acetaminophen within 24 hours. You should also know any other medication that you accept, which may also contain acetaminophen.

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.-Because of products (OTC), even for the relief of the headache , cold and flu and chough , can take more than it is done with Pretty ease.Many people think that OTC medicine is harmless, and it is simply not true for acetaminophen.

Acetaminophenis The main reason Acute hepatic insufficiency in the United States, according to a report published in the British Medical Magazine . The same report notes that overdose of acetaminophen represents 82,000 visits to the emergency department and 26,000 hospitalizations each year.

Hepatic fault caused by acetaminophen, generally seen in:

  • ,They are depressed
  • people in chronic pain
  • people at the same time

lamentable people overdose in acetaminophen in an attempt to commit suicide. Random overdose in Oklahoma

A case Random overdose occurred in Oklahoma, when 17-year-old Kelly Lynn Mcqillams, who had an attack migraine , took about 20 acetaminophen capsules.Each capsule contained 500 milligrams (medium gram) acetaminophen.

his dose was equal to swallow 10 grams of acetaminophen. Maximum recommended for 24 hours, is 4 grams. And all 7 grams are considered a serious overdose.

When Kelly fell ill, vomiting repeatedly, was admitted to the hospital. He even told the mother of him: ‘I thought it was normal. It’s just TILENOL, MA.”But the side effects of overdose caused kidneys and liver damage , which led to the failure of the organs. At the last instance, led to his death.

How to avoid accidental overdose

When you are in the middle of the test pain of the headache or migraine , your thought is not always clear.This makes this much easier by chance an overdose for neutralized pain.

It is important for never take more than 4 grams of acetaminophen within 24 hours .This is equal to 4000 milligrams (MG) or approximately eight additional tablets (500 mg).

If you have a liver condition or a drinking problem, it can even be too much. Talk to your health care provider to determine the correct dose for you.

Here are some who do and do not need to avoid accidental overdose.

  • Ask someone to keep track of what medications you take at what time you are sure What it does not get more than the recommended dose.

  • Think about granting the maximum amount you can occupy per day in a separate bottle for tablets to avoid more than it should.

  • p> Keep the notebook next to your medications and write the time when you take the dose, what you take, and how much.

can not do ul>

  • do not forget calculate acetaminophen From other potential sources (for example, common opioids and cold and flu and influenza products), when calculating their total daily dose.

  • Do not take more if the maximum dose of medications does not make it easier for relief. Contact your health care provider or go to the emergency room.

  • Alternatives to Tylenol

    By taking Tylenol for the headache : This is a reasonable approach, you can first consider interim therapy.For example, if you do not sleep or have been hungry, she cried or eats a nutritious sandwich, can calm the headache.

    If you find that it often takes Tylenol or other medications often, to realize that it may be at risk of drug development for the medication .This is a bounce headache, which is formed as a result of taking medications from headaches. Many acetaminophenos may mean that it takes more than 10 to 15 days a month, depending on the specific medicine.


    Tylenol – This is the acetaminophen brand name. Help with relief pain. Many people think it is harmless, because it is an excessive drug.But if it takes too much, you can experience damage to the liver or kidney. Overdose in acetaminophen can even lead to death.

    To avoid overdose, I never take more than 4 grams of TILENOL within 24 hours. , But if you have a liver disease or a drink problem, even a problem can be too much. Consult you with your health care provider To make sure you take the right amount if you have any of these medical questions.

    Word of the Meds information received

    Start message Take here – always read the labels and follow the instructions for the dosage when performing medications.It goes both by the limits and for prescription drugs.

    Tylenol is, as a rule, is a safe and effective analgesic for light headaches and other pains and pain. But it can be fatal in large doses. This does not mean you should avoid it.Instead, use it wisely and correctly.


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