Can you use relevant steroid creams on your face?


Walk through the corridors of your local pharmacy will reveal a wide range of contradictory topical marks and preparation. These products are known as cortisone or steroid creams.

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thematic Steroids are the most common and effective type of Antitow and anti-inflammatory cream.But it is important to use them only to indicate to your health care provider. This is especially true when it comes to a person who is a sensitive area.

This article explains how to choose a steroid cream for use on your face, how to do it safely and side effects to explore.

Power and absorption of steroid creams

In the United States, topical steroid creams are classified by their power, which means how strong they are.Group 1 contains the most powerful thematic steroid creams mentioned by ASULTRA-HIGH-ASTENCY. Group 7 contains less powerful thematic steroid creams, called low power.

Only thematic steroids of the lowest powers should be used on your face. This is because the skin is on the thin face. And thin skin absorbs more steroids than other sections of your body.

Similarly, adhere to a low energy steroid, it is important when applied to other areas of the body of thin skin. The neck, the groin, under the breast, and the armpits are one of these sensitive areas.

Examples of the thematic steroids of low power include cortisone 10 (hydrocortisone), which in group 7.KENALOG (TRIAMCINOLONE) is in group 6.

Some lower power corticosteroids, such as 1% hydrocortisone, are available on the counter. Others, such as 2% hydrocortisone, are available only by recipe.

In general, steroids are high and ultra energy reserved for areas of the body, where the skin is thick, like their palms or suns of their feet.They are also used for more serious skin diseases that are treated a dermatologist , as psoriasis .

Side effects

Your face is more vulnerable to develop side effects of topical steroids. These side effects appear more frequently where the medication was used.The effects may include: / P>

> Many of these side effects that can be resolved after stopping the steroid, but can take months.That is why the American Academy of Dermatology recommends monitoring areas (as a person), where the steroid is used. It should also be avoided

the continuous use of current steroids for long periods of time.

Steroid application Cream to your face

When applying steroids to your face, it is important to follow the advice of your health care provider.Very little cream can not work and increase the risk of side effects too much.

Be sure to keep the cream of your eyes. This can cause serious problems with your eyes, like glaucoma or cataracts .

A good rule When making a decision about the amount of steroid cream for use (for adults) is the use of the tip of the tips of the tips of the fingers.The finger tip block is defined as the amount of steroid cream, which can coincide with the finger circuit, to the first fold of your finger.

In general, 2.5 caramel units can be used on your face for use.However, confirm with your health care provider that this amount is suitable for you.

Some experts believe that the frequent use of current steroid creams at any point of the body, and not just a person, can make it less efficient.This event is called Tachi Philaxia.Inherites a reasonable rule and use the least amount of cream for the shortest possible time.

If a longer-term application is required for chronic conditions (long-term), your health care provider probably recommends showing a specific schedule.Therefore, the sum of the steroid can be reduced, stopped and then restarted after a period without steroid.


The alternative creams that can be used in the face include ELIDEL and PROTOPIC , which are relevant calcibiterurin Inhibitors (TCIS).These medications are approved by the administration of food and medicines (FDA) for the treatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema) in people who are at least 2 years old. . They do not lose efficiency with long-term use.

In addition, TCI can be used on any skin, including the face and eyelids. However, like any medication, even TCIs have possible side effects. In fact, there is a .

FDA Ordated that labels in product boxes warn consumers about the ‘cancer as possible risk’, cancer based on Rare skin and lymphoma reports.Although the risk is low, the agency reminds consumers to use products as recommended.’


When a steroid cream is used on one side or any thin skin, as a general rule, it is better to use a low consumption cream.Avoid drugs in your eyes and follow the instructions of your medical care.

The side effects of the use of steroid cream include thinning of the skin, pigment changes, as well as problems with healing wounds.Your health care provider may recommend steroid alternatives for use in the face.

Word of the Meds information received

The bottom line is only the least amount of steroid cream should be applied to your face. However, it should not be so small how to do it ineffective.The cream should also be used for the shortest possible time.

Although these creams are widely available, they are effective only when they are used to treat certain skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis.Place another form, the punishment of steroid cream only in some eruption is not so to go. Instead, use the cream only under the guidance of a health care provider.

Said, topical steroids are quite effective measurement drugs, if you follow the recommendations of the power, dose and duration.

Frequently asked questions

  • depends on the strength of the steroid cream. Low power creams can be used within three months.High power steroids should not be used for more than three weeks. However, consult your health care provider to determine how long you can use creams safely.


  • Yes. Thebert man can use the relevant steroid cream. But he must prescribe to the lowest resistance.There is some evidence that high power, real steroids can interfere with the growth of the fetus.

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