Cardiac electrical system and as heart patent.


The electrical system of the heart is crucial for how it is the function.Determine the heart rate (how to quickly overcome the heart), as well as coordinates and organizes the beating of the heart of the muscles, so the heart works effectively with each heartbeat.

Anomalies in hearts The electrical system can lead to the fact that the cardiac bet will be too fast or too slow or completely disturbing the normal functioning of the seriousness,If the hearts of the muscles and valves are completely normal.

talking about the cardiac electrical system and abnormal heart rhythms can be very confusing.When we talk about heart disease, many people think of blocked coronary arteries that can lead to a heart attack or have to avoid the operation.However, problems with the electrical system can occur even if your heart muscle is normal.

It is useful for the image of your heart as a home and an electrical system of heart as wiring that provides energy throughout the structure.It is possible to have problems associated with defective wiring, even if the building itself is completely normal. Similarly, your heart can be normal, but an electrical problem may occur, causing abnormal heart rate.

Heart disease can lead to anomalies in the electrical system of your heart, as well as a damaged house in a tornado or nodder, problems can occur with an electrical system.In fact, the damage to the electric heart system is often the cause of sudden death with a heart attack , even if the damage to the heart caused by a heart attack is only soft or moderate.This is one of the reasons why I performs RCP and has access to defibriles. If the heart rate can be restored, some of these cardiac attacks (and other causes of arrhythmias) survive.

Let’s see how the cardiac electrical system works to make your heartbeat, as well as medical conditions that may affect your pulse.


Introduction to the cardiac electrical signal

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heartGeneraIts own electrical signal (also called electric pulse), which can be recorded by placing the electrodes in the chest. This is called electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG).

The heart of the electric signal controls the heartbeat in two ways.The first, since each electric pulse generates a heartbeat, the number of electrical pulses determines the cardiac frequency .And secondly, the electrical signal ‘applies’ throughout the heart, makes the muscle of the heart the contract in the correct sequence, thus coordinating each heartbeat and ensures that the heart works in the most efficient way possible.

The height electrical signal is produced by a small structure known as a change of conseus node, which is at the top of the right atrium.(The anatomy of cardiac cameras and valves includes two atrians at the top of the heart with two ventricles at the bottom.)

In the Sisus node, the electrical signal is applied to the right to avoid atrium and the left atrium (the two cameras of the upper heart),What causes those at the counterprin heights to push their burden on the right and left ventricles (the bottom of two heart cameras). The electrical signal passes through an AV node AV to the ventricles, where it makes the ventricle Rule.


The electric heart signal goes to the ventricles


Figure 4: Specialized AV driving system consists of AV node (AVN), ‘your package’ and the right and left branches of beams (RBB and LBB). The AV node performs an electric pulse to its package (SISS ‘pronounced’). Your beam transmits a signal to the right and left beam branches. In turn, the right and left crosses, in turn, send an electrical impulse to the right and left ventricles, respectively.The figure also shows that the LBB itself is divided into the left front faculty (LAF) and the left ass (LPF).

Since the pulse moves only very slowly through the AV node, there is a pause in electrical activity in an ECG called ECG called PR interval (the PR range is illustrated in the ECG in the Figure 3) This ‘pause’ in action allows arria to completely reduce the contract, devastating your blood into the ventricles before the ventricle begins the contract.

The problems Anywhere on this route can cause anomalies at ECG (and heart rate).

AV block ( the heart unit ) is one of the two main causes of the low heart rate (bradycardia). There are different degrees, with the heart of the third grade block and generally require a pacemaker.

Bold Bold Bold Bold Bundle enters the right branch of the beam or the left ligament branch, with those on the left branch of the left ligament, usually, as serious . The branch blocks of packets can occur without a visible cause, but often occur when the heart is damaged due to heart attack or other heart cards.

The block of the left beam of a heart attack is an important cause of sudden cardiac death.

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