Causes and risk factors Meningitis


meningitis – Inflammation of interfering, fabrics, which covers and protects the brain and spinal cord. This is generally caused by infection, but can be caused by cancer, medicine or other inflammatory state.When meningitis is caused by infection, it is usually bacterial or viral. Infectious causes of meningitis are infectious and distributed by liquids containing infectious organisms.Sneeve, cough, kissing or even related to contaminated objects can distribute an infection.

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General reasons

The causes of meningitis vary,Although the most common causes are bacterial or viral infections that can be trapped, be close to infected people through breath droplets.Other types of infections can also occur, and are more often among people who do not have healthy immunological systems, although infectious meningitis can affect anyone.

You know, however, that although some infections can cause meningitis, it is actually an unusual complication. . Dissemination of the infection.