Causes and treatment of Dudeuitren contracts.


Dupuytren The connection is a condition that causes tightening or contracture, fascia of palm, connective tissue that is under the skin in the palm of your hand.Due to the contracture, your fingers can be folded constantly, and the function of your hand is broken.

Palmar Fascia is a thick fabric that is located on the tendons and under the skin of the hand.FACK is attached to the top skin and for structures below.Palmar Fassia helps provide a hard surface and gripping for hands and fingers.

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Call . But it is well known that it is executed in families 60 percent to 70 percent of people has a family history of the State.They were suspected that other factors were suspected that were hired, such as trauma, <> diabetes , alcoholism, epilepsy and liver disease , but there is no clear relationship.

The State is more common in higher (usually after 40 years), men (more often are common than women), with Rhodopuls in northern Europe.Usually, one of the groups is quoted, these are those who are with an alert to Viking, and you can call ViKinosa disease.

There is evidence that the injury can contribute to the development of contracture of Duputy.It was investigated whether the specific traumatic events or the history of manual labor can contribute to this problem. MICROScopically, there is evidence of bleeding within the affected tissues, evidence that the injury can contribute to this condition.However, Dupuiten is often visible in both hands, and is often often in the dominant and non-dominant handling that this problem is not the result of a repetitive injury.

What to expect

The first clinical signs of Duputyre contracture are generally small indolement nodules in the palm of the palm. The nodules can begin to join, and the skin becomes a joke.In the end, in the latest stages of skin disease and basic configuration contracts, causing violation of hand and finger function. The people with Duputyre contract have fingers that are prone to their palms.

While all fingers can be involved, the contract Dupuytren often affects the ring and small fingers. Duputyrin’s progression tends to be in fast flashes, and then periods of small changes.Focus to Dupuitren rarely hurt, but it can be a great discomfort. Dupuytren is usually limited to the participation of the hands, but it can also include other parts of the body, most of the time it prefers the legs of the legs.About five percent of Duputyrin contract patients also have a similar state of the leg sole called Ledder’s disease.

Centering dupuytrenables

Most people, doctors included, use these conditions interchangeably.Technically speaking, Duputyryryah’s disease refers to cell proliferation, which causes the formation of nodules and contractures.Dupuytren’s consolidation of Dupuytren is the result of cell proliferation and the general manifestation of Dupüitren’s disease.The treatment of the dupüitren contract can be considered when the condition is rapidly the difficulties that performed normal daily tasks.

Factors for Tips

Heredity History of this state within your family is a DELE sign that It will be moreaggressive.
Sex Dupuytren usually starts later and progresses more slowly in women.
Alcoholism or epilepsy These conditions are associated with the dryer, which is more aggressive and, most likely, You will repeat.
Location of the disease When it is on both hands, or when there is a part linked, the progression It tends to be faster.
Disease behavior

DUPLEITING More aggressive, it is most likely that it is repeated after the operation And it will continue to be aggressive.

Throughout the years the treatment in the early stages of the contracture of Duputyre was a profitability of the invasive surgical treatment clock and may require aDelayed recovery and rehabilitation, often reserved as the latest version of the last resort, if the symptoms began too much too much in everyday activity.

Recently, the options for less invasive treatment options gave some hope that Duputyrin contracture may be well managed, especially if they treat the previous stages of the problem.We know what worse contracture, the harder you will have a normal hand. Therefore, many people are looking for less invasive treatment options, especially the appropriate contracture of StatuGuUn.


There are four primary treatment options currently available to treat,Currently available to handle dupuytren contracts :

  1. The observation is often considered in the dupüitren of early action Stadium.In general, this is the best option for people who are not disturbed by their hand function. This may include people with minimum people who do not use them, can perform all the usual actions.
  2. APONEATORROTOMO DE LA ANGEL : Aponeurrotomy is a procedure developed in France, which has recently become more popular in the United States.Using any incision, the needle is used to separate the leaves from Dupuytrenes and, restore some or all the movement of the finger. The needle of aponeurrotomy is more successful in the previous stages of the contracture of Duputyre.
  3. injections of collagenasa : collagenase is an enzyme that is produced by bacteria that are entered into the Dupeyrin cable. The enzyme is working to dissolve tight tight.Once after the injection, after the enzyme had done its job, you return to the doctor to manipulate your finger to destroy the tight fabrics, and restore the mobility of your fingers.
  4. SURGERY: is done to eliminate the palm palm of the palm. Surgical intervention can be effective in restoration, and the subsequent stages of Dupüyrin contracture may be needed.The operation generally has a long rehabilitation.


In some patients, no less invasive procedures can be addressed.In addition, not all doctors realize that the zhgglonomrotomy is an option to treat dupitirene. There is a contradiction about the use of this treatment, and therefore, not all doctors recommend the needle’s aponerrotomy.If you want to discuss the needle’s apposeurrotomy with APHISICIC, you can find a list of doctors who perform this procedure on the dupuytren’s-online website .

The dupüitren recruitment surgical procedure is known as a proficomy where the Napie segments were removed. The emergence part of the operation is that there are significant risks associated with the procedure.The most common is that cicatricial fabric can be formed after the operation, which will lead to a problem similar to the dupuyreno contract, but with the formation of scar tissue.Also, Dupuytren can return and do an operation a second time with problems. There are problems with surgery include nerve damage, infection and long-term healing.


Rehabilitation After the needle of aponeurrotomy is relatively fast.Patients can resume normal activities and are indicated to refrain from sports and hard work for approximately one week. Depending on the type of contracture, the removable tire can be paid at several hours every day.

Rehabilitation After the operation varies significantly. Patients with minimum contractors may be able to resume normal activity with a resolution, which is being healing in a few weeks.The most serious contractures may require months of sanding and rehabilitation with a manual therapist to prevent cicatricial tissue formation.

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