Causes and treatment of nasal blood.


Nasal movies are common cases that affect one in seven people at some point in his life, according to the American Academy of Otlarinology.In general, they are caused by a space of small and fragile blood vessels, or in the front (front) or back (rear) part of the nose.

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Causes of the blood of the front nose

Most of the nasal blood arise at the lower end of theNose on the bottom of the grassparing the breathing tracks of the nose that end with the nostrils. These blood vessels are near the surface, making them susceptible to injuries.A clue that the nasal blood from the front is that the blood flows from a nostril when the affected person sits down or is.

Good news is that front nasal movies usually do not require medical attention if the bleeding can not be stopped, or when it happens in very youth.

The most common cause of the blood of the frontal nasal blood is an injury, like an unpleasant, a blow or, sometimes, simply chooses the nose. dry inside the nose can also cause bleeding.In addition, high tall, colds, allergies and medications are all potential perpetrators to launch spills of nasal blood.Smoking can also be dried to the nose, so the dismissal is especially important for the recurring blood of the nose, among many other health benefits.

Front processing Blood of the nose

Here are some tips for the treatment of the blood of the front nose:

  • Try to stay calm , Not a panic.
  • Sit on the right.
  • can spray crazy to the nose, which is an estrolotozoline (Zicam, Histam). Repeat for 10 minutes if the bleeding is still happening.
  • You can place a cold compress or an ice bag on the nose bridge.

When urgent medical attention is required

  • Heavy blood loss
  • If you often get nasal bleeding
  • , if the injury / injury is heavy
  • ,The nasal film occurs as a result of the head injury
  • the man is childish or child or, if a person is already sick or older or old
  • If the nasal film does not stop after 10-20 minutes of direct pressure
  • if you are generally worried about the nose,Search for more medical advice

Causes of the blood of the rear nose

The upper rear tab Nasal bleeding is rare.The bleeding begins high in the nose, and the blood flows the back of the mouth and throat, even when a person sits or is maintained. These nasal blood can be very serious and require emergency medical attention.

There are a number of possible causes of rear partitions, but more common in people with high blood pressure and nose damage. Older people are also more inclined to develop the blood of the back nose than children or young adults.

Treatment of the nose Rear roof

Treatment is initially the same as for the bloody front nose.Your MAYPACK NOSE medical care provider with gauze (do not try packing) or an inflatable latex ball if bleeding does not stop. A bleeding blood vessel may be required.This includes an electrical or air-conditioned device to burn a torn blood vessel to stop bleeding. The health care provider uses allotal anesthesis in front of it or starts this procedure.

Other reasons

In addition to the sisellation of the nose, dryness, injury and blowing of the nose of force,There are other less common causes of nasal blood (some of which can predict a person in bleeding of frequent nose ), such as:

  • some blood medications (by example, aspirin)
  • Some medications (for example,CocaĆ­na)
  • Osler-Weber-Syncrona prevailed the hereditary disease when growth as the growth of the country is located in the nose
  • arterial diseases (both cancer and non-target)
  • ,as atherosclerosis
  • bleeding the violation of medical conditions, which can cause infinite platelets that help the blood clot (for example, leukemia)
  • nasal tumors,cancer and non-target

Sometimes the minor nasal blood has just happened, and You never know the reason.

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